Wives For Sale? Traditions Turned into Business

Indigenous young women from  ages 12/13 in México are forced to marry males that have enough money to PAY the cost of espousing them to later on be re-sold for further marketing purposes

Paying the family was an old tradition that  had been  applied as a way of ‘thanking the family’ for their daughter –  nowadays, such excuse is used for means of extortion wherein females are then forced to marry males that can afford around 40,000 pesos (around 3200 dollars) to spouse young women from ages 12 to 16 mostly and later on be re-sold for prostitution purposes.

What’s even worse is that some of them end up being pregnant and dumped by their original ‘buyers’ that hide behind a social contract such as marriage. This is a case that’s not only seen in this country, but is already been further investigated around the world where an abnormal age rate in marriages is going as low as 12 years old. Now, in México this type of cases are only now been taking into consideration to typify as a felony with  18 years in jail –

This is another crime that could’ve been prevented within an Equal Money System – Human Trafficking won’t exist in a world where everyone is Equally supported and marriage won’t be an opportunity to get out of a country or have ‘better life conditions’ through failed promises ending up in exploitation, but everyone will be re-educated to actually realize the Equal possibilities for an actual living in dignity in this world –





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