40 Year-old Life expectancy in Guerrero, México

Having to walk 4 hours to get to the nearest health center with only a tortilla with chili in the tummy reveals that it is virtually impossible for the human body to sustain itself for a long period of time as poverty gnaws the life off people that have no money to live.

If people had been born in one of the posh areas of Mexico City, their life expectancy would be of 77 years. This is obviously not for everyone as Life is really tough for those that have no means to survive with a basic menu that consists of beans, corn and some green peas. 60% of kids suffer of malnutrition with severe illnesses such as diarrhea and vomit as the hygiene and nourishment as a result of the pauperism way of ‘life’ that exists in rural areas in México wherein people suffer every single day, struggling to get to basic health care and a bimestrial support from the government of 800 pesos – around 70 american dollars every two months per kid for the mother/father to give ‘proper care’ to them.

Of 2 834 houses in this town of Cochoapa, only 11 have sewage/drain system and 674 are connected to the potable water system. Only the town’s sheriff home has electricity in town.

These are NOT dignified living conditions,

these are atrocities motivated by the lack

of money available to these people that live

‘far away’ from where the hype happens

around MONEY-making societies.



Support the equal money system


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