Your MONEY is Determined at BIRTH

we accept and allow this  to exist  in our world

“More than 80% of your likely income is determined at birth by your citizenship and the income class of your parents […]

With intelligence, hard work and luck, you can move up in your country’s income distribution,

but it may do little to improve your ranking among the almost 7 billion people in the world

unless your country, too, forges ahead. Sometimes, if constrained by access to education and income mobility,

you can’t even pull ahead in your own country.

That, in a nutshell, is the story behind global inequality..”

Branko Milanovic draws out this conclusion after his studies on the inequality in income throughout the world with comparative studies that lead him to the non-surprising and self-evident causes of poverty existing in the world.


is as old as




We could over-complicate our understanding of this with statistics, a historic review at the con.quests of places for resources and power between countries and continents that marked and defined areas of power and areas of enslaved countries – THIS ISN’T REQUIRED TO SEE THE OBVIOUS

Life is determined by the amount of money you are able to have access to from birth. This is determined by the structure of the current money system which has been created from its conception to benefit some and enslave a majority from birth being

born into a system of DEBT where there is no way out

Migration is currently being used as a way to escape the hell that’s paved for a being being born in a third world country situation –

what determines this?

The Money System as it exists now.

MONEY is the Problem, thus we make

MONEY the Solution for ALL

Human Nature

stands On the

Way of equality


is the actual

motivation for

the current

Money System to

Exist the way it

is as rules are

made by those in


watch video about this statement HERE

No more Hocus-Pocus required to

understand that this System is

flawed in its inception which is meant to

FAIL at providing for ALL – in fact, it

wasn’t created to

Support All in Equality

Videos to watch:

A World of Scams

UK firms blamed for food price hike

CrossTalk: Food Fight

Starving in DC

quote taken from:

Inequality: The Haves and Have-nots

ps. don’t be blinded by data, see the core and essence of the information for what it is.


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