The Absurdity of the current Money System

This bill represents Zimbabwe’s inflation of 100.000% around 2007 til 09 wherein these bills had to be issued to ‘function’ according to an equivalent of:

One 250 million bill = 1 American Dollar

One hundred billion dollars – good for

three eggs

or four


One Hundred Billion



This hyper-inflation is the result of the GREED and Corruption and ineptitude of the authorities of such country. These are non existent bills at the moment as they were declared obsolete at the beginning of 2009 due to its obvious ludicrous denomination which lead the country to use ZAR (South African Rand ) and US Dollars  for transactions.

Mexico had a similar inflation of 3000% in the 80’s, our currency would be 12 000 pesos for 1 American dollar, but it was an easier scam to brainwash people saying that we were going to ‘leave the zeros out of the equation’ and thus simplify 1000 to 1 peso. LOL and we bought the fucking thing! I got explained this scam only when I was on high school yet I remember being around 5 or 6 years old – early 90’s -when that changed was made and how everyone would now be changing their way of seeing thousands to single units. This way the American dollar is worth around ‘12.50 pesos’ which makes us believe that it is not ‘that bad’ lol

this is how absurd money systems are and how easy it is for a government/banking system to simply place ‘new rules in the game’ and make as if everything is alright!


Though, this is part of history of Man-made systems as Money and how far it can go when things are lead astray from the common well-being of a nation that was and is already in shambles – not to mention the dear dictatorship that has been going on for almost my age, 23 years by Mr. Mugabe.

Zimbabwe is PROOF of everything that can go wrong when despotic beings are in power, where Equality is the least point taken into consideration to run a country.

as a side note to this:

Today in Mexico we know that our ‘parliament’ people only work from tuesday to thursday, then they claim they have to go to their ‘cities of origin’ which apparently makes it impossible for them to attend their 5 days a week job.They are the most well paid people in the government and they are well known for merely going to heat the seat at the parliament building as there is NO actual WORK being done in terms of being actual custodians for the Common Well-Being of this country.

We are aware that such thing as inflation and its twin excess ‘hyper inflation’  are  deliberate scams created by the banks/corporations/government trinity to maintain people under control through money and the pricing of goods and services. Thus it is NOT the actual Life-Value but a make-belief system of Punishment and control. LUDICROUS!!!

Time to stop the bullshit existent as governments and the current money system.

If this Money System can become the type of JOKE that Zimbabwe lived and were able to simply shift to another currency, then For Sure we can create an Equal Money System and End all Abuse for once and for ALL

investigate and join in


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