Re-form the Monetary System !

As the downfall of the current money system takes place, people start pondering about a reform on the monetary system  due to its unsustainable existence that can only lead entire nations to fall apart due to the inception of the current system being based on Debt and unscrupulous speculations within a self-created enslavement that can’t hold itself together any longer.

Mike Whitney explores the point in his review of Richard Cook’s book ‘We hold these truths’ as follows:

The problem is, that as borrowing increases, the ballooning debt becomes more unmanageable and the system begins to teeter. Wall Street’s reckless expansion of credit simulated prosperity for nearly a decade, but when the bubble burst, the financial system collapsed creating the present downturn.”

We’ve created Money as a point of separation from everything that exists here as available to make life possible. That’s a first point that is being skipped when reviewing the monetary system – ‘borrowing’ in itself is the single point of separation that entails inherent enslavement to a future ‘pay-out’ which then became how our money functions currently – forever in debt. Or I O U forever.


“Cook believes that a National Dividend–which would come in the form of a check from the government to every man, woman and child in America–could make up for the loss in purchasing power and maintain economic stability. This is not “pie-in-the-sky” liberalism, but a reasonable proposal designed to stimulate business activity and avoid disruptive recessions.  He also advocates public control of credit; community-run investment banks which operate as public utilities and provide low interest loans to consumers and businesses”

In this we can see how ideas of giving to all equally are sprouting which is one step further to realize that it is absurd to enslave every human being to paying debt having no life available to actually live and express as each human being – and their children – are born in debt, forever bound to a system that will condition each one to keep the same system of enslavement in place. The system has its enslavement institutions as banks, schools, churches, cultural associations that can only stand for one single point: separation of man through money, through beliefs, through a miscarriage of any possible human development in benefit of ALL as equals.

Interest exists as profit  –  profit is in essence a capitalist move to keep everyone bound to paying the never ending debt that is created the moment money is issued – yes, we’ve created such unfathomable fuckups.

Cook also supports a basic income guarantee for every American regardless of whether they work or not. This is a defining issue that should be debated in terms of the value we place on human dignity. Everyone deserves a minimal standard of living.

We say: Everyone Deserves a Dignified Standard Living as what’s Best for ALL in all-ways – this won’t only come through giving a ‘Basic income’ – the Human being requires to be equally educated on how to consider life as themselves as equally valuable within everyone and everything and thus, removing the entire survival mode to get to a point of learning how to co-exist as Equals in a new world where money won’t be the determining factor of whether someone lives or someone Dies – but considers that there is a way to make of life a certainty in each individual – that is the actual change within the Equal Money System as it implies an integral way of re-forming Life on Earth for the very first time in our existence.


we’re not saying ‘minimal’, we’re saying:

Quality Standard Dignified Living for All Beings as All Life on Earth


This means that we won’t only support people to keep themselves at the brink of poverty again, but will make sure that each human being gets to have an actual dignified living through our joint efforts to create and sustain an Equality based system where Money will exist as a direct-numerical value of Life itself –

this is so to make sure we understand that what’s here in this world is given by the Earth as part of LIFE itself, the life that we’ve been born into yet never actually LIVED due to having been born into a system where Money is not readily available and thus everyone is dependent on the system to live, everyone depends on money to live!!


How Ludicrous is that! yet we’ve been so brainwashed we accept it as ‘how things are’ – I must say that when I was a little girl the whole use of money remained an ‘enigma’ to me as I couldn’t fathom how I could acquire stuff with coins and paper as that representing the work that my father had ‘earned’ so that we could buy stuff –  yet looking at kids having to work on the streets because of not having those coins and paper which I thought was CRAZY  considering that they too are human beings and require to have a proper house, proper food and clothes as well as services to Live Well.

The entire value-system we’ve created is existing in separation of ourselves, we’ve built our own nice cage to remain slaves and now we believe we can’t break free even though we have the keys to the lock.

Time to Stop the brainwashing and mind control to believe that the current money we use has any actual value in it as the physical reality –

it’s all based on debt which is based on an idea of ‘borrowing’ and ‘owing’ to another human being that has simply taken the stuff from the earth without having to ‘pay’ anything to it

Our only job is to get the goods from the Earth and transform them and distribute them – from there we can establish the economy based on actual physical labor and a fair-value to goods based on the work-done to be able to provide them to the final consumer.

So – according to this article, there’s going to be a national debate on the Monetary Reform in years to come – this will be inevitably pushed more and more as people see the instability and decadence that the current system is already showing as the skin is peeling off to reveal the real scam it’s been all the way – president Sarkozy of France is already babbling about the point, though only covering his own interests at the moment.

Attention: re-forming the money system within the same terms of debt will result in yet another huge time-loop. We are proposing an Equal Money System where money stops being based upon Debt and it becomes a single equivalent of life as the physical goods that are able to be counted as well as the physical labor of man within all areas of human living remunerated at an equal level. 

Re-Form stands as a totally new money system based in Equality –


These are some of the priorities to establish within the Equal Money System.  Research further at:


For full article: A Review of Richard Cook’s book “We Hold These Truths”by Mike Whitney


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