Photo Scam? WHO CARES!!

This is a well known picture taken by Kevin Carter– the photographer of this 1993 picture of a starving child in Sudan that allegedly described that the boy had died after this shot was taken.

He was severely criticized for not having done anything for the child and after he got the pullitzer for such picture (which constitutes the FIRST IRONY in this) he killed himself the following year.

18 years later, the parents of Kong Nyong – the boy in the picture- declare that their child survived through that time of mal-nourishment and only died four years ago due to high fevers that caused him a terminal infection – hence he didn’t starve and pointed out how the boy is wearing a white wristband which indicated that he was being supported by the UN programs to feed starving children – thus the entire myth of leaving him to die after taking the picture is “solved”.

YET he DIED anyways because his living condition never actually changed in fact which only allowed him to probably starve a few more years only to end up finally dying from an infection which is another indication that he wasn’t nourished enough for his immunologic system to be in conditions of facing an infection.

So these photographers – Nelson and a colleague Silva – were only taken in that area for less than 30 minutes – thus he caught this kid on camera while his parents were getting corn from the UN apparently – that’s why the kid is seen alone and the vulture behind is allegedly far far behind, up to almost 20 meters though perspective and a certain type of lens could capture this in one single frame.

Who cares if the picture is a scam!

The facts are visible: We require FOOD to be available to all people in this world – and we start with areas like Sudan where poverty is beyond ‘extreme’.

Carter – the photographer – commit suicide in 1994  – and  left a suicidal note that read:

I am depressed, I have no phone, no money to pay the rent, no money to sustain my children, no money to pay the debt. MONEY! I am tormented by the living memories of killings and corpses, of rage and pain… dying of starvation or injured children, of the easy-trigger crazy people, of the police often, of killer executioners”

This is another series of events that could’ve been prevented if MONEY was Equally available for all – there would be NO NEED to take photographs like this indicating us how much we’ve disregarded fellow human beings.

There would be NO NEED for people to starve or commit suicide due to not having anything to eat and seeing others starve or kill because of lack ofMONEY.

These are all self-created human actions that MUST End by allowing each person in the world – from the starving, to those that require to make money through taking pictures of the starving – to have access to Money to sustain themselves in a dignified way to actually LIVE and stop this entire mess that we’re existing as in this world.

EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM is the solution for this world.


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  1. really impressive

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