Weep-on US with Drugs and Golden Bullets

Violence, Murder, Immigration police –Northern Mexican Cocktail adorned with Spiffy Weapons!

Get the latest in Narco-Fashion or Drug-lord fashion – with their Preferred Saint for Further Protection! – but first

Let’s talk some numbers here:

100 000 weapons

have been confiscated these past 4 years and increasing with the entire ‘War on Drugs’ here in México.

53 000 of them were ‘large weapons’

And a few hundreds of Golden guns and rifles are also part of this collection.

56 people have been killed already in random raids going on in the north of México during january till this past sunday.

US Border Patrol police-men  have augmented from 1500 elements to around 3000+ policemen along with infrared equipment, patrols, guns- obviously – and the entire gear necessary to track immigrants down and obviously either kill them, kick them, torture them and kick them back to their origin- just heard how they are now immigrants are being ‘hijacked’ – what a fancy way of disappearing them to only later on show that they’ve been killed in situ.

Now, what do ‘Weapons’ as Weep-on-us exist for?

They’re used for means of intimidation and ultimately for killing people – what are all these weapons linked to mostly? Organized Crime which is most popular on drug-traffic at the moment. Thus

Drug Traffic is friends with Weapon Traffic-
Anall around business going on between the us and Mexico

nice NAFTA treaty guys, way to GO!


What does Organized Crime stand for?

They are essentially people that protect their ass from each other from

a) people trying to stop them from having the entire monopoly over a certain business they’re also in – e.g. Drug cartels as mafias called families, gangs, groups, maras, chiefs and whatnot which can be called ‘the enemy’

b)the law’ and ‘order’ trying to gain the power back to themselves as ‘the one and only authority’ which is proving itself to be as fickle as a twig here in México where there’s an ingovernability and uncontrollable situation mostly residing in the North side of México which is not by any casualty, the border with the United States of A-merry-cans – which then can also be known as ‘enemy’ but with more of a challenging stance within the entire world system due to MONEY yes you got it!


Now, Organized Crime is proving itself to be ‘more powerful’ than government itself, already been seeing this escalate through the past years where entire cities are paralyzed in the North of México when these guys – drug lords, families, cartels, etc – decide to go for their regular weekend killing binge of blocking entire streets, hijacking people to end up cutting people –decapitating them is their fav thing – as a way to take the vengeance of one of ‘them’ being killed by the police, or when they decide to just show up at a party – not that they were precisely invited – and start shooting everyone there just because they kind of ‘knew’ one of their enemies would be having fun in that same place.

Violence exists where greed and weapons are at hand

These are only but a FEW incidents that are going on in the north of México, now – this is NOT media hype at all – this has been shared by people that live there and seen/heard it first hand.

Now, this is Not about countries or drug cartels per se:

This is About MONEY

Illegal Immigration:

The point is seeing how the northern limit has become the ultimate target due to the obvious step it represents for the greatest market/corporation and ‘opportunity to make it’ which is America and living the ‘American Dream’ which is like honey to the ears of people that are striving and struggling to make a living in this world.

It is ludicrous and stupid how the authorities of both countries – USA and México – are spending so much effort (Read MONEY) in guarding the frontier instead of working together to create a permanent solution. I mean man! not even building a fucking berlin-wall like barrier will solve the problem! This is a definitive problem called ‘Immigration’ whose reason of existing is because of:


and not being able to have access to it to have a dignified life in this country.

It’s obvious they don’t wanna go there so they can buy food at McDonalds’ and spend their time in Disneyland, they Leave because they stand no chance of surviving in this country which is what we ALL are responsible for.

Drug Traffic exists because there are People USING DRUGS

Same goes with Drug-traffic. It’s an easy way to make money yet it’s become such a huge religion that the entire paraphernalia around drug-traffic goes beyond drugs and people dealing them. It’s a war industry built in gangs that call themselves families, cartels, brotherhoods that join forces for the sake of committing criminal activities. Not to mention the religion existent in the USERS of such drugs which is an entire different story

That is HOW things work and all because of MONEY.


Now: why do drugs exist?

Because there are people that consume them

– this is usually something that is abused to escape a fucked up self created reality by becoming an addict to a substance just to be able to ‘cope with reality ‘ – THUS we are all responsible and these acts do NOT only limit themselves to the north of Mexico – these are ALL problems generated because of


Thus they are existent all over the world in a similar fashion

Now talking about ‘fashion’, let’s get to the cherry of this cake:

What I began saying in this blog is about Narco-fashion or drug-dealers latest ‘shout out to Versace’

Yes, there’s already a Narco-Museum that exhibits the drug-traffic paraphernalia that includes artifacts to sneaks drugs, re-enacting dummies of people that have served as body-dealers but here you’re looking at some of the most attractive stuff that has been confiscated:

GUNS BATHED IN GOLD with precious stones and diamonds for drug lords – they all have their initials or insignias from different cartels/families/gangs, even SAINTS carved on gold in them – or eagles, what the fuck not these people are artsy as hell – wonder who creates these delicacies for them?

Now they can dress and shoot to Kill with 14 k golden triggers.

Oh and don’t forget they also like to communicate in the same fashion

Dressed to KILL anyone?

Just because we accept and allow THIS to exist, we’re all responsible – we’ve all been in drugs, we’ve all desired to be rich, we’ve all wanted to have ‘gold’ and have power over others.

WE are definitely all responsible for this.


This is what Human Dreams create – is this Your Golden Heaven?


Further info available in other languages: http://www.blogdelnarco.com/

It’s not only about people that are dead, or gun traffic, or gold-made pistols and cellphones  – No, this is about WHO WE ARE

and what we have accepted and allowed.




Equal Money System NOW!


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