Watching Human Rights? That Just.Isn’t the Solution!

The ongoing abuse towards life happening in this country known as ‘feminicidio’ or ‘woman killings’ in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua here in México – which is considered the most violent city in at the moment – can be traced back to 1993 where young women started disappearing after not coming back home from their sweatshop type of exhaustive work only to be later found dead, usually with evidence of having suffered violent attacks such as rape, strangulation, injuries of all kinds and only dumped in empty lots in the middle of the city once they were Dead.

Till this day, there has been NO definitive solution or responsibility taken from the ‘Authorities’ who are most likely the Authors of these crimes themselves. Every time the investigation reaches the ‘higher forces’ in the government, such investigations are ‘shut down’ and probably bought to simply keep quiet from revealing the point. Some less fortunate ones, are simply tortured and killed to death.

That’s the censorship we live in.

Though the point to look at is:

What’s the common factor in all of these young women? They were all living in Poverty conditions which leads anyone to take the most enslaving jobs just to be able to ‘go by’ within this Life which entailed working for more than 8 hours, with the lowest wage and having to go home at midnight ALONE

Everyone is looking for ‘Justice’ Yet!

Justice Won’t Solve the Problem, at ALL




What we’re looking at is an

Abuse of Power through having money  =

power over people that are ‘powerless’ = Money-Less

Thus, these people that have simply made of this abuse towards young females their favorite hobby because they know that such ‘Justice’ is actually represented by Themselves and thus it won’t ever ‘reach them’.

Their power as the authority can ONLY be because of MONEY – otherwise these killers and abusers would’ve been turned in to pay for their crimes a LONG time ago – even more so, their crimes would NOT have been perpetuated as they would NOT be abusing power through money if an Equal Money System was in place.

WE have accepted and allowed this form of Money System and Government to Exist, thus WE are ALL Responsible for these atrocities that are still going on in this world – not only here in México.

That’s the most fucked up thing that exist in this world CORRUPTION through POWER stemming from the ability to be in a Political Position which means they have Power through Money as having the ability to use laws to only favor them – never ever actually giving a fuck about people’s well being.

Now, this comes up in the news today because Human Rights Watch has filed an urgent revision to the current abuse being inflicted upon Activists in Ciudad Juárez of this association that represents the family members of the women killed in this city as a form of protest reclaiming justice as well as a debunking of the entire judicial system that’s covering up these massacres for the sake of saving their own ass.


The houses of some activists/human rights defendants have been burned down – family members of these same people have been recently kidnapped which has already happened to other members of such activists’ families. HRW has considered that there is ‘Not enough protection for activists in México’ and that his is now a “Systematic Problem” a.k.a “We can’t get to change the entire system”

it’s well known that anyone that dares to speak – from activists to press/ journalists, end up being dead when it comes to this Women Killings and Drug-Traffic.

That is  simply Drug-Cartels and the Authorities/Government taking care of their business

Now – the point to look at is how ALL of this is completely Unnecessary and seeing how this could all be NON existent with an Equal Money System as

.- Girls wouldn’t have to be forced to work in such factories/sweatshops that exist mostly to manufacture clothes that are exported to America for re-tagging with nice selling-brands – hence this type of jobs are an outflow of the current capitalist system that seeks profit through b

.-The government would NOT be an elitist despotic few that can abuse people because of them having Power over everyone as Money and as a position wherein they can violate all Human Rights at will without ever been punished for it as ‘THEY’ are the “law!”

.- ACTIVISTS  and other Human Rights Watch type of associations would NOT EXIST as they only exist as people that are reclaiming the rights that are being Violated – thus their existence is obviously dependent on the above mentioned points which will then make it unnecessary for them to exist


Therefore No more Crimes Against Life would be perpetuated stemming from an original disparity based in social class which is translated as Poor people being Controlled/Abused/killed by those with Money



It’s Not about ‘Watching Human Rights’ but being able to IMPLEMENT an Equality System where Human Rights are simply not Violated for the sake of money-making – which is how this entire show begins – where Human Rights won’t be requiring an organism to make sure people are respected by their government!!!! How ludicrous is this!

WE must be the ones Ensuring WE are Giving To ALL Equally and Respecting OUR OWN LIFE as Equals = One to Another

DO we even SEE the absurdity of how low we have to be when we have to ‘Defend’ Human Rights?

I end this post with the quote of the day:


Human rights is a given — unless it has been removed by force either through education or religion or preprogramming. All resources belong to all equally as it is given by the earth and nature and the universe. Human ways of system management only look after the privileged few. The fight for survival will drive mankind to equal human rights

Bernard Poolman

More info available @ 

Educate Yourself about the Equal Money System


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