Millionaire’s Passion Crime Exposed

The insanity within human beings’ lives driven by Money is not only limited to those that are poor or starving – it is also a matter of crimes that have actually been ‘protected’ by our retarded laws as ‘temporary insanity’ due to people being emotionally driven -defined as ‘sudden rage’ or ‘heartbreak’ – that ‘leads the perpetrator’ to murder their lover while under the influences of such short-lived angst – notice how the passive voice makes the perpetrator a victim of his/her own emotions rather than an actual directive point of them

This then is usually the result of infidelity caused by either part of the marriage/relationship YET sometimes there’s some other juice at play and yes,  that is: $ Money.


Here’s the story:

Landry, an American engineer who made a fortune in the oil and gas industries, was convicted of murdering his British wife Lucy, 38, after she had started an affair with an old friend she met on Facebook.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the true horror of the fatal assault – which took place in the kitchen, first floor landing and hall before Landry finally hunted her down as she fled for help to their next-door neighbour’s house and stabbed her 23 times in the garden.

Even as she collapsed with the kitchen knife embedded in her side, Landry calmly walked away, emptied his safe of money and drove to his girlfriend’s house, dropping off large amounts of cash and three banker’s drafts worth £10,000 each.

The pair married in 2002 and moved to a luxury three-story house on the private Besford Court Estate near Pershore, Worcs, and appeared to have a happy marriage.

But the 24-year age difference and Landry’s controlling nature left his wife increasingly lonely and disillusioned.

The pair were heavy drinkers and neighbours reported hearing aggressive, alcohol-fuelled rows as their relationship descended into bitterness and recrimination.

By mid-2009, she had begun an affair with Gareth Jenkins, an old school friend she got back in touch with on Facebook.

She asked for a divorce and demanded that Landry, who was suffering with prostate cancer, pay £6,000 for a new flat for her and Mr Jenkins to move into.

In days before her death, the pair rowed constantly over money; she seeing him mean and unreasonable, him refusing to bow to her financial demands and balking at her aggressive and volatile behaviour.

And the rest is history

Now, this is only a glimpse to see how Money also drives to further insanity when having TOO MUCH of it – this is simply another pole of the coin that we’ve created wherein a person that is considered rich is actually equally controlled by their money, their relationships are based upon money, their entire demon possession comes from finding out the truth about people only being with them because of MONEY and thus being unfaithful to them.

This is what happened to Mr. Landry. Fake faces of happiness hide extensive repression of actual shit going on when there are more problems involved in a relationship other than ‘compatibility’ but financial interests are at play.

See how Alcohol is also involved as a catalyst for demon possession as rage, anger and conflict rises up in the head leading to gory scenes lead by ‘passion’ and apparent ‘love’ – yet another love story that ends up in murder.


This is such a common thing and more and more the world will go having more types of cases like this wherein Power and Greed gets up in the head destroying a man’s life and their entire bubble created to bought-relationships and self-inflated ideas of who they are which will inevitable fall to reveal the deceptive nature the were founded upon from its inception.

And That’s how the cookie crumbles.


Money bounds the rich and the poor under the same self-created shit through different picture-creations yet in essence, equally bound and enslaved by it.


Within an Equal Money System this type of situations motivated by greed, power as Money will Not exist as there won’t be such type of people making money like kings of the world out of Earth’s resources that must be equally available to all such as Oil in this man’s case.

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