High Underemployment rates in Times of Crisis

In México, more than 2 million 558 thousand people remain without a job up to january 2011 particularly affecting people with Higher Education.

The institution that is in charge of creating all the statistics and rates informed that the majority of jobs are linked to production-processes/manufacturing of little added value which means that they are mostly minimum wage jobs because there is no requirement of being ‘highly qualified’ to perform such tasks-

This implies that there is no desire to pay a lot of money to people that have spent at least 5 years studying in a university paying high tuition fees with the dreamed-promise of getting to be in extremely well-paid jobs which is precisely what is being avoided by companies and people hiring during these times of ‘crisis’ mostly on temporary contracts which avoids compromising workers within the company for extended periods of time – this then implies no social-security and other benefits that come when being a permanent working by law.

Let’s look at some numbers:

29% of unemployed people didn’t complete junior highschool

71% is occupied by those with higher level of instruction that remain unemployed

which is completely heart breaking as then we get to see the ever growing rates of unemployed people in their twenties that are either studying or just finished studying with no promising future to actually get to employ themselves in the area that they’ve trained themselves in Universities for. It is a complete disaster really, and this has been reproted to not only being affecting México but Latin America.

The reason of this is obviously because companies want free-lancers, free-relationships wherein there are no further commitments that would involve more money – nor do they want highly qualified people for the same reason.


All because of MONEY.


Now, this is then hell breaking lose for people that are motivated to study a career in hopes of finding highly paid jobs only to then face the reality that highly—educated people are the most unemployed ones which then forces people with PhD’s to work as business-people from door to door or  a doctor to work as taxi driver – this is then proof of how Inequality in remuneration of labor has to come to equal terms wherein people then don’t necessarily have to ‘push’ themselves to become highly qualified in something if their starting point is only to get money, more than let’s say someone that works in a factory manufacturing a product.


It is a great problem because people also get out of the University with a massive debt to pay for their tuition and then they go out only to find there are no jobs that will enable them to earn sufficient to LIVE and to PAY for their tuition-costs that they’ve borrowed to be able to educate themselves.


This is completely unacceptable, millions of young people in this continent are experiencing the same helplessness as there are no actual ‘good opportunities’ for well-paid jobs which forces everyone to simply be part of under-employment.


Before the crisis, unemployment was more prominent for non-qualified people as 32% of unemployed ones had completed elementary school and 68% had completed junior high school and superior-levels of education.

yet this has changed the other way around.

So, a crisis is forcing a lowering of the level of prepared people that are actually being a creative/productive force in our current society, where it is definitely more suitable for people to seek for malleable ‘slaves’ than hiring people that have thousands of pesos behind their back as having to pay their tuition from school.


This results in Lower Quality of Living Conditions overall – it’s only to our own detriment to allow this to happen as then products are created by under-paid people that won’t do their job  in a suitable and efficient manner, then the entire quality of products and general ‘life-style’ is diminished and affected


All because of MONEY and the current ways our System is set up

It is TOUGH out there as millions desperately seek for a stable income as that form of having a stability to LIVE. This shouldn’t be a point of Struggle, this should be an Equally given and worked-for solution that includes ALL as Equals.

In the Equal Money System there will be definitive changes as to creating a point of unconditional support wherein no one will be ‘forced’ to do something to survive and it all will be simply defined/created according to one’s pace.

There will be no competition created, there will be no need to enslave yourself for a lifetime to finish a career just so that you can ‘make a living’  while not realizing the intricacies that are required to be explored by each one of us to start creating that point of change as ourselves. in Self Honesty.

This tampers Self Expression and simply perpetuates the Survival Mode which leads to problems like depression and inner-struggle due to having given so much into an education  to not find any actual dignified job once the effort is completed.

This MUST be Re-formed into an Equal Opportunity for ALL to Live in Dignity and find a point of self expression within an activity that supports Life and not only cheap-labor as profit-making machines.


Equal Money Dot Org


Data taken from: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/finanzas/84871.html

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