The 10 Most Expensive Elementary Schools in México

Let’s look at the BASIC Numbers here  before getting on to the nitty gritty stuff:

The Mexican

Minimum Wage


There are ‘3  economic zones’ in this country which determine the amount of money workers get as the Minimum Wage which varies only 1 to 2 pesos – absurdly enough – the average is

$58.2 Mexican Pesos =  4.6 American Dollars =

3.5 Euros A DAY


Now, we get in the news today a news/ADD about the 10 Most expensive Elementary Schools here in México City.


Having placed  the previous numbers with regards to the minimum wage for a person in a day on an 8 hour job, we get in the same country, in the same city, the atrocious numbers as follows.

The Annual Fee for the Most Expensive Elementary School in México City is:


$145 000 Pesos!!!

For Americans that would be 11600 dollars and for Europeans that would be around 9000 Euros.

Considering the minimum wage above, it would take around 2500 Days for a human to be able to afford such type of school and that is simply IMPOSSIBLE to achieve in this current system, in this current reality.


This is just for the sake of realizing the type of delusion we’re living in  so that we get an Idea of how disparity is existing within this current system where we all live in.


Now the schools are mostly foreign schools originally created to educate only foreign students – mostly American and German schools – and now they are taking in Mexican people who obviously, can afford such type of ‘Excellence in Education’.


A personal reference here. I got to study in a Jesuit school and I remember very well how we were always ‘prepared’ to have people ‘underneath us’ and how we were being prepared to be ‘Leaders’ within the system. This is obviously how people get conditioned within the Education System – even BEFORE getting to the actual labor-reality – to be ‘On Top’ or ‘Below’.

I questioned myself how it is that they could ‘assume’ we were all going to be ‘leaders’ of some sort – yet is is obvious how it is due to having had the ability to pay the school’s fee in the first place which in itself is already indicating a level of elitism. Now my school was not even the 20% of the annual fee of these schools.


 Thus you can Imagine who gets to be in those types of schools and the way they are educated and trained to become the next generation of ‘Powerful people’ that eventually ends up running the country – not so much because of the school they’re in, but because of the predisposition that a kid has when being born into a wealthy family and the extreme limitation a kid has when being born into a MINIMUM WAGE FAMILY.





for ALL


Excellence in Education is required to be Available for ALL Not just the Elite people that can afford such atrocious fees which implies they make a fuckload of money to send their kids to these Elementary schools.


Education is the base foundation to establish EQUALITY within this world as a Life-System.

We cannot ALLOW Money to determine the availability of Quality Education for All.


We cannot continue accepting the current ‘Minimum Wage’ that is certainly a Joke that has become the most restraining Reality for Most of the People.

Equal Money for ALL for Dignified Living, For Quality Education available for ALL no matter where in the world we are.


One single currency to STOP the abuse through exchange rates.


Educate yourself about the Equal Money System 


Minimum wage numbers’ source:


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  1. Right, I didn’t place the other 9 but we don’t really require further numbers upon this.

    Source of information is here:

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