8 Military Soldiers Caught with 1 Ton of Cocaine

The Northern Border being the epicenter of news again now this time within the context of the Mexican President Felipe Calderón visiting the White House discussing about the War on Drugs specifically  around the 2011 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report which is

“An annual report by the Department of State to Congress prepared in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act. It describes the efforts of key countries to attack all aspects of the international drug trade in Calendar Year 2011”

So there was basically some boot-licking from Obama towards Calderón for a moment recognizing the apparent ‘effort to bring the drug-trafficking problem to an end’ by killing allegedly around 34 600 people in 4 years since this ‘War on Drugs’ began in 2006 – which in fact has only created a state of ingovernability in the north of Mexico and creating an ever heavier well-armed resistance as we’ve discussed in previous posts in this blog.

What a ‘good job’ he’s doing…. Yeah right!

YET at around the same time, another type of ‘white news’ were coming out from the city of Tijuana, Baja California where

8 Mexican Military Soldiers who were voluntarily contributing to traffic  1 Ton of Cocaine  with a group of citizens in the city of Tijuana were caught

This implies that the military-disguise as ‘authority’ was abused to smug drugs around – what a deal –

This is obviously because there is no actual commitment of the authorities – such as the government and military – to care for What’s Best for ALL Life, hence they simply sell themselves to the best bidder that will give them more than what they ‘earn’ as soldiers.

So the chief commander qualified the elements of the military as ‘traitors’ –what a punishment. It is indeed ‘strange’ that military-elements are exposed this way, this would be usually shoved under the rug and keep quiet about it.

Anyways, to sum up:

The military has been the right-hand of the president within this ‘War on Drugs’ which has now been exposed as being colluded and equally corrupted as ‘the Enemy’ – drug cartels, drug-families, gangs, whatever you want to call them.

“The president of México will try his best to ‘control de traffic of drugs’, to ‘overcome the violence’ and to build an the necessary institutional capacity for the establishment of a state of governance in this country once again”

which has been repeatedly threatened or even completely dismantled in some cities by drug-cartels taking over as a way of ‘reclaiming their place’.

War leads to Violence

How do they pretend to ‘fight against crime’ which is in essence violent?

No one is considering – once again – the ESSENCE of this problem which is obviously based on MONEY as the point that lead the Military guys to corrupt themselves by joining forces with ‘the enemy’  placing aside their initial job/‘duty’ therefore revealing themselves to be simply moved by the Human-Factor which is GREED and desire for Power achieved through Money.

Reality Check – during the time that It took me to write down this blog the following events have been reported:

White House wants 10 Million Dollars to ‘Fight Addictions’ – people really have to understand how polarity works in this world.

Two police-men have been killed in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, two minors have been killed in Nuevo León, kidnapping victims are protesting against the President of Mexico who’s currently ‘on tour’ in the US, attacks on police station and hostages in Nuevo Leon, attack on another police-station in Guadalupe, Heroin traffic ‘warnings’ going towards the US – and the list goes on and on – just as every single day – most of it happening  in the North of México.

wonder why…

Let’s stop this nonsense, let’s stop pretending that the meeting of two presidents can change the world and solve any problem.

An Equal Money System will finalize the eternal ‘battle’ against drugs as it simply cease to be  ‘good business’ as it is right now.

People will also stop using drugs just for the sake of ‘coping with reality’ once we start living in an Equally Supportive System – that’s simply a Fact that people must get to understand in terms of using drugs, buying drugs, trafficking drugs and the entire point boiling down to it all being an outflow of our own disregard of Life in this existence as ourselves, failing to Live Life but instead ‘escaping’ from it through chemicals.

Care for All Life Equally –Stop becoming part of the drug-trafficking abuse through using drugs, selling drugs.

Source of Info: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/749215.html



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