All-Co-Hole-ism till 5 AM from Today

Read the paradox in the following news from today: “The “Secretary of Health” has announced that bars /clubs will be able to close at 5 am from today on  in Mexico City” Wonder WHY they casually got to take this measure? Obviously: Alcohol consumption is being reinforced as it is a great source of  Money/Taxes for the government as well as for pubs/bar owners who also have to pay for their licenses to sell alcohol to the government. 


Obviously any sane person living in this country where the ‘parliament’ takes the luxury of having the most well paid jobs in the government and only going to work from tuesday till thursday – yes that means they only work 3 days a week – would ask themselves the following perfectly suitable question:

Why on Earth would they take the time and necessary steps to do this type of reforms to reinforce ALCOHOL consumption instead of Taking care of Regulating the actual basic requirements for every human being in this world which are currently obviously being neglected? This is completely INSANE and unacceptable and the only answer can be:

Because of Making LOTS of MONEY

This will obviously only provoke further Money-expense in alcohol due to this one hour extension to the usual alcohol-serving time in bars/clubs.


Now even the usual checking of people driving under the influence of alcohol– the ‘alcoholmeter’ is being subdued to these new measurements which means they won’t be as ‘harsh’ as before which would end up usually in authorities taking your car away and only giving it back after paying a ‘fee’ for it.


Oh and yes  and of course the government asks for ‘Safety measurements’ in bars/clubs which include a metal detector and having medical assistance in place.




All because of MONEY obviously as alcohol sales generate thick fat profit for bar owners and towards the authorities regulating the licenses required to sell it as well as taxes obtained from alcohol-industry which includes the producers and distribution centers such as  bars/clubs that generate juicy taxes directly linked to the amount of time alcohol is available for customers –therefore it’s all because of Business and Dumbing people down to become better Slaves every day.


This is utterly unacceptable.


In other news this week – two days ago – just one block away from where I live in México City – suburban south area – two brothers were drinking alcohol. One of them starts fighting the other, the one brother grabs a knife and stabs the brother to death. Later on police arrived -  I actually heard the sirens and all of the noise around 11 pm – and the mother of both had to declare her son as the perpetrator of the assassination by her other son. 


This is but one story on how people become Demon Possessed  because of Alcohol Consumption which obviously is a potential weapon as humans become extremely unstable and dangerous due to becoming mind possessed by their repressed inner-experience.


In the Equal-Life System Alcohol will

Obviously be Banned from this Earth

as we are seeing everyday how everyone is allowing such drug to exist in a Legal and overtly manner just because of the profit it represents by making available this type of drug as ‘acceptable’ by society in a world where MONEY is able to be placed on top of any actual Public Health-Care.

It’s obvious that so-called ‘Authorities’ don’t give a fuck about this.

WHAT type of  government that is supposed to take care of “what’s best for all” would extend the time to Abuse Life through Alcohol Consumption?

What type of person would enable these type of drugs to be bought and consumed as they were water in this world?

What type of Government allows people to be continuously impulsed and droned to like and buy Alcohol by placing such drug-adds all over on the streets, TV, newspapers – everywhere.

Is this what we want for Ourselves?

Is this LIVING?




I am One Vote

for a World

Without Alcohol


Make sure you visit:

Abolish Alcohol a Blogspot by Matti Freeman who explains in a punctual way:

“With an Equal Money System alcohol will be abolished as it is simply a tool of self abuse and self denial within self-accepted self-weakness which is the result of having accepted oneself to be nothing but a mere slave to the system and that there is apparently no other way for us to exist. And where this need for a coping mechanism is exploited by corporations as yet another way to make profit and maintain control of money to benefit the few. Consuming alcohol thus supports the current unequal, abusive economic system.”


source of alcohol-news:

2 Responses to “All-Co-Hole-ism till 5 AM from Today”

  1. Alcohol’s effect classification: Depressant Intoxicant. The period in which people can get depressed and intoxicated (as in: POISONING by a drug or toxic substance) has now been extended. With such a classification, it is ‘safe to say’ that the decision did not consider any health issues, and thus what is left is money. It would be interesting to find out, which justifications were ‘big enough’ to accumulate more money on the expense of the health of the people – if it was considered at all.

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