Protesters of Bullfights Get Bullied by Police

Equal Money System for ALL Life to be Supported and Respected

This happened today in Oaxaca, México where the Animal Protection Activists’ Association  tried to exercise their right to ‘demonstrate’ against the traditional Bullfights which is called ironically also ‘Fiesta Brava’ – by blocking the access to the event after the first bull had been killed as part of the usual spectacle.  Police then intervened in a violent manner against the group of around 40 mainly young people shouting and demanding their right to express and demonstrate freely which caused the apprehension of at least 10 of them and an overall pepper-spraying courtesy of state policemen-

So here we lay out the basic points:

None of this would actually be necessary as Bullfights are a ‘traditional excuse’ to preserve a juicy secured money-making event that’s popular amongst the remains of Spanish colonialism as the elite and some human beings that do enjoy watching a man dressed in tight leggings  and golden armor dancing around a bull until he’s able to literally kill the animal which concludes the entire show.

Yes this is in essence a cave-men entertainment yet, it’s 2011

and still running as the ideas of man having power over an animal -that’s ‘traditionally associated with ‘evil’ hence ‘man’ as the ‘male force’ he ‘represents’ is able to kill this strong animal and offer it as part of a single old-fashioned way of justifying animal abuse and making money at the same time.

The counterpart is obviously defending Animals’ Rights, they’re usually vegetarian, they’re against all types of Crimes and abuse towards/against Animals which are definitely always linked to money.

Yet, is demonstrating the way to stop this? We can see how it lead to further unnecessary violence causing one person to break their skull as well as creating an entire hype in an already known target for social discontent as Oaxaca.

Violence won’t EVER bring about an actual Change.

Change must be created at the root of it all which is Money. Therefore we create a point to change the entire current economic system that’s supporting the creation of these events as it’s been accepted and allowed due to ‘Tradition’ which entails sentimental.values added coming from people that are usually considered ‘the Elite’ as these type of shows require a constant support as attendance to keep it ‘flowing’ that means keeping it rentable. Literally just another cult of people with a particular interest in the middle of it all – money.


A Load of Bullshit, all of it unnecessary.

In the Equal Money System these type of atrocities against all life, these type of defense towards ‘Traditions’ and ‘Cultural Values’ as nostalgia will be eradicated the moment that any living being is being directly harmed/abuse by humans’ bullshitting ‘history’.

It is clear these events are still made because of MONEY hence, we stop the ability to create these type of business wherein profit is directly linked to an entire industry of voyeuristic pleasure of man exerting its power against an animal.

This is an accepted/promoted and even ‘nice’ way of seeing the death of an animal of course – if we had first row tickets for slaughter houses, we would sure be pleading for this to stop as the suffering experienced by these animals must be insurmountable.

Within Equality, All Life is Equally Valued, No Life is placed to be sacrificed for the sake of Enter-Tament which currently won’t be easily stopped until sufficient understanding and debunking of mind control is in place because this entails constant self-support to walk this through the veils placed on top of Life.

No ANIMAL will be ABUSED for the sake of Money-making.


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