27 Million Slaves Exist Amongst Us

Slavery is the second biggest illegal business in this world after drug trafficking.
How could anyone talk about ‘Evolution’ and any so-called ‘Progress’ in a world where Slavery is at its highest rate in human history’?

This number only represents people that are being forced to labor and sold for an average of

$90 dollars

as the ability to control cheap labor under hideous conditions. Statistics can only foresee this growing in the following years expecting that the selling and re-selling of a woman for sex-trade purposes can generate an average of 170-270 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR

There are virtually millions of stories to be told about human slavery and I found that CNN has launched some days ago a new campaign to ‘Stop Slavery’ – YET! Obviously the core and root-problem is NOT being understood which is obviously MONEY

As Long as MONEY is in the way, Slavery and all types of Abuse towards Life will continue to grow as it goes hand in hand – not by casualty – to the so-called development and ‘growth’ of “developing countries”

I find it pertinent to share this – I’m getting out of my usual format of sharing news here but Slavery is definitely ‘The point’ that I have worked with within myself as my physical experience and cultural background being ‘Mexican’ and from a ‘Third World Country’, growing up here where seeing people on the streets is your every day deal, where I had to, as a child, see other children around my age working on the streets selling bubblegum in traffic light stops placed there by their own parents that use them as a bait to get money.

I’ve actually known of cases of indigenous people that get to ‘make a living’ in the city that ‘rent’ kids – mostly babies which they are mostly carrying on their backs – who are simply usually placed to sleep under the effect of some drug – to create the idea of them being starving parents needing money to feed their children while in fact, they are using them as bait, and thus you can see slavery being imposed on to innocent children by already poor people that have no means to survive in this world. I realized this is hitting the rock bottom, the ultimate chain of Abuse towards ALL LIFE that we’ve created for ourselves in this world. Unacceptable.


Certainly I could create a 10 page blog to tell and rant upon just a handful of fucked up slavery stories here – but I’ll focus on the points you won’t find in your regular modern slavery websites:

Slaves In this World – we’ve all made ourselves dependent on our current

God = Money for which we will do whatever we can, abuse whoever we have to abuse for the sake of Making Money –

Hereby we as the Equal Money System Equality Movement declare the fact that:

There can be

No temporary aid created to ‘Free Slaves’ through charity or particularly-given money support will actually create an overall permanent change in this world

that is to be understood as people giving away a certain fee on a monthly/annual basis to support people as that is in fact NOT Freeing people but simply changing the ‘owner’ to yet another person that they will be then depending upon – hence there is NO actual freedom but simply now enslaving the ‘supporter’ to the supported as well as the supported remaining being ‘supported’.

How come Common Sense is Not Seen in this all?

Is this what LIFE and Living is?

The answer is: No

Having to speak about this from a detached manner is quite difficult as I am a Human Being living in the same world, requiring the same food, the same roof that any of these beings equally require – what on Earth has created the division between Me and ‘Them’? What have We accepted and allowed in this world to perpetuate their current suffering?

The answer is easy: our current capitalist system that permeates all aspects of our lives as EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is directly hooked on the same abusive system.


Equal Money System will FREE Everyone Equally from Modern Slavery

Economic Development is Directly Linked to the use and creation of Slaves for Cheap Labor

The Entire System MUST be re-formed from its root to ensure that we are Living in an Equally-Supportive System that WILL actually in fact place an END to Modern Day Slavery

which I would simply call ‘Slavery’ as in essence, there has been No Change within this world throughout history with regards to  creating an actual solution to stop slavery and any abuse towards life in this world.

Equality Means to Live in Dignity in this world wherein we no longer have to create slaves for the sake of progress, for the sake of power, for the sake of sex, for the sake of hideous pleasures, for the sake of satisfying the human within its distorted perception of Reality wherein

self-interest overrides

any left-overs of

common sense.

we are all existing as slaves, we’ve been created as slaves and we’ve maintained ourselves AS Slaves from birth till death through this current Economic System.


If we consider or define Slave as people depending on money to live – We are ALL Slaves within this world equally creating and perpetuating the ways of selling ourselves to the highest bidder within the current market-system we live in where everything and everyone is a product that can make profit.

We get ‘the best’ education to be able to sell ourselves at a high price, we relate create and/or establish our financial security depending on the people we create relationships with as the person you marry, the place you live in, the type of school you send your children to, the type of job you chose, the type of ‘lifestyle’ you create for yourself.

We have allowed ourselves to create ourselves AS  the Perfect Slaves within this world  because of the single fact of using MONEY as that point of  desire and strife.

No one is actually FREE or can be until ALL are Equally Supported to NOT Depend on MONEY any more.

Vlogs about Slavery and the Equal Money System

If you want to read the story-telling go to the following websites


Spanish. http://mexico.cnn.com/mundo/2011/03/07/la-esclavitud-moderna-la-trata-de-personas-con-fines-sexuales

We’re definitely only scratching the surface of what we’ve accepted and allowed to exist as ourselves in this world

Support and Investigate the Overall Re-Form and First point of Solution to Equalize Living Conditions in this world:



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