Population, Sexism and Money

Equal Money System

We’ve created, accepted and allowed ourselves to exist within a System wherein a set of laws and regulations are placed on top of the actual physical/intellectual labor that can be performed by any human being regardless of whether they’re a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ yet till this day there is Still Unequal remuneration based on gender wherein women earn $5.8 pesos less each hour than a man here in México.


Gender Equality

is required to be LIVED in all ways

Thus it’s not about separating women from men, but realizing our human ability to be individuals that co-operate to Support Life through working and being remunerated in an Equal Manner no matter what type of job they decide to participate in. Thus this is not about sexism, this is not about ‘feminism’ or morals either, it’s all about Equality.


Another point to consider within the Labor Reforms required, is the flexibility for Pregnant Women to have a considerate amount of time before and after they give birth to their child to fully be available for the child’s vital first months of development.

The only reason why pregnant woman have to up to 2 weeks prior their birth-labor day is because of corporations not wanting to lose any profit due to their absence.

Within Eco-No-Me there is No Common Sense applied to simply treat  Human Beings as Equals

therefore making no distinction on gender,  type of job, or level of education – as these are all points that are currently conditions that people are Born Into –  is vital to implement as a recognition of Life being Equal in everything and everyone within this world.


Currently, there is No Choice for anyone to choose where they are born into to secure their living-ability throughout their life.

This current System is a Casino, you may hit the jackpot or not and no one is able to guarantee your human right to Exist and Live in Dignity – in fact there is and hasn’t ever such right been applied on Earth.

Now, let’s get to see the Inequality shown in statistics as numbers that represent the actual living conditions of people – basically representing only those that were  managed to be interviewed to get this data – there is still quite a high margin of error in these statistics as I am certain the INEGI which is the organism that compiles and releases this information as they most likely didn’t go to interview those that live in Extreme Poverty – nor is this considering people working in illegal jobs or living in jails or being mentally ‘incapable’ of having a proper job or have a house to live in to go knocking at their door to interview them to get these facts.

Having placed the necessary clarifications, here’s some fresh numbers from the

Consensus of Population Information here in México:

El 46.7% of the population doesn’t participate in any economic activity – this means they are not part of the ‘productive people’ generating further economic-flow within the current ways of the system.


Of the 52.7% of economically active population, 33% is women and 73.4% are men.


Mexico now holds  112 million 336 thousand 538 people –

6.9% of mexicans around 15 years of age are Not Educated

56.1% have basic education

19.3% have any type of ‘superior’ education

64.6% of the population have access to Social Security –

33.8% don’t have any type of medical services.

90 out of 10 homes have draining system

What this number isn’t considering is that even people that apparently do not apparently ‘participate’ in any economic , DO Use Money and by that, it means they ARE economically active – the fact that we use money makes us equally responsible for the entire economic system.



The reality lived in the current labor system is that of instability, wherein people go changing their job just like changing socks and it’s all due to the lack of proper and considerate working conditions that actually care to enable a human being the opportunity for self development and self expression. Instead, we are creating a hostile reality through creating jobs and “living” conditions based on survival in a world that only moves through competition and fear.


flexibility, equality and self responsibility

are points that will be created within the Equal Labor System, as No One will be ‘fighting for survival’, trying to reach a higher score within the corporation/business hierarchy just to earn more money – but work will be actually based on realizing our activities are supporting everyone equally – this is determined by giving Equal Remuneration for ALL


We must STOP all conditions placed on Life to generate these type of polarization and disparity.

Equal Money for ALL to Stop the madness in this sexist world.



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