11 World-Millionaires in a Third World Country

Slim and Bill Gates Consider the Equal Money System

Millionaire – Millions made out of thin air –  ‘My Island of Air’ – as MONEY is in fact a creation out of Nothing, a creation existent as Debt, a creation out of a rather imaginary valued defined through the all-time mysterious ‘market forces’ within the eco-no-me system that determines Life and Death in this world. All Man creations simply to benefit some that are able  to pay those that create the entire corpus of rules and laws that solely benefit them. Full circle of abuse.

So we know that Señor Carlos Slim is on top of the Forbes List, busy expanding in other Latin American countries with his massive telecom monopoly. He’s got 172 thousand million dollars which is simply a quantity that we can’t even fathom as a regular mortal on Earth – yet what does this Money imply? Abuse, nothing else but the ability to cheat and deceive the masses to obtain money through charging for inexistent services as well as creating fares that have no competence as he owns the one and only telephone company that reigned in Mexico up until late 90’s – meaning he’s still going strong with Telmex yet the other companies are ‘fighting back’ currently, paying for TV-adverts that are asking people to complain about the usual service-fee that Mr. Slim charges through his monopolizing companies.

Will this Stop Mr. Slim? Unlikely as the man is busy fighting the TV-companies themselves which is creating a media-war where the individuals – us people using such services – are left as the apple in the middle equally responsible for the creation and existence of such people amongst other 10 people in México that are part of the list that represent the greatest companies in the world.


Now, after this series of events going on where Mexico and its 122 million are part of the battlefield – we can fairly see and Understand that being a Millionaire implies having the ability to abuse others through making them dependent on your product. In our case, we have definitely being dependent on Telmex for all communication purposes as well as the multiple corporations that he owns as part of the same empire he’s created. And us, the people, that have accepted this point of abuse through lacking collective action to sue companies like Telmex for unfair fee-payment for service. We are the ones that have accepted and allow this type of atrocities as Millionaires existent in a country with high percentage of poverty in place. This is more than a simple mockery, this is what we’ve done to ourselves as a reflection of our desires for power and greed that have manifested the existence of people like him. This is not to ‘blame’ someone specific, we must understand how he is our creation as the representation of the ultimate human desire to ‘have it all’


Equal Money System implies none of these actions will be allowed or even existent as money won’t be able to be accumulated through profit making out of an entire deceptive scheme. We are the ones that have created this system as the image and likeness of ourselves, our desires, our utmost dreams to have the ‘perfect lifestyle’ which we equate to that of a billionaire. Here in México, we’ve created this. Call it ‘Law of attraction’ for our own detriment – I call it lack of the ability to understand that we are Responsible for every type of abuse that is existent in this world – we all have to take a look at ourselves to see where and how dreams of being rich have marked our existence even from an early age.


We Must Stop Ourselves from Making MONEY our GOD.

Re-Educate yourself, support yourself – It is simply unacceptable to live in a third world country subdued to the richest man on Earth while having an uncomfortable limiting and abusive neighbor on the north.


Time to Settle Equality for ALL


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