Childbirth in an Equal Money System



Money is obviously the key factor that determines whether a baby is born in a family that will have sufficient to prepare the space for a proper and more-than dignified living or a baby being born into a family that has been marginalized within an economical-financial position that won’t allow them to have proper care from birth as the result of being living in a world that ostracizes wealth between only a few individuals that are the ones that get to have proper care when this should be available to ALL Equally.

Within the consideration that the Equal money System stands as What’s Best For All, I am placing here some points that I got to witness first hand and take into consideration of what it would be the ideal way to walk the process of pregnancy up to childbirth as part of the unconditional support for All that would consist of an integral approach to the entire approach of what bringing a new baby into this world actually implies.

Therefore I’ve considered the following points which are but an approach based on observation within real-time events when and due to having enough money to get to witness a golden-platter type of support within a particular childbirth. Here are the points:

  • Having the ability to have full time health-care while and during pregnancy time wherein each women that work get sufficient amount of time off from their work to take proper care of themselves – while being fully paid while being absent due to giving birth to their child. Consider also that there will be no immediate requirement for a pregnant woman to keep working as life-support will be readily given which implies there is no survival to be bound to in the form of a job.
  • Medical care will be established as periodical monitoring of the child’s development inside the mother’s womb while having access to any urgent medical intervention if and during any contingency during the pregnancy.


  • Pregnant women will be certainly also taken care of with regards to their food habits and every day life activities to make sure that the baby is born in a healthy-harmonious environment where the mother cares of herself both in the inner and outer as a process of realizing that one is giving birth to Life in this world-  hence preparing the way for the new baby to stand as a point of Self Support on an Equal basis.


  • This point includes psychological support to walk the psychological and physical support required for a woman that endures the physical and mental changes that come along with pregnancy as the entire process of giving birth to a new being into this world. This will ensure that there are no unnecessary crises during the time when and while the baby is developing which creates the first steps to bring a being into actual Living conditions that enable self expression and self enjoyment instead of having to worry and exist in conflict unnecessarily due to psychological or financial problems.  Money-wise, everything will be taken care of.


  • This implies that hospitals for newborns will be specialized in having the utmost care for each and every single being that is being born on a daily basis in hospitals. This is an overall care of the child with tenderness and care the moment it goes out of the womb and into this world. There will be no ‘extra fees’ for this type of 1st-class care as 1st-class is and represents what this world should be and Can be for Everyone Equally – if we all dare to agree that this is the way we would all like to be born in and us women would like to be supported with when it’s time to bring a new being into this World.
  • Mothers will be supported by specialized people to walk through the post-birth stages wherein people learn how to handle the responsibility of a newborn at home as well as establishing herself as a point of care and proper nourishment to develop adequate educational ways to support another one within the Principle of What’s Best for all – how many times can we hear in this world that people aren’t really ‘ready’ to become parents? this is because there’s never been an actual Life-coaching process to stand One and Equal to another being in this world. Fascinatingly enough, family as that hierarchical structure will cease to exist as Money is the current factor determining people depending on one another which in the EMS will be simply creating a platform of Self Support for newcomers to develop until they get to have enough time for Self Development in a world of Equals.

We’re looking at the best-care possible without any unnecessary over the top measures – this is what’s best for all indeed. Ensuring that people are taken care of in all ways from the moment of inception till birth on to the first years where women will have all time necessary to support the child equal and one within their first stages of development in the physical.

  • Being a mother that won’t have to worry about Money or survival implies that such mother will be mostly ‘at peace’ with herself and her world which will enable the point of being supported by others that are willing to help with the necessary cares each and every single child should have access to. This obviously entails food, clothing, proper and constant medical attention, nursery care if required, proper advisory for novice mothers as well as creating networks of self support between mothers – that can be easily placed through the internet – to support each other with practical points that can facilitate the upbringing of a child. Making information, practical care and professional support available ensures that the mother only focuses on being constantly present with the child to ensure he/she becomes aware of the unconditional support that being born into an Equal Money System will entail.

This is but a glance at how the Equal Money System will enable first-class health care for all during pregnancy as well as support available to facilitate the upbringing of a newborn in this world ensuring that each being is attended by their respective parents that can take the necessary time to be walking into this world with their child.

For further support, visit the Equal Money System website and participate in discussions and blogs to write about How would an EMS change YOUR World into a more successful living that is considering ALL as Equally capable and able of Enjoying Life and giving Birth to Actual Living Beings in this world.

If you’ve been a mother and you see points missing in this approach, share them here through comments to expand the approach on to this natural-event that is part of this world where we live in.


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