God is Money: Pray for Japan

Praying is NOT the Solution

It’s easier to ‘Pray’ than  taking actions to create or even consider  an overall solution that can benefit All living beings Equally– not only in a catastrophe such as Japan’s current disaster – but as a point that can stand as a self-fulfilled statement of Real-Care towards another, giving to another what we want for ourselves: dignified living, mint conditions to express in this world while not having to survive.

Let’s take a look at the image above as a first example of “NON-Monetary action” that Tibetan monks are taking on as part of their agenda with praying and god as ‘good thoughts’ on people in times of distress. People are using the current catastrophe as a way to create news in means of Support.

– The ‘Non-Monetary’ is only evident as a façade as there are obvious interests in place behind almost everything that is presented through media – read in between lines the latest development of Dalai Lama abdicating his role of super hero within the worldwide scenario of ‘peace-fighting characters’ – yes, the paradox in such term is definitely on purpose

It is pertinent to clarify the fact that we live in a world where images are directly linked to the value we give on to things – that applies for example to images of God that are venerated and offered sumptuous rites when being represented in a picture, an image or a concept.

Money in itself, is a concept.

Our Own Creation.

Money is a concept that doesn’t stand as that which enables What’s Best for All, but we’ve instead created it as the representation of Inequality, of Abuse and Extortion that ensures some people have, some people don’t have. Furthermore, due to its current existence, we’ve generated an impossible-case-scenario wherein there is apparently no immediate solution for situations of extreme poverty and hunger, extreme abuse or permanent extreme poverty conditions when living in a world wherein this Ability to Live is certainly Not being distributed Equally.

Money wasn’t Self-Created. God wasn’t self-created.

Humans have created the current Money as the abdication of Self Responsibility and the depiction of the entire value system that has never considered Life as primary value available in everything and everyone Equally.

If God had ever existed as the ‘benevolent avatar’ people often ‘pray to’ for well-being and benefits, I’m certain God would’ve prevented and foreseen starvation, abuse and devastation of life due to creating an Unequal Money System . Therefore  I infer that  God doesn’t exist due to realizing that everything that’s currently manifested in this world is our own creation . Hereby I  suggest to those that desire to know ‘God’ to answer their own question by looking at the bills, coins and plastic cards in their pockets. Voilá! There’s God that decides Life and Death in this world.

Having outlined the basics to understand the non-existence of God with basic common sense facts, we can then see that we’ve created Money as a God that decides

whether someone lives or dies

whether someone’s rich or someone starves

whether people scream or people laugh

whether someone creates and someone steals.

And the list could go on ad nauseam.


Needless to say that ‘praying to God for the well-being of people in Japan’ is as useless as Yoko Ono urging people to donate /Don’t act to the Red-Cross /Christ’s bloody cross of suffering of ‘paying for your sins’  while being a multi-millionaire talking on TV through Piers Morgan’s CNN show.

Now, here we’re getting to the second category of the events that propose a relief to the current topic in vogue which is the Japanese critical condition in the aftermath of multiple Earthquakes, Tsunamis and in the verge of a nuclear disaster – this is the Monetary Actions which are the most common way of ‘supporting’ people in times of discomfort and suffering.

As a side note I want to point out how it is only through such dramatic events that human beings are able to turn their heads to see the world and this reality for just one moment. It is not ‘by chance’ that I’ve spoken to several people that were almost unaware of the situation happening at Japan which gives us an idea of how it is that people actually truly don’t give a fuck about what goes on in this world as long as it doesn’t ‘reach them’ as in ‘affecting’ them directly.

When this is then taken by a pop-culture icon such as Lady Gaga, we can expect fund-raising speeding at the rate of sales on iTunes of her first single. That’s right, sources have informed that after 48 hours of the launch of this ‘Pray for Japan’ wristband, Lady Gaga has accumulated already a quarter million dollar through selling these 5 dollar rubber bands to generate sufficient money for the catastrophe.

Lady Gaga Equal Money for ALL

This is the marvelous piece of charity work that’s being done in this world.

Now, we’ve explained before how it is that charity won’t ever create a definitive, constant and self-sustained solution as support for people that are in temporary or permanent need.

Therefore, Money-Actions used as temporary relief are only that, a Band-Aid Solution that will wash away the moment such money is spent and thus gone after a while only benefitting those that will provide any type of temporary relief work.

Having place this here,

Do you see how it is Not possible to create an overall solution from ‘praying to God’ or collecting money through the Red Cross?

Do you see how it is impossible to think of creating an actual change as long as the current money system is in place? Otherwise money cannot solve a money problem – it is like trying to fix a flood with buckets of water.

We could see other aspects/dimensions of these type of “Actions” created to support and don’t-act /donate to people in need.

Money as GOD in this current money system is clearly NOT the Solution. And is actually the worst enemy of Life.

We must realize that we are the ones that have create this world as it is thus, we can create a permanent change so that we can actually become the point that makes sure people get sufficient money right away to support people in need, starving and literally being neglected by all due to not being part of the current money system that only ‘pays attention’ to those that work to merely survive.

Will a quarter million dollars solve the problem? No

Will having monks praying to god for Japan work? Obviously Not.


Equal Money System must be the first and foremost important point to consider as an actual living solution that’s readily available here as this reality only placing money as a point that ensures Equal Distribution of Wealth for all – in times of natural catastrophes and general distress.

Investigate & Educate yourself on How to become a Self Responsible being within considering Equality as the base foundation to any actual real solution in this world.



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