Underage Prostitutes and Drug Addicts: Escaping from misery into oblivion?


No Prostitution in Equal Money SystemAround 400 young women have been spotted working as prostitutes  in one single district in México City – The fact that they are more obvious than ever before implies there’s an plot, an arrangement achieved between the people trafficking these women and authorities that are given money to keep quiet about the ongoing business that takes place at all times of the day in the streets.

The mechanism to get the women is as follows: people from this city go to some of the neighbor states – who are usually the ‘poor ones’ to trap girls by seducing them and promising them to have a ‘better life’ in the city – which obviously coming from the ‘love’ hook, they agree and thus leave with them. This decision is taken due to the usual precarious conditions that people live in wherein the idea of going to the city sounds astoundingly good as well as ‘getting a boyfriend’ which becomes ‘the only way out’ for these girls that look for a better life.

Once they arrive to the city, they are physically or mentally violated / threatened and pushed to work as prostitutes which is what they end up doing without any possibility to change their situation as they live under a constant threat upon their life.

Would any of this Exist if there was an Equal Money System in Place? No. Obviously nor the girls or males would have the necessity to run away from their homes into the worst case scenario any woman can find themselves in – all because of money.

Same goes for the males that see this as an opportunity to make easy-money out of having to rape, threaten and constantly taunt women to keep them in ‘business’.


We have talked about the glue and thinner sniffers previously and how they use such cheap drugs to cope with Hunger.

Now we’ll expose the ongoing events in middle-class Laredo Texas wherein reports of 12 year olds buying Ecstasy is revealing the extent of availability there exists for selling these type of drugs.

At this age kids are barely getting to stand on their own two feet in this world. It is quite obvious that trying out these type of drugs while not having sufficient information on what goes on at a physical level – which not even ‘adults’ know about – they are more prone to develop an addiction due to the state of being stepping into the world ‘finding their place’ to be in.

It’s said that kids spend 5 dollars for a pill or 8 which gives the idea of how readily-available they have become. We won’t describe the actual purposes of this drug, it’s enough to say that it certainly requires an environment that can cause the desired effect which is mostly linked to sexual encounters – now, that’s a 12 year old – sex leads to pregnancy when being under drug influence.

Babies are being born out of this – one can figure out the rest.

Within the Equal Money System, all families will be equally supported to create adequate conditions for people to be raised as Equals, for parents to have sufficient time spent with their kids to not have to unnecessarily leave them alone which usually leads kids to seek points of diversion as they feel ‘left out’ and ‘not cared after’.

IN extreme cases they go out of their homes and live on the streets as ‘homelses’ people, sniffing all they can to survive.

Needless to say this is unacceptable, soon childhood will become the puberty and puberty will become the time when people get pregnant or bound to a certain addiction.

Self Responsibility to STOP all delusions presented in the shape of a pill, in the shape of love, in the same of an ultimate happiness. It’s all a chemical reaction and must be stopped for what it was

Sources of information: http://www.laredosun.us/notas.asp?id=14312


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