2 Responses to “IQ Tests Determine Human’s Labor Tag”

  1. Earth Incorporated Says:

    Awesome article – Thanks for Sharing!

  2. […] IQ Tests Determine Human’s Labor Tag Within following the previous investigation about the Monetary Psychosis, looking deeper at this Value-System that we’ve accepted and allowed as the standard that defines the way we look at things, we can look at one point that is often regarded as personal-value which his Intelligence. The IQ Test developed by Binet-Terman in 1905 determined a way to approximately test out the abilities of children basing the result of ‘level of intelligence’  on kids being able to answer the ‘correct questions’. Now, currently we’ve got other psychologists defining an entire array of mental capacities and abilities that suit different areas within the human beings’ interaction with this world which definitely creates further separation within the single mind itself that is already layered and multi-dimensional in itself. What Richard Sennett in his album ‘The Artisan’ exposes is that “A Person with an IQ of 100 it’s doesn’t differ much from the capacity of a person with an IQ of 115, yet the latter has much more possibilities to gain more attention […] wherein bit by bit great quality differences legitimate the System of Privilege “ And then the opposite effect is created as discrimination is then tagged upon those that don’t reach such marks in the test which in essence is only measuring the intellectual abilities based on answering a series of questions that have no direct relation to a physical ability or actual practical efficiency and capacity to do a certain job/work.   What’s even worse is that we have to be ‘testing people’ for this just because of the fact that money is currently the single point that must be ‘granted’ to people to live, thus IQ Tests as inherently linked to this psychotic behaviour of living by a make-believe set of values that is definitely not creating a point of Best for ALL available at all. This is then also why, according to Sennett, that schools in Great Britain destine more financial resources to Elite Schools than technical ones and the same goes in the US where business, law and basically all schools related to sustaining the current system of abuse are endowed with grants and incentives for people that have the ability, in the first place, to attend such high-quality education schools. To cut the chase, humans are currently being assessed through a series of pre-fab tests to measure the IQ of each person and thus be able to place them in the most- ‘workable’ position which can be translated as ‘more productive’ area in one company. By laying out these facts, we can see how it is all about placing a tag on to human beings for the ability and capability they have to perform a certain job. Now there are many aspects to consider within work divided into professions and jobs which are certainly different from one another. But if we take the simplest way or starting point to approach the entire work-arena as it is currently existent wherein we see that each second is counted on cents as profit made by a certain company, we’ve made of a potential area of human development which is human labor and manual work into an actual automated survival mechanism that most of the people don’t even like to do. What this intelligence tests have also created is a cultural discrimination wherein obviously someone from Bangladesh, someone from Mexico will be far less remunerated for their work than a white american person. Why? because these boundaries are part of an accepted paradigm of how to ‘monetize’ people. It’s obvious that people usually immigrating to another country to work don’t have the basic education required to do any other type of work than those that are undesired from people in the countries where they will find a better quality of life due to the entire infrastructure in a certain country which definitely allows people to be living a lifestyle that could’ve been virtually impossible if remaining in the countries where they belong. Let’s place a single example: would’ve Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook a billion dollar company if he hadn’t had the money from birth, the privilege to live in a family that enabled him to dedicate himself to develop internet interfaces? Nope, not at all. It is clear to see that this entire system has been then managed by those that have had the money for generations –very few can create a breakthrough which simply preserves such rare-cases as proof for some people to remain ‘dreaming’ of someday ‘being rich’ and having it all – same with music business and everything else really. It is up to us now creating an actual breaking-point from perpetuating this power-traditions, these oligarchies, these billions of hungry people. Yet we’ve become so ‘used’ to it that we see it as something normal to have someone from a third world country being less valued than another person, another human being, more just because of where they come from. […]

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