Gadhafi is Dead. Is it all over now?

Gadhafi is dead - Now let's get to Equal Money for ALL

So – seems he lost his life as he was being transported to get some aid after he had been severely injured by whoever has finally captured him and also captured it all in a video where extensive cheering goes on as blood drenches the white clothes of the man, rejoicing on what seems like the  ‘final point’ to an on going see.king of the dictator – as if that meant anything in fact that could change the things for ‘better’ in Libya.

I woke up to these news and people didn’t know whether he was dead or alive or whatnot. In fact as I write this, there is no clear word on it either, but it doesn’t really matter because the purpose of this is to expose – yet again – after we’ve seen the same scenario in Irak when Hussein’s regime was hung on the noose, same with the ‘mysterious’ capture of Osama Bin Laden who had in fact been itself the purpose of a now intended to be 20 year occupation – lol – I mean, seriously we’ve got to see the novelty this reality has become with blaming leaders.

Yes, such leaders, tyrants and ‘caught up with themselves’ are nothing else but the ultimate epitome of humanity’s ego, that’s where everyone would’ve actually wanted to ‘be like’ – having all the power, having all the money and recognition as being the one and only ‘leader’ in the world.

Now, rebels are rejoicing, cheering and even ‘dancing on the streets’ I guess soon we’ll have a TV show called ‘dancing with the rebels’. Celebrations in Green Square as all the squares that have any apparent meaning to all humans that want to revolt.

We should’ve known by now that getting rid of your ‘kings’ won’t solve a thing if the entire system of hierarchy is NOT sorted out first.

Is this the type of outcome that America is now aspiring to re-enact?

Would killing the bankers of the world, stoning Obama to death quench people’s thirst for a ‘change’?  No, and there is obviously no established agenda that stands for clear and ever applicable terms that can benefit ALL Equally. In fact, Equality is obviously disregarded just by the fact that such Equality is overlooked when realizing that we/they/all are one and equal and that people in power don’t represent anything else but ourselves as the accumulation of our deepest desires to be ‘gods’ on Earth.

It’s ludicrous people tend to feel such great pleasure out of seeing someone dead or captured or tortured to death and linking that image to ‘liberation’ – really? Is there any actual change that Libya has seen? Yes of course. Violence has increased tremendously, basic services are definitely not being produced/ distributed effectively and people are carrying guns as if they were blackberries. This implies that people don’t actually have any idea of what ‘taking the power back’ means and this can only lead to further problems if there is no actual course of action to implement a system that can actually be managed by all people, which in such case would imply equal responsibilities for all.

Why we say the Equal Money System is the only way to go in this world is because of the single fact that: if people are asking to ‘take the power back’ then such power implies responsibilities within a perfectly equated system – yet there is not enough consideration of each other or themselves to first of all be self responsible and consider that violence-  vile-ends – is NOT the way in any case and that killing a man only reveals the stupidity of man taking ‘revenge’ in the most archaic was – yet another proof of evolution being noting but a nice ego-story telling for humanity to perpetuate for further generations that will be equally brainwashed until we stop.

Equal Money implies being Self Responsible beings being willing to work as equals for a common goal wherein there is no need to ‘take revenge’ and ‘kill your idols/ leaders’, but instead take responsibility for the acceptance and allowance of the current system – that way the actual ability to Self Forgive is covered not by acts of death-rows and criminal activities, but through the instauration of a new system that will benefit all. Wounds heal with time and certainly gashing it open to make it bleed yet more won’t help in any way whatsoever.

First point is realizing how we are ALL responsible in this world – this is not only about nations but about each human being that has participated and continue perpetuating the current system without beginning with ourselves to become self responsible beings.

Equal Money is not just a quick fix – it is in fact the realization that any hopes and dreams for things sorting themselves out just by ‘changing the government’ won’t ever work as it is the realization that the system requires an overall reform.

What Now?

Libya is obviously now in the hands or rebels, people that essentially have no idea of how to govern a country – there’s instability, uncertainty, violence and a profound state of vengefulness as well as the major master of puppets taking their hands ready to move the strings to their own benefit – let’s not forget about all of this being about MONEY people! let’s not forget about the OIL Factor that provides de necessary seduction for major players to have their heads in the area. NON of this would exist if money wasn’t the king of the world, but Equality as LIFE.

The world is submerged in a profound crisis that doesn’t have only a few years, but is now getting to the inevitable downfall what has been brewed ever since we started monetizing this reality – so, this is only the moment wherein all bailouts and jail-outs won’t do a thing. No matter how many currencies are created or absolved, we will still be facing the inherent problems which are NOT only related to a single country, president, dictator or any other economical/ political or social structure – but are the accumulation of what we’ve become as humanity in separation of ourselves – each other and everything else that is here.

As I watch the gory images of Gadhafi on CNN I end this blog as all I can expect is even more demon.strations of faux victorious rants and people waving flags of a nation submerged in violence, in a state of mayhem that has NO resolution whatsoever in the short run and that stands as an example for whoever is protesting in the world right now, believing that the problem is ‘them’, is ‘they’ and that ‘them/ they’ must be killed in order to ‘regain the power’ – absolute malarkey.

Investigate the Equal Money System, investigate the principles we are realizing as ourselves at Desteni because it is only through Self Forgiveness and realizing who and what we’ve become that we can actually roll our sleeves and work together to create and build a new world that’s Best for ALL in Equality.

Disclaimer’s notice: this is not for the sake of supporting the frenzy on the news, but to place some common sense on the gory details that humans tend to hold on to failing to see the greater picture. What will happen now? That will be decided by NATO and the kings of the world that we’ve placed there as a massive representation of how we are willing to be enslaved by our own desire to abdicate Self Responsibility.

The design of President


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