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Underage Prostitutes and Drug Addicts: Escaping from misery into oblivion?

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No Prostitution in Equal Money SystemAround 400 young women have been spotted working as prostitutes  in one single district in México City – The fact that they are more obvious than ever before implies there’s an plot, an arrangement achieved between the people trafficking these women and authorities that are given money to keep quiet about the ongoing business that takes place at all times of the day in the streets.

The mechanism to get the women is as follows: people from this city go to some of the neighbor states – who are usually the ‘poor ones’ to trap girls by seducing them and promising them to have a ‘better life’ in the city – which obviously coming from the ‘love’ hook, they agree and thus leave with them. This decision is taken due to the usual precarious conditions that people live in wherein the idea of going to the city sounds astoundingly good as well as ‘getting a boyfriend’ which becomes ‘the only way out’ for these girls that look for a better life.

Once they arrive to the city, they are physically or mentally violated / threatened and pushed to work as prostitutes which is what they end up doing without any possibility to change their situation as they live under a constant threat upon their life.

Would any of this Exist if there was an Equal Money System in Place? No. Obviously nor the girls or males would have the necessity to run away from their homes into the worst case scenario any woman can find themselves in – all because of money.

Same goes for the males that see this as an opportunity to make easy-money out of having to rape, threaten and constantly taunt women to keep them in ‘business’.


We have talked about the glue and thinner sniffers previously and how they use such cheap drugs to cope with Hunger.

Now we’ll expose the ongoing events in middle-class Laredo Texas wherein reports of 12 year olds buying Ecstasy is revealing the extent of availability there exists for selling these type of drugs.

At this age kids are barely getting to stand on their own two feet in this world. It is quite obvious that trying out these type of drugs while not having sufficient information on what goes on at a physical level – which not even ‘adults’ know about – they are more prone to develop an addiction due to the state of being stepping into the world ‘finding their place’ to be in.

It’s said that kids spend 5 dollars for a pill or 8 which gives the idea of how readily-available they have become. We won’t describe the actual purposes of this drug, it’s enough to say that it certainly requires an environment that can cause the desired effect which is mostly linked to sexual encounters – now, that’s a 12 year old – sex leads to pregnancy when being under drug influence.

Babies are being born out of this – one can figure out the rest.

Within the Equal Money System, all families will be equally supported to create adequate conditions for people to be raised as Equals, for parents to have sufficient time spent with their kids to not have to unnecessarily leave them alone which usually leads kids to seek points of diversion as they feel ‘left out’ and ‘not cared after’.

IN extreme cases they go out of their homes and live on the streets as ‘homelses’ people, sniffing all they can to survive.

Needless to say this is unacceptable, soon childhood will become the puberty and puberty will become the time when people get pregnant or bound to a certain addiction.

Self Responsibility to STOP all delusions presented in the shape of a pill, in the shape of love, in the same of an ultimate happiness. It’s all a chemical reaction and must be stopped for what it was

Sources of information:

“Huffing makes me Forget My Tummy Aches”

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No More Huffing Equal Money System
Inhaling Thinner is one of the cheapest and most common ways to forget about being hungry, about living in the streets, about leaving children back home – Huffing glue, cement, gasoline amongst other substances called ‘Monas’ or ‘Monearse’ which is the verb for these actions have become the most accessible way to cope with a reality wherein they are living on the streets, making a living out of doing some street juggling inhaling more gasoline to spew out flames which makes them earn more money simply to buy more glue to go through the day.

México City’s streets are home for

More than 3, 282  people 

Main factor for leaving home is precarious money situation.

This is but a number and data existent from people that have actually been ‘seen’ by those doing these type of records.

It is estimated that 43% of this population of youngsters living in the streets were between 11 and 15 when they first left their broken homes.

A new government report has revealed to discover that more 12-year-olds in the U. S. sniff inhalants instead of using marijuana, cocaine or hallucinogens combined.

The sniffing inhalants which are a fad among young Americans include aerosol cans, glue, paint solvents and lighter fluid, among others.

The experts have cautioned that these inhalants can result in cardiac arrest, known as "sudden sniffing death".

We exposed how important it will be within the Equal Money System to give proper care to pregnant women. One of them was living on the streets – she died due to complications while giving birth.

There are places that try to give shelter to these youngsters. Though, due to such places not providing the necessary to keep them huffing, they opt to escape once again – streets have become their place as they’ve become addicted to being high on solvents.

Also a considerable amount of them are currently becoming part of Drug-Trafficking and Sex-Commerce

which has revealed in some of their clothing and hygiene habits.

The problem is that these beings are becoming more self-sufficient due to the nature of the business they have gotten themselves into which certainly traps them into a more liberal and comfortable situation that provides a refugee for their drug addictions.

Drug addiction and abuse are a constant within this population.

Other drugs on the list are: weed, cocaine, heroin and crack.

Studies have revealed that preventing governmental actions have ha a rather counterproductive result staying as a repressive-move more than an actual educational labor about drugs and the lasting effects of them.


Women living on the streets: 60% have confirmed being subject to rape as well as violence, physical abuse and general insecurity.

Police men would also extort them, usually asking them money to not take them to jail.

Half of the population living on the streets have suffered a form of abuse: being robbed, hit, sexually abused and abused by the “authorities” – which means cops abusing them. A third part of this population sample also has kids.

Large number of women are currently being placed ‘into business’ within sex-trade commerce.

Stop Huffing Equal Money for ALL

Ezequiel escaped from his house in San Luis Potosí, México following a dream of becoming a soccer player.

Instead, he got himself in the ‘big city’ and has remained here for over 20 years – he recently turned 30 – living off of cleaning windshields which is a very common traffic-lights work for homeless people. He’s one of 50 people that live in one single corner in one of the streets near downtown.

They defecate and have sex on the streets which have lead them to nearly being incarcerated due to law violations for this. They claim that if they aren’t allowed to do their regular functions on streets, then where else?

Ezequiel only managed to go to second grade of Elementary school – he had a son at the age of 18. He hasn’t eaten in 10 days and he tries to forget about it with his huffing. His last meal were two pieces of bread buns.

He explained how everyone’s an addict there with him, though he says he does it because of hunger.

“Huffing Thinner Makes me Forget my Tummy Aches”

Two years ago his parents almost found him dead as the huffing had affected his lungs, liver and kidneys. They took him back home – two months afterwards, he was back in the streets of México City.

He plans on ‘starting from scratch’ once he goes back to his home city –there are thousands like him only in Mexico City, dreaming of a ‘better future’ that they sniff away every single day.


Within the Equal Money System there will be NO need for people to run out of broken homes due to having proper living conditions – no one will be forced to live their children, their home city to aspire ‘making a living’ in the capital city which is growing day by day, becoming absolutely insufficient for all.

The use of drugs to stop the pain that hunger creates is simply unacceptable – we cannot allow ourselves to remain ignorant within not knowing the reasons of why someone decides/opts or simply has no other solution but going into the streets for jobs that don’t require even an elemental educational level. Living on the streets becomes an easy way of living for people like Ezequiel who are still dependent on drugs to cope with this reality that is Not supporting them or anyone else at an Equal-level

Research the Equal Money System – become part of the ones that agree upon feeding, giving proper housing and care to each individual human being to ensure no further abuse and disregard of others as ourselves can happen again.

All-Co-Hole-ism till 5 AM from Today

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Read the paradox in the following news from today: “The “Secretary of Health” has announced that bars /clubs will be able to close at 5 am from today on  in Mexico City” Wonder WHY they casually got to take this measure? Obviously: Alcohol consumption is being reinforced as it is a great source of  Money/Taxes for the government as well as for pubs/bar owners who also have to pay for their licenses to sell alcohol to the government. 


Obviously any sane person living in this country where the ‘parliament’ takes the luxury of having the most well paid jobs in the government and only going to work from tuesday till thursday – yes that means they only work 3 days a week – would ask themselves the following perfectly suitable question:

Why on Earth would they take the time and necessary steps to do this type of reforms to reinforce ALCOHOL consumption instead of Taking care of Regulating the actual basic requirements for every human being in this world which are currently obviously being neglected? This is completely INSANE and unacceptable and the only answer can be:

Because of Making LOTS of MONEY

This will obviously only provoke further Money-expense in alcohol due to this one hour extension to the usual alcohol-serving time in bars/clubs.


Now even the usual checking of people driving under the influence of alcohol– the ‘alcoholmeter’ is being subdued to these new measurements which means they won’t be as ‘harsh’ as before which would end up usually in authorities taking your car away and only giving it back after paying a ‘fee’ for it.


Oh and yes  and of course the government asks for ‘Safety measurements’ in bars/clubs which include a metal detector and having medical assistance in place.




All because of MONEY obviously as alcohol sales generate thick fat profit for bar owners and towards the authorities regulating the licenses required to sell it as well as taxes obtained from alcohol-industry which includes the producers and distribution centers such as  bars/clubs that generate juicy taxes directly linked to the amount of time alcohol is available for customers –therefore it’s all because of Business and Dumbing people down to become better Slaves every day.


This is utterly unacceptable.


In other news this week – two days ago – just one block away from where I live in México City – suburban south area – two brothers were drinking alcohol. One of them starts fighting the other, the one brother grabs a knife and stabs the brother to death. Later on police arrived -  I actually heard the sirens and all of the noise around 11 pm – and the mother of both had to declare her son as the perpetrator of the assassination by her other son. 


This is but one story on how people become Demon Possessed  because of Alcohol Consumption which obviously is a potential weapon as humans become extremely unstable and dangerous due to becoming mind possessed by their repressed inner-experience.


In the Equal-Life System Alcohol will

Obviously be Banned from this Earth

as we are seeing everyday how everyone is allowing such drug to exist in a Legal and overtly manner just because of the profit it represents by making available this type of drug as ‘acceptable’ by society in a world where MONEY is able to be placed on top of any actual Public Health-Care.

It’s obvious that so-called ‘Authorities’ don’t give a fuck about this.

WHAT type of  government that is supposed to take care of “what’s best for all” would extend the time to Abuse Life through Alcohol Consumption?

What type of person would enable these type of drugs to be bought and consumed as they were water in this world?

What type of Government allows people to be continuously impulsed and droned to like and buy Alcohol by placing such drug-adds all over on the streets, TV, newspapers – everywhere.

Is this what we want for Ourselves?

Is this LIVING?




I am One Vote

for a World

Without Alcohol


Make sure you visit:

Abolish Alcohol a Blogspot by Matti Freeman who explains in a punctual way:

“With an Equal Money System alcohol will be abolished as it is simply a tool of self abuse and self denial within self-accepted self-weakness which is the result of having accepted oneself to be nothing but a mere slave to the system and that there is apparently no other way for us to exist. And where this need for a coping mechanism is exploited by corporations as yet another way to make profit and maintain control of money to benefit the few. Consuming alcohol thus supports the current unequal, abusive economic system.”


source of alcohol-news:

8 Military Soldiers Caught with 1 Ton of Cocaine

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The Northern Border being the epicenter of news again now this time within the context of the Mexican President Felipe Calderón visiting the White House discussing about the War on Drugs specifically  around the 2011 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report which is

“An annual report by the Department of State to Congress prepared in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act. It describes the efforts of key countries to attack all aspects of the international drug trade in Calendar Year 2011”

So there was basically some boot-licking from Obama towards Calderón for a moment recognizing the apparent ‘effort to bring the drug-trafficking problem to an end’ by killing allegedly around 34 600 people in 4 years since this ‘War on Drugs’ began in 2006 – which in fact has only created a state of ingovernability in the north of Mexico and creating an ever heavier well-armed resistance as we’ve discussed in previous posts in this blog.

What a ‘good job’ he’s doing…. Yeah right!

YET at around the same time, another type of ‘white news’ were coming out from the city of Tijuana, Baja California where

8 Mexican Military Soldiers who were voluntarily contributing to traffic  1 Ton of Cocaine  with a group of citizens in the city of Tijuana were caught

This implies that the military-disguise as ‘authority’ was abused to smug drugs around – what a deal –

This is obviously because there is no actual commitment of the authorities – such as the government and military – to care for What’s Best for ALL Life, hence they simply sell themselves to the best bidder that will give them more than what they ‘earn’ as soldiers.

So the chief commander qualified the elements of the military as ‘traitors’ –what a punishment. It is indeed ‘strange’ that military-elements are exposed this way, this would be usually shoved under the rug and keep quiet about it.

Anyways, to sum up:

The military has been the right-hand of the president within this ‘War on Drugs’ which has now been exposed as being colluded and equally corrupted as ‘the Enemy’ – drug cartels, drug-families, gangs, whatever you want to call them.

“The president of México will try his best to ‘control de traffic of drugs’, to ‘overcome the violence’ and to build an the necessary institutional capacity for the establishment of a state of governance in this country once again”

which has been repeatedly threatened or even completely dismantled in some cities by drug-cartels taking over as a way of ‘reclaiming their place’.

War leads to Violence

How do they pretend to ‘fight against crime’ which is in essence violent?

No one is considering – once again – the ESSENCE of this problem which is obviously based on MONEY as the point that lead the Military guys to corrupt themselves by joining forces with ‘the enemy’  placing aside their initial job/‘duty’ therefore revealing themselves to be simply moved by the Human-Factor which is GREED and desire for Power achieved through Money.

Reality Check – during the time that It took me to write down this blog the following events have been reported:

White House wants 10 Million Dollars to ‘Fight Addictions’ – people really have to understand how polarity works in this world.

Two police-men have been killed in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, two minors have been killed in Nuevo León, kidnapping victims are protesting against the President of Mexico who’s currently ‘on tour’ in the US, attacks on police station and hostages in Nuevo Leon, attack on another police-station in Guadalupe, Heroin traffic ‘warnings’ going towards the US – and the list goes on and on – just as every single day – most of it happening  in the North of México.

wonder why…

Let’s stop this nonsense, let’s stop pretending that the meeting of two presidents can change the world and solve any problem.

An Equal Money System will finalize the eternal ‘battle’ against drugs as it simply cease to be  ‘good business’ as it is right now.

People will also stop using drugs just for the sake of ‘coping with reality’ once we start living in an Equally Supportive System – that’s simply a Fact that people must get to understand in terms of using drugs, buying drugs, trafficking drugs and the entire point boiling down to it all being an outflow of our own disregard of Life in this existence as ourselves, failing to Live Life but instead ‘escaping’ from it through chemicals.

Care for All Life Equally –Stop becoming part of the drug-trafficking abuse through using drugs, selling drugs.

Source of Info:

Weep-on US with Drugs and Golden Bullets

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Violence, Murder, Immigration police –Northern Mexican Cocktail adorned with Spiffy Weapons!

Get the latest in Narco-Fashion or Drug-lord fashion – with their Preferred Saint for Further Protection! – but first

Let’s talk some numbers here:

100 000 weapons

have been confiscated these past 4 years and increasing with the entire ‘War on Drugs’ here in México.

53 000 of them were ‘large weapons’

And a few hundreds of Golden guns and rifles are also part of this collection.

56 people have been killed already in random raids going on in the north of México during january till this past sunday.

US Border Patrol police-men  have augmented from 1500 elements to around 3000+ policemen along with infrared equipment, patrols, guns- obviously – and the entire gear necessary to track immigrants down and obviously either kill them, kick them, torture them and kick them back to their origin- just heard how they are now immigrants are being ‘hijacked’ – what a fancy way of disappearing them to only later on show that they’ve been killed in situ.

Now, what do ‘Weapons’ as Weep-on-us exist for?

They’re used for means of intimidation and ultimately for killing people – what are all these weapons linked to mostly? Organized Crime which is most popular on drug-traffic at the moment. Thus

Drug Traffic is friends with Weapon Traffic-
Anall around business going on between the us and Mexico

nice NAFTA treaty guys, way to GO!


What does Organized Crime stand for?

They are essentially people that protect their ass from each other from

a) people trying to stop them from having the entire monopoly over a certain business they’re also in – e.g. Drug cartels as mafias called families, gangs, groups, maras, chiefs and whatnot which can be called ‘the enemy’

b)the law’ and ‘order’ trying to gain the power back to themselves as ‘the one and only authority’ which is proving itself to be as fickle as a twig here in México where there’s an ingovernability and uncontrollable situation mostly residing in the North side of México which is not by any casualty, the border with the United States of A-merry-cans – which then can also be known as ‘enemy’ but with more of a challenging stance within the entire world system due to MONEY yes you got it!


Now, Organized Crime is proving itself to be ‘more powerful’ than government itself, already been seeing this escalate through the past years where entire cities are paralyzed in the North of México when these guys – drug lords, families, cartels, etc – decide to go for their regular weekend killing binge of blocking entire streets, hijacking people to end up cutting people –decapitating them is their fav thing – as a way to take the vengeance of one of ‘them’ being killed by the police, or when they decide to just show up at a party – not that they were precisely invited – and start shooting everyone there just because they kind of ‘knew’ one of their enemies would be having fun in that same place.

Violence exists where greed and weapons are at hand

These are only but a FEW incidents that are going on in the north of México, now – this is NOT media hype at all – this has been shared by people that live there and seen/heard it first hand.

Now, this is Not about countries or drug cartels per se:

This is About MONEY

Illegal Immigration:

The point is seeing how the northern limit has become the ultimate target due to the obvious step it represents for the greatest market/corporation and ‘opportunity to make it’ which is America and living the ‘American Dream’ which is like honey to the ears of people that are striving and struggling to make a living in this world.

It is ludicrous and stupid how the authorities of both countries – USA and México – are spending so much effort (Read MONEY) in guarding the frontier instead of working together to create a permanent solution. I mean man! not even building a fucking berlin-wall like barrier will solve the problem! This is a definitive problem called ‘Immigration’ whose reason of existing is because of:


and not being able to have access to it to have a dignified life in this country.

It’s obvious they don’t wanna go there so they can buy food at McDonalds’ and spend their time in Disneyland, they Leave because they stand no chance of surviving in this country which is what we ALL are responsible for.

Drug Traffic exists because there are People USING DRUGS

Same goes with Drug-traffic. It’s an easy way to make money yet it’s become such a huge religion that the entire paraphernalia around drug-traffic goes beyond drugs and people dealing them. It’s a war industry built in gangs that call themselves families, cartels, brotherhoods that join forces for the sake of committing criminal activities. Not to mention the religion existent in the USERS of such drugs which is an entire different story

That is HOW things work and all because of MONEY.


Now: why do drugs exist?

Because there are people that consume them

– this is usually something that is abused to escape a fucked up self created reality by becoming an addict to a substance just to be able to ‘cope with reality ‘ – THUS we are all responsible and these acts do NOT only limit themselves to the north of Mexico – these are ALL problems generated because of


Thus they are existent all over the world in a similar fashion

Now talking about ‘fashion’, let’s get to the cherry of this cake:

What I began saying in this blog is about Narco-fashion or drug-dealers latest ‘shout out to Versace’

Yes, there’s already a Narco-Museum that exhibits the drug-traffic paraphernalia that includes artifacts to sneaks drugs, re-enacting dummies of people that have served as body-dealers but here you’re looking at some of the most attractive stuff that has been confiscated:

GUNS BATHED IN GOLD with precious stones and diamonds for drug lords – they all have their initials or insignias from different cartels/families/gangs, even SAINTS carved on gold in them – or eagles, what the fuck not these people are artsy as hell – wonder who creates these delicacies for them?

Now they can dress and shoot to Kill with 14 k golden triggers.

Oh and don’t forget they also like to communicate in the same fashion

Dressed to KILL anyone?

Just because we accept and allow THIS to exist, we’re all responsible – we’ve all been in drugs, we’ve all desired to be rich, we’ve all wanted to have ‘gold’ and have power over others.

WE are definitely all responsible for this.


This is what Human Dreams create – is this Your Golden Heaven?


Further info available in other languages:

It’s not only about people that are dead, or gun traffic, or gold-made pistols and cellphones  – No, this is about WHO WE ARE

and what we have accepted and allowed.




Equal Money System NOW!


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