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Water: ¿Human Right or Asset?

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Equal Water for ALLThe ongoing debate upon this question comes from a single assessment:

Water as a Human Right is part of the Mexican Constitution as a guaranteed right that everyone should have access to – though there are people certainly not being benefitted with potable water service and some others have a low quality service.

Private investments are now trying to take over the governmental administration of water which would then convert water into an asset instead of being managed as part of the basic needs and services that every human being in this planet should have access to as a human right.

-The reason why the consideration of water as an asset is being discuss relies on the fact that people do not care or appreciate that which is readily given without having to pay for it – thus there is a great amount of waste and squandering in its consumption.

– -The ‘Waste’ Factor is now being used as a way to implement water fees that have already doubled up in the past year. Certainly, humans have proven to only react when one is forced to pay a considerable amount for it.

Water: Is it a Right or an Asset

– quoting from the manager of Mexico City’s Water System Ramón Aguirre:

“If it’s used for industries, it’s an asset – if it’s used at restaurants, it’s an asset, if it’s used for brushing your teeth, it’s a right – but if you leave the water tap open, it’s an asset’

Within this statement we can see and understand that humans can only appreciate that which they have to pay for

Some other congress men are claiming that water is necessary for human life and that it cannot be converted into an asset due to the pertinent question on ‘what will happen with those that can’t afford paying for it?’

Another angle within this problem is that Money is required to maintain the service that keeps it accessible for most. Hence the current attempts of private investment to become the managers of one of life’s most important resources.

— some others keep claiming: “

If you don’t pay for it, you don’t care about wasting it’

Which is the starting point of egotism and separation through the words not lived and a social conditioning of no one actually taking self responsibility to consider  how we can create Water into an All-Inclusive human right WHILE learning how to effectively look at our lessons to have threat

Thus, what do we require ?

An Equal Money System that implies Equal Rights for All to have access to basic services that are required for a dignified living. This entails water which has been wasted and squandered as there’s no actual education with regards to basic common sense required about the Earths resources, the animals and the breathing point that requires every human being drinking water no matter what.

-To understand that for us to be able to open our tap and get water, a long process as taken which we often take for granted.

The same can be applied to electricity, sewage systems, the dump, water systems – basically all aspects that enable life on Earth live in a more simple and efficient manner.

The point that’s being discussed is the fact that there is a lot of carelessness with regards to the use of water – there is no proper education on how to use it, when to use it as well as seeing that it is necessary to go placing every water-user into context of what is going on in the world to start creating a level of self awareness that can eventually lead to the consideration and the impact we have upon words, upon people which we then must guide by the principle of what’s best for all within the use of water for what’s required to be used for becoming aware of the chemicals we put into it, becoming aware of ways that we see we are depending solely on Money and realizing that such self support through money can be easily created – thus it is challenging to each one’s personal interests – which is yes in essence  ‘caring’ less until it  we as a collective finally Stand Up and realize that we all require same thus we support each other as one within our everyday actions..

Education is the KEY to start of creating a better world through our own actions and that implies a careful use of water and natural resources. This implies the ‘water problem’ is also part of this entire monopoly-growth type of advancement taken on by few individuals that create the laws of water and the distribution thereof to their own benefit – example is to see what has happened in telecom industries – all was intricately intertwined to function better.  Water is a Human Right and part of our responsibility is becoming aware of how to use it properly without wasting within the consideration at all times of people requiring Water to Live.

Join us to walk through the practical application and implementation of equality through and As the Equal Money System.

Equal Money for ALl – Common sense

Family Money Problems Cause Bullying

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The Bullying phenomena has been incorporated this past thursday within the list of Public Health Issues in México City.

The Secretary of Social Development in this city Martí Batres has asseverated that

“the only way to eradicate these attitudes in young people is through elevating the economic level of these families. “

He explains how a family with Less MONEY = creates more Tension within which then becomes ‘the basic point’ for them to take care of.

Bullying has been recently en boga here where several talk shows for women are giving ad-vices on how to take care of the child and “prevent bullying” – but none of them had actually approached the point from the perspective of how the entire Family-structure is the source and cause of this within kids that are either victims or perpetrators of ‘bullying’ due to economic-difficulties that get to affect the kid in such a way that they are either playing the ‘violent role’ or the ‘submissive role’ –all manifestations of a polarity wherein a general lack of stability coming from a family environment is existent. Within this we can even go further at looking within the relationships of the parents as a marriage and the internal preferences over one kid or the other that parents ‘tend’ to have and what they create/instigate and eventually imprint within the child’s mind which are, in essence, human relations problems that are often involving economical problems as well.

Consider how a man that doesn’t have a proper job= income gets home exerting their anger and frustration towards his family due to not being able to bring food to the table.

Particularly in México, domestic violence is often linked to a macho society due to ‘him’ being the one that works to ‘bring food on the table’ wherein the woman is then relegated to a second-flight as the care taker – yet these roles are slowly but surely changing in middle class families BUT it is still pretty much ruling over lower class families as ‘traditions’ and ‘cultural values’ are often based on a male-dominant society.

Thus Bullying must be approached from the perspective of how economical problems create mental/emotional instability within the entire family structure – beginning with the relationship parents have, the amount of money that is earned and the sufficiency of it as effective Life Support as this will become the foundation that will shape and affect the children.

Education as the consideration of Equality and what’s best for all remains a theoretical approach in a system and world where people are clearly Not being supported equally money-wise.

The kid then learns the ‘hard ways’ of coping with reality through exerting their anger – copying/coping mechanism from father/mother -and creating a certain stance through abusing others who are then the other side of the coin/polarity manifestation as being submissive and allowing themselves to be subdued by others that represent such ‘imposition’ and ‘dominance’ over others.

Bullying is nothing but a side-effect of Capitalism indeed – the same mechanism is existent within rich and poor people as the essence of  it can be translated as a form of abuse and control over others through money within the current set up of the economical system through prices, interests, high rates of inflation and a definitive deficit per capita in under-developed countries which is specifically planned by those that place themselves as the ‘Bullies’ of the system, the rich, the powerful and greedy fuckers that we’ve accepted and allowed to be and become in this world.

Hence, Bullying goes beyond  being a conflict between kids in school-years, but it’s an actual revelation of what we’ve accepted and allowed AS ourselves through our economical system which is then creating these type of outflows within children at an early age.

The question and/or point to ponder is

What are these kids going to become at a later stage?

There is this inherent hostility within the system that kids go adhering and ‘adapting’ to in means of survival, this can only generate more violence, hostility, fear, paranoia and hatred between one another


Thus, I agree that Money is a key factor within this problem yet a lot of Self-Education must be generated to understand apparent ‘isolated problems’ within the context of the whole as the reflection of our own ‘inner workings’ in our mind – power play, wanting to be ‘on top’, exerting violence/abuse towards others to obtain a certain place, to be ‘the winner’

these are points propagated as  ‘values’ that kids ‘must learn in order to ‘defend themselves’= survival of the ‘fittest/strongest’ type of evolutionary bullshit. I heard this many times when hearing parents talking to their male-children according to ‘defending themselves’ from other kids.

We know what we’ve done, we’re seeing the consequences- Now it’s time to walk through the manifested consequences to finally STOP for once and for all.

We Must first lay the base foundation to solve this and all other problems that are usually an outflow of there not being ‘enough money’ to Support All Beings Equally – thus inevitably creating such points of abuse in kids that are the spawn of this savage system creation of Inequality.

Support the Equal Money System

Support Yourself in understanding

how Money affects your every day

living action as ‘who you are’ within

this world.

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Millionaire’s Passion Crime Exposed

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The insanity within human beings’ lives driven by Money is not only limited to those that are poor or starving – it is also a matter of crimes that have actually been ‘protected’ by our retarded laws as ‘temporary insanity’ due to people being emotionally driven -defined as ‘sudden rage’ or ‘heartbreak’ – that ‘leads the perpetrator’ to murder their lover while under the influences of such short-lived angst – notice how the passive voice makes the perpetrator a victim of his/her own emotions rather than an actual directive point of them

This then is usually the result of infidelity caused by either part of the marriage/relationship YET sometimes there’s some other juice at play and yes,  that is: $ Money.


Here’s the story:

Landry, an American engineer who made a fortune in the oil and gas industries, was convicted of murdering his British wife Lucy, 38, after she had started an affair with an old friend she met on Facebook.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the true horror of the fatal assault – which took place in the kitchen, first floor landing and hall before Landry finally hunted her down as she fled for help to their next-door neighbour’s house and stabbed her 23 times in the garden.

Even as she collapsed with the kitchen knife embedded in her side, Landry calmly walked away, emptied his safe of money and drove to his girlfriend’s house, dropping off large amounts of cash and three banker’s drafts worth £10,000 each.

The pair married in 2002 and moved to a luxury three-story house on the private Besford Court Estate near Pershore, Worcs, and appeared to have a happy marriage.

But the 24-year age difference and Landry’s controlling nature left his wife increasingly lonely and disillusioned.

The pair were heavy drinkers and neighbours reported hearing aggressive, alcohol-fuelled rows as their relationship descended into bitterness and recrimination.

By mid-2009, she had begun an affair with Gareth Jenkins, an old school friend she got back in touch with on Facebook.

She asked for a divorce and demanded that Landry, who was suffering with prostate cancer, pay £6,000 for a new flat for her and Mr Jenkins to move into.

In days before her death, the pair rowed constantly over money; she seeing him mean and unreasonable, him refusing to bow to her financial demands and balking at her aggressive and volatile behaviour.

And the rest is history

Now, this is only a glimpse to see how Money also drives to further insanity when having TOO MUCH of it – this is simply another pole of the coin that we’ve created wherein a person that is considered rich is actually equally controlled by their money, their relationships are based upon money, their entire demon possession comes from finding out the truth about people only being with them because of MONEY and thus being unfaithful to them.

This is what happened to Mr. Landry. Fake faces of happiness hide extensive repression of actual shit going on when there are more problems involved in a relationship other than ‘compatibility’ but financial interests are at play.

See how Alcohol is also involved as a catalyst for demon possession as rage, anger and conflict rises up in the head leading to gory scenes lead by ‘passion’ and apparent ‘love’ – yet another love story that ends up in murder.


This is such a common thing and more and more the world will go having more types of cases like this wherein Power and Greed gets up in the head destroying a man’s life and their entire bubble created to bought-relationships and self-inflated ideas of who they are which will inevitable fall to reveal the deceptive nature the were founded upon from its inception.

And That’s how the cookie crumbles.


Money bounds the rich and the poor under the same self-created shit through different picture-creations yet in essence, equally bound and enslaved by it.


Within an Equal Money System this type of situations motivated by greed, power as Money will Not exist as there won’t be such type of people making money like kings of the world out of Earth’s resources that must be equally available to all such as Oil in this man’s case.

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