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305. Price System in Equal Money Capitalism

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Prices will be a numeric value of the perfect equation that embodies the  equal-remuneration  to all involved in the creation of a means to make life possible in our social organism.


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For context on redefining capitalism, read: Day 180: The Word ‘Capitalism’ in ‘Equal Money Capitalism Redefined





Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of capital goods and the means of production, and the creation of goods and services for profit.[1][2] Elements central to capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.[3]




Price System

  You can buy anything with a price, the big mistake was putting a price upon life – now we’re all paying the consequences. (pain-in we all are.)




  • Pricing is the mechanism that sustains the fallacy of a system that revolves around makeshift values that generate and equally speculative concept such as ‘debt’ that everyone uses in order to buy or sell means and products, which is our living resources and work force turned into merchandise. This implies that the price we pay for things doesn’t go in an integral way toward the suppliers, but they pay their own debts as well, this means that the money always goes back to the place where it came from: the banking system/ owners of money, it is thus a usurious system and price the quantity representing a relationship of separation in itself.

  •  Elitist Tool: Not every single person has access to buy that which they require to live. By fixing prices an entire being’s life is defined according to what he/she can afford, and by setting a price system, the distribution of goods and services are settled, aiming at certain markets that also determine everyone’s lifestyle: you buy cheap products because your income is low, and you buy luxury items/expensive products because you’ve got more than enough money. We have accepted this as ‘how things are,’ accepting such limitation in a normal manner equal to realizing ‘the sky is blue’ and never questioning about it.

  • Prices determine the quality of products: if you buy cheap products, the chances are that you will be using/consuming a product that is the spawn of planned obsolescence and built/ elaborated/manufactured using slave labor, which means that t might seem like you got a ‘great deal,’ but never really trace back the process to realize how such product came to be so cheap when compared to others, and bargains always contain a higher level of exploitation, not that t is not existent in ‘expensive items,’ but mass production means mass-workers to be able to handle the demand.
    • On the other hand, people believe that paying more for something means paying for quality, while this has been mostly also abused in order to generate the most profit, since there is no real consideration left when it comes to making the most money.

  • Scarcity: this is a great tool used to elevate prices and justify it with the belief that there is not enough to cover the demand. However there have been many examples of how this so-called scarcity is deliberately created to earn the most profit. Sometimes people buy an entire production of let’s say cacao to produce chocolate, they stack it/ hold t/keep it out of the market and create the belief that there is not enough, and as such, the chocolate industry suddenly has no more cacao for its production. Cacao becomes a scarce resource, this then forces the production costs to be elevated and then reflect such speculation on the pricing of chocolate. Now, chocolate is a fancy example, however when this happens with prime-products of first necessity, such as wheat or corn, you get hunger, and that is really a big problem since such scarcity is another ‘rule of the game,’ to speculate even further.  There are various other ways or environmental conditions that may cause this problem, however this is just an example.

  • Abundance is for those that can afford it, obviously. Prices don’t matter if you’ve got a lot of money, prices become a bitter number to look at when one can barely make it through the day and each cent counts. This disparity implies that our minimum wages are not in correspondence to cover the basic needs on a daily basis everywhere in the world, on the contrary, we all know that it is impossible to live with 2 dollars a day, yet we’ve kept billions of human beings living with that amount of money, not being able to afford anything to live properly, many opting  to then do slave labor, sex services, selling organs, buying drugs to mitigate hunger and the list goes on, Poverty is thus a direct result of this Pricing system that decides who can Afford life and who Can’t 
  • Price convenience comes at the expense of diminishing fair pay for others, this is as the name says convenient for the buyer but a crime against fair pay for the laborer that sees no diminishment in their working hours.

  • Price is set up by ‘market forces’ in global financial systems that fluctuate and vary according to an unsettled behavior that maintains everyone within a constant level of uncertainty about the cost of things based on these speculative forces that obviously, only benefit a few that make the rules in the first place.

Inflation is the general increase in prices on a nationwide scale — and can only be caused by an agency that has the power to act on a national scale.

That agency is the government. Inflation is the increase in prices caused by the government ‘inflating’ the money supply with fiat dollars.


Doesn’t capitalism cause the inflation of prices?

No. Under Capitalism, the prices of particular goods can “fluctuate” over time, but the general price level of most goods decrease over time due to capitalism’s limitless progress.


  • Price inflation without Wage inflation as the source of polarization. Prices then become the most basic way to restrict/ limit the ability to buy what is required by the majority to live.




  • The prices we will pay will actually embody a sound distribution of money  for people’s work and taxes in order to maintain the system with political intervention as the necessary regulation to monitor proper functionality and stop any form of speculation or fluctuation without cause. This means that the final price will be the amount that will be equally remunerated to people as their wage, which is what Equal Profit Share implies.

  • Since there is no actual ownership of the resources, the pricing system will not imply ‘paying for the resources,’ but simply for the work that will imply paying for the people that will take care of maintaining or restoring the balance and sustainability necessary within a certain environmental location from where the raw materials are taken. This implies that the price will not reflect paying for any point of assumed ownership upon the Earth’s resources, but instead t will go directly to support people doing the actual work.

  • Pricing system will hold the mathematical equations of equal support to all bodies participating in a certain organism.  This means that a number won’t subsume the Value of Life, but instead it means the Value of the work that enables a fair use, transformation and consumption of the necessary resources to live. Markets will reflect then the stability of such equal distribution of profit/support/gain to all bodies equally.

  • Prices entail Equal-Share which means that we can all have the certainty that the amount that we are paying for our goods and services is the necessary to equally support everyone involved in the extraction/ production/ manufacturing/ engineering/ distribution processes, along with any other administrative and corporate activity that will be implied as part of the social responsibility endowed to everyone involved in production and industry sectors.
Supply and Demand

Pricing will not resemble a free market paradigm, so the interaction between supply and demand as it exists now will not determine anything.

Supply will be according to your demand, that means your demand will not be based on price, your demand will be based on supplying yourself with a lifestyle that is worth living – so the demand will change.
Because the demand will no longer be controlled by price, it will now more be controlled by the fact that you want to live an excellent lifestyle, that you want to change products – it is going to change what goods and services will be available.
You’re not going to buy ‘inferior products’ that you buy because it’s cheap and made in China – but it’s not what you would have bought if you had more money.

Day 173: Supply, Demand, Business and Scarcity in Equal Money Capitalism



Scarcity and Pricing
There’s not going to be pricing control in terms of scarce resources, things are going to be available or they are not. It is controlled by its availability. If certain resources become unavailable, which is going to affect the products that are going to be available – then we will just have to take that into consideration. So for instance, if there is not enough fish in the sea, we will simply have to withhold from catching fish — the supply / option of fish disappears off the menu until the fish supply is re-established.


  • A Price will no longer be a number to be feared,  but a compensation number that will signify the value in return for one’s work or contribution/ creation. Price will contain enough to pay everyone an equal fair share which will create a sustainable satisfied and prosperous living condition, since people will be doing what they want to contribute with, while being equally supported as an equal participant.



  • Equal support leads to understanding how we can only thrive as a team and in consideration of mutual support, which strengthens our relationships at a community level.

  • No more will a price feel like we’re ‘Selling out’ but will instead be an expression of the work invested upon such goods/ services and its integral reimbursement to everyone that helped within the production/ distribution/engineering process.

  • Giving and receiving will be regulated by the price in itself, this will ensure that compensation, gratitude and remuneration is recognized and acknowledged by everyone as a collective agreement upon which our system will be based on: Constitutional Equality.


  • A guaranteed ability to buy means no more fearing scarcity, uncertainty, loss, poverty and misery – the power of acquisition will be giving and received as an organic mechanism based on giving and receiving in Equality.

  • No more stuff that breaks, all products made with the best quality

  • No more competition to ‘make the most money’ since all corporations will stop competing against each other – equal profit equals equal life support.


For further reference, read  the Equal Money Wiki


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300. Redefining Accumulation of Capital in Equal Money Capitalism

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“I commit myself to the establishment of a new Value System, as the Equal Money Capitalistic System, where we value Life over wants and desires and self-interest — and thus create a world of co-operation where all work together towards One interest as What’s Best for All Life, where all can in fact have enough and where no-one has to suffer because some decided they want more than what they need just because "they can" -  Day 45: Homo Economicus & The Invisible Hand – Part 3

Redefining Capitalism:

We’re going word by word in a very basic definition of Capitalism to redefine it, explore it and see what each word means and how we are able to re-direct every aspect of this collective agreement into a Best for All system.

Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of capital goods and the means of production, and the creation of goods and services for profit.[1][2] Elements central to capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.[3]



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For context on redefining capitalism, read: Day 180: The Word ‘Capitalism’ in ‘Equal Money Capitalism Redefined

Capital Accumulation

Before we list out the problems, please read the previous blogs where these aspects have been opened up further to understand to what level accumulation is in itself ingrained at a psychological level that we haven’t ‘sorted out’ yet and that must be walked as an individual process to remove the conditions that have enabled fear, the desire for security, protection and accumulation as a ‘safe net’ which indicates that we have been living as fearful beings with no sense of self-direction, because it is now quite clear we can all contribute to stop that which we have identified as nerve-wracking, stress producing and anxiety causing aspects in our reality that can be traced back to Lacking Money and fearing for survival. Capital Accumulation is definitely something that you won’t find addressed in





  • Due to fear of survival we learned how to hoard/ accumulate money/resources/property for our own safety, which is against natural laws of physics wherein the relationship toward our environment is determined by our ability to exist within an equal relationship of constant flow, in and out and throughout,  just like breathing and blood flowing through our veins – instead, we’ve denied the basic sustenance to large sections of our own body, causing the massive disruption at a social and ecological level, which is what is currently driven by a compulsive desire to ‘grow the economy’ at the expense of anything and anyone.


  • Fear of scarcity, anxiety, driving oneself to excel/compete to get the most of the cake, which leads us to act by impulse and energetic drive rather than a common sensical behavior that leads to common weal.  This has obviously been an outflow of the previous point which has not been a ‘natural thing’ to man but a preprogrammed aspect of the intrinsic separation that we’ve created within and as ourselves toward each other, failing to see and recognize our equality – hence losing perspective of how we began competing against each other, missing out the realization that such aggressive competitiveness and rivalry to ‘get the most’ has been against ourselves. Also read: 115. Following our Dreams is Plain Delusional

  • Cultural value given to a luxurious life linked with happiness and fulfillment – this can be also linked with traits like freedom and liberty that were implanted during the 20th century in America by Edward Bernays whom we have quoted in this blog before with regards to his PR self created profession that is nothing else but propaganda to tame people’s irrational desires and link them to a means that can maintain a system of polarization kept by emotions of hope, faith and belief that somehow everyone could aspire to become ‘the greatest’ which means having the most money in the world and being fulfilled/ happy about it.  Also Read: 217. You Fear Communism? Why would That Be?

  • Greed is promoted as a ‘natural trait of seeking success’ and success is not seeing as the willingness to abuse another to make your own heaven on Earth, but instead it is considered as a clever move that is part of our regular indoctrination at home and school, which already reveals to what extent we have ingrained and accepted these beliefs and call it Education.

  • The more wealthy I am, the most value to mate: yes, considering that our drive is mostly sexual and/or for money, the linkage of a successful person with being sexually attractive and getting the ‘best display’ linked to showing/demonstrating one has a lot of power of acquisition/money/dominance, has become the most common drive nowadays that we call ‘social status’ which means props for seeking out partners and pursuing happiness, which is sponsored by a constant impulse by the media, ads and our general presentation around others, which is mostly motivated by these two factors: sex and money and both are linked to accumulation of wealth.

  • Self Aggrandizement:   even if this ties in with term ‘sex appeal’ described above, this also relates to a general status wherein family lineages endorse the same mentality onto children to perpetuate power and maintain a certain reputation at a social and political level – all based on maintaining/sustaining the same amount of dominance, power and control. Others simply seek a general approval to ‘be someone’ because we are taught that we are ‘no one’ unless you earn a good amount of money, enough to trump everyone else, making you a winner.

  • Excessive Consumerism leads to frivolity, vanity and self destructive behavior wherein ‘the self’ is exalted to a psychological entity deprived from any physical sense of living in a physical world along with  7 other billion people and an uncountable amount of animals, plants, insects and every single particle that is also here as life, most of whom are disregarded, abused, used and turned into a commodity for further support to the lives of a few that can afford a wealthy lifestyle.


  • The Soul of Money explains our current economic behavior as a disease to the body of existence that begins at a mind level and its relationship to the physical, this is the key to understanding why we have been so savage and inconsiderate to each other and why it is our duty to take responsibility to return our beingness to an equilibrium, because we have all collectively accepted and allowed this condition to exist.


  • Equal profit – this will go within the consideration to place a limit to the ability to produce and consider the actual ecosystem that is being turned into a commodity. This measure is a communal decision to grant to each other equal amount of wealth,which will relief the levels of competition, spite and deception that exist when some are well known for earning more than others. This also includes eliminating economic rents which are monies coming from the capitalization of wealth in itself due to the acceptance of ownership/private property, which will not exit as such.

  • The Equalization of Classes – This doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same living conditions or be ‘the same,’ no, this means equal recognition of each others needs and desires and make them equally available/ given support.  This is of course not against the wealthy people , nor  turning the tables to give ‘more’ to  the current have not’s, it is about giving to each other in equality that which will construct slowly but surely and throughout a transitional process,  a level of equality which will signify the end of the endless struggle of the classes that has served as spiteful motives to implement one-viewed ‘justice’ ideals. Equality means All are inclusive and non-opponent.


  • Don’t need it, don’t buy it: much of what we consume is done for several psychological fulfillments and fears other than an actual use and necessity toward it. I have many times bought more than what I required based on this principle of scarcity, sometimes I don’t end up using it. So if I bought it already then it means it is my duty to now pass it on to another that will use it or give it to someone else that does use it. This will create a new  culture of recycling and giving without expecting something in return to those that will in fact use it.


  • Diverting one’s focus to communal well being within the understanding of the basic maintenance to generate our own physical well being and mental stability, which is a definition of happiness.  This will come from the understanding that feeding our obsessions leads to disease, self destructive and self consuming behaviors are individual problems that will still require support at a psychological level to learn how to correct one’s patterns, behavior and acknowledge individual responsibility toward other beings, such as children’s education/ parental support.

  • The identification of the self not as an individual only, but as the whole body of existence and all its parts as who we are. This requires a self-honesty process in order to then learn how to always act in this consideration: being every single being in existence to develop a genuine care and consideration toward the whole as ourselves, as equal and one.



  • Eliminating spite, comparison, judgments, a general suspicion about one another fearing one’s neighbor/ family/ partners – this will enable genuine links with one another once that everyone is distributing wealth in an equitable manner.

  • Self-Honesty, Sincerity and Transparency are virtues that are almost impossible to keep in a world like today. This is why with the establishment of the Equal Money Capitalistic System, we can finally live these virtues and principles without having to jeopardize our own survival, because money will be a representation and a corrective tool for our cleared/ self-forgiven relationships of abuse.

  • Learning to genuinely ‘feel good’ at a physical level, which won’t be something bought with products or diversion, but rather a realization that we are giving and receiving in equality to support each other.

  • Secured future, secured living means actual Freedom: never again hoarding or accumulating because we will be able to rely on each other supporting each other’s well being, that’s what we all want and still wonder why we haven’t done this just yet!

  • Mutual trust and interdependency – this is the key to a functional and healthy society which is then representing the physical distribution of wealth generating a natural realization of all parts as all bodies of existence requiring equal support to generate an undeniable equal well being, that’s our dream come true essentially.

  • Rediscovering the ability to create and imagine as a projection of all that we can actually build/ construct/ realize  when working together – this is certainly not a positive thinking pipe dream, this is a certainty that comes when we understand the capacity we hold to direct our physical force as a drive to create and maintain common good. Self Expression will at last, be born from this physical understanding of self-support.

  • As we do unto others, so we do unto ourselves: this is the basic principle of Equality that is the foundation of Equal Money in its maximum expression, this is the kind of human virtue we can all finally cultivate once that our lives don’t depend on cheating and deceiving each other, self honesty at last: Accumulating what is Best for All.



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How to Support/ Promote the Equal Money System?

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Bastian wrote:I am questioning the approach, if it wouldn’t be smarter, to create petitions, get into contact with those in power and convince them, start small projects to demonstrate the power of an equal money system, convince them, think of ever new ways to get into contact with those, who actually can ‘implement’ such a system today and how to get their awareness, start campaigns on the street, thinking of ever easier ways to demonstrate the power and importance to change the root cause and problem of our current system.

‘Children of the world’ need an ‘equal opportunity’ to unfold their full potential.
And this CAN be done!
What is required is our VOTE for a basic income to meet their basic needs.
We live in one social-economical-system and every one of us is dependent on the ‘money’ we use every day for trading our ‘goods and services’ and without the ‘integration of the children’ of this world into our ‘trading system’ they get no chance to contribute to our world.
It’s our choice, our power, our VOTE, our demand!

In practical terms I see, that the ‘current power structures’ in the world, who make the ‘laws for money distribution’ are the ‘political institutions’ and that the most immediate ‘global change’ >COULD< come (I don’t believe it at all) from those individuals currently in power situations, where they are ‘suggesting’ and ‘voting’ on ‘new laws for the money distribution’ and ‘the way money is used today.

This can be to a certain extent so, for example when looking at solutions like the Basic Income Grant, we can see that there are political parties that are supporting it already – however as we know, it is only a temporary solution/ plan to support everyone to at least have the basics to live. Though as long as there exists Money as power in the way of laws/ regulations that are supposed to care for all in Equality, we will continue living within the same old system of voting for an apparent ‘change’ in how that money can be distributed.

If the entire monetary system is not reformed from its starting point and how it currently exists, it will most likely be futile trying to/ attempting to create a change without considering that the solution must be created from scratch as an entire new system where money is no longer based on debt, but only becomes an accounting tool to ensure all is Equally supported.

Hence the change will have to come from us supporting and endorsing the Equal Money System  as the way to create an entire new way of living/ coexisting in this world, with money no longer being a point of control and power, but simple management to distribute the necessary goods/ services to all beings in this world.

What I see is, that we need two things, one is the awareness of the public, by making the importance clear and the change attractive for more supporters.

See, the starting point of the Equal Money System is implementing a Living Principle which is Life in Equality, this is essentially how it ‘should have been’ since the beginning.  Hence we don’t have to convince anyone of ‘why’ Equality is what’s Best for All, because that is part of each one’s process of Self Realization in relation to becoming Aware of how we are existing in this world, how by simply existing HERE we are equally responsible in this world which makes us the key to create a transformation in the system if we see that it is not working for all in equal terms. You will notice that, as this current system collapses, more people will start looking for options in relation to an alternative system, a new system that could cover people’s basic needs – that’s how we have now points like the Basic Income Grant which we support as it creates a basic awareness on the requirement to support each other as Equals.

The second thing is an ‘accurate, consistent, meticulous worked out implementation plan, which in turn will be the strongest real change,

That plan is not yet ‘here’ because we cannot scheme such points with precision while we are still walking our own individual processes of learning How to live as Equals, how to live As the principle of Equality, which implies understanding and practically applying the tools to live in Self Honesty which is the inevitable necessary step before we start considering on creating such plans that will be created in the appropriate moment in time.

Understand the following: this is a process that has never been walked here on Earth, we are not a corporation trying to sell an ‘efficient plan’ that is sellable and attractive to people that are still only considering what is ‘best for them’ in a system where life has been monetized instead of regarded as Equal in all ways. The ‘strongest real change’ will be each individual standing as the principle of Life in Equality here, as such individuals will then understand what is required to be done in order to implement this system and support others to do the same through an educational process, which anyone has access to currently as the platform of Self Support that Desteni is.

for then it really raises the most important question of all and that is how exactly do we achieve the highest effect in the smallest amount of time and how do we practically implement the equal money system. At the moment we are a couple of hundred people following a great idea of what is best for all,

That is capitalist thinking right there in italics, which is linked to how time = money in a system that runs/ is motivated by profit making. See how it is within that  type of logic and thinking that we’ve accepted as ‘how things must be’ that we have to get back to common sense and debunk our own accepted and allowed ways of ‘how the system works’ and how one seek to get it all ‘done’ right away, just as we are now currently paying for products and consuming them without having an idea or consideration of all the processes behind its production.

This is for example, beginning with the extraction of the necessary prime matter to produce them: who labors in that, how are they paid, how are the corporations then making use of such resources, who’s earning what, what is the rate of abuse and human violations in such activity? What does the price that I’m paying actually covering and who gets the most within such transaction? Within tracing one single chocolate bar  through this processes until the moment when you finally pay for it, you would probably think twice in terms of how our desire for ‘efficient systems’ are currently based mostly on our negligence as humanity that accepts and allows exploitation and abuse as a form of ‘labor for the poor,’ just because of being quite comfortable with only ‘paying the price’ without being involved/ getting our hands dirty in looking at the actual processes behind the production of products and services that we use and sometimes only ‘indulge into’ without it being an actual basic need.

When we start seeing how this world system works, we become aware of how the solution must be applied/ lived first within ourselves to understand our point of responsibility in how the world is currently functioning/ existing as.

but if we get older and can’t convince anyone of these ideals, they will drop, for an idea is only as strong as the number of people demanding it.
Another thing is, that there are many groups out there trying their utmost to demand change. But they are to far away from the current people in power, who could ‘suggest’ and ‘vote’ and ‘implement’ an equal money system today. Put it in place actually today!

An idea will remain only an idea if no one lives it. We are a group of people beginning to live an Equal Money System within ourselves wherein we are practically walking and sharing a process of seeing where and how we have participated in the current separation and polarization that we’ve created as this world, as the entire monetary system wherein we have created such perceptual values in separation of what is Here as the physical reality that is literally ‘priceless.’

We as human beings have been the ones that have created an entire monetary system based on one’s own desires to be ‘powerful’ and ‘having it all,’ which has translated to the entire way that all relationships function in the system – whether economical, socially and politically speaking including our very own personal-relationships wherein we seek to get that ultimate fulfillment and desire accomplished for us to attain some form of ‘happiness’ and ‘well being’ without considering all the points that make such ‘dreams/ ideals’ possible.

Within having these objectives and ‘desires’ existent in each individual, we’ve created a system wherein everyone is competing to ‘make it/ get it’ and in that, forgetting about anything that has to do with others and supporting others as equals. This is how we are living in a dog eat dog world wherein there are those that win and those that lose, those that ‘survive’ according to how well they are able to follow the rules and get the best skills in manipulating and deceiving to ‘get the most of the cake,’ and those that decide not to play the game and live as renegades of the system without having proper ways to support themselves. Both points are equally supporting a system of Inequality – we are all here and responsible for sustaining and supporting a system of abuse through the very existence of Money as it does in this world.

Hence you can look at how we have to first focus on ourselves, on debunking our starting point of doing/ living in this world and bringing that starting point and motivation to create what’s Best for All. As long as we still seek an idea of success or fulfillment based on one’s own individual preferences and desires within life and what we could consider as ‘fulfilling,’ we’ll remain looping around a system based and designed to only provide such fulfillment at the expense of others that are abused and used in the process that allows only a very few in this world to have a standard living of wealth and ‘prosperity.’

We can’t look at convincing ‘those in power’ as they are well ingrained and also surviving from keeping their job that supports the current system that is in place. The solution must come from the realization that we have accepted and allowed the current system to exist the way it does, we are thus responsible for creating one that is best fro all.

We understand that the Equal Money System won’t be placed and voted for overnight, this is a process and everyone that understands the imperative necessity for us to begin this process at an individual level, begins with themselves because there is no way that we can implement and advocate a solution without us having that point of Equalization as Ourselves.

We would all want it to ‘get it done’ as soon as possible, but because it is a process and it must be walked as and within each individual as certain group, it takes time to create and establish a solid foundation of participants. Hence we will take the necessary time and that will mostly imply at least a decade to get the basics  in place. Thus, what I suggest is for you to realize that we obviously would want all the atrocities in this world to be stopped right away, however we understand that all that we are currently facing is part of our manifested consequences accumulated through all the time that we disregarded the fact that: what is Here is ourselves and should be given equal access to within a political/ social and economical system = an all encompassing system based in one single principle: Life in Equality.

I am questioning the approach, if it wouldn’t be smarter, to create petitions, get into contact with those in power and convince them, start small projects to demonstrate the power of an equal money system, convince them, think of ever new ways to get into contact with those, who actually can ‘implement’ such a system today and how to get their awareness, start campaigns on the street, thinking of ever easier ways to demonstrate the power and importance to change the root cause and problem of our current system.

You can take that point for/as yourself and become an individual that supports the Equal Money System, you’re able to record yourself, write blogs and share them in the internet. Nowadays, we’re seeing how such public protests have no effect whatsoever to create a ‘change’ in the system. Once again, it’s not about ‘convincing’ someone but presenting common sense and sharing how it is able to be lived in congruence to one’s individual life, as those are the points that can be the proof/ example of how within living as and by a principle of Life in Equality, we are able to create a substantial difference in how we live/ interact with others which then will inevitably create a window of opportunity for others to see that they are also able to do it.

The more people are able to become aware of there being a solution in this world based on Life in Equality, the faster we’ll move and that’s why we do what we do as Desteni/ Equal Money System through social media and everywhere else we can in as well to develop a presence in each one’s reality.

Thus YOU become that point that speaks up, you don’t require large groups = we move through the Internet where you join an already existent and established network that promotes Life in Equality at all levels.

With regards to your writing,

But we need to reach those in power or create power ourselves and what I see as most important of all things is the transparent truly practical realistic comprehensible ‘implementation plan of the equal money system’ which would speak for itself.

This point I suggest discarding as it is implying that ‘those in power’ have to create a ‘change’ and it is not so, the Equal Money System is a set of individuals that will be and create the necessary transformations in the system through political means = this is not coming from your current political parties/ politicians. See how the description is not accurate in terms of people being highly influenced by knowledge to not understand what ‘Equality’ implies – hence the most basic common sense would have to be included in any form of Equal Money System propaganda as this is an educational process as well.

Basically my question is, how are we going to establish and integrate this administration? How will we move from our current power and rule structures, which are followed by nearly 7,000,000,000 people to this administration which has to be trusted by all these people?

Please read the latest update on Implementation of a global Equal Money System at the wiki and all its components on this subject.

Thanks Bastian if you are willing to contribute, I’ve already explained how you can start today with vlogging/ blogging and becoming a practivist within the Equal Money System, which implies that You live by and apply the Equality principle as yourself in your reality. There is no other way that we can get to ‘grasp’ what Equal Money means if we don’t begin with looking at how it is required for each one of us to ‘Equalize’ ourselves as everything and everyone that is HERE.
For this Desteni is the necessary step as the source of Education and Tools to support ourselves to live as Equal beings in this World.

2012: World Transformation – The How-To


Taken from the topic

Transparent Meticulously Worked Out Implementation Plan

at the Equal Money System Forum where we can discuss practical ways to support the Equal Money System.

First of all:

Get Educated!

And share your feedback/ insight and support at the various Facebook groups and communities supporting the Equal Money System.

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Equal Money System entry in the Destonian Wiki

Equal Money System - How to stop abuse

source: Exposing The Truth

World’s best Education is based on Equality

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Finland has become well known for having an overall ‘high standard living’ compared to the rest of the world. In an Equal Money System, ‘high standard living’ will simply become Equal Life For All. By this we mean that every being will be born into a world wherein all support is given as a birth-right, regardless of any of the current perceived differences such as nation, race, family background, national economy or any other points that are creating/ enhancing the current social inequality in this world.

Finland’s example proves that a society that is regarding equality over competition thrives because the basic principles are understood: Equality empowers people = empowers a Nation, they understand that a nation’s backbone begins within the Educational System. When you have a system that inherently requires social inequality to keep its hierarchical structure in place – regardless of how this should go against all “constitutions”- an often large sector of the population is deliberately left behind, unable to afford quality-education; this means that what should be a birth-right is currently only possible to a selected few, leaving the rest having no option but to remain uneducated  while only working to be able to survive in this world.

It is almost impossible to create a point of Equality in an Educational system that is based on profit, competition and general profiling to maintain different sectors/ classes in society with a limited amount of opportunities to upgrade their position in society. Finland’s example remains just as that, a nation’s implementation that will still place them above the rest of the world which is how nations/ economic blocks are able to then use such superior position to their advantage. Equality is then missed even within their internal consideration of equal-quality education, because they are leaving the rest of the world out of their equation.

Let’s look at the rest of the world.

Kids are born into certain families, certain countries wherein their choices will be defined/ limited by the inherent amount of money they are benefitted by. This is unacceptable, it is obstructing a being’s ability to live because of being born into a pre-configured world wherein not everyone is able to ‘afford’ quality-living which includes quality-education. Imagine yourself being born in a third world country where you get to know of all the benefits and thriving positions other kids around the world have, while your ‘choices’ for education are non existent, where education could even be something reserved for only a few that doesn’t include ‘you.’ This is still exiting in this world and it becomes quite obvious that we cannot continue accepting social disparity and polarization in the name of  money/ profit/ greed with the nice tag of a nation’s economical standard in the world.

Education must Stop being a Product!

It’s been placed on the table how the existence of ‘private schools’ and ‘public schools’ creates a rift, a point of separation and discrimination that everyone becomes aware as soon as there is an understanding that higher costs = higher quality education. In America as well as in South America, private schools = good quality education, whereas public school means poor quality education – with their handful counted exceptions. Why have we accepted such differences as ‘usual’ and ‘normal’ if they are only based on money? Why would only a few get to be educated to become leaders while a vast majority is kept at a lower level so that they cannot possibly progress to obtain such ‘leadership positions,’ while being deliberately relegated and  bound to a single limited outcome throughout their entire lives: poverty, slavery, many of them not even knowing what ‘going to school’ is like.   This is certainly a crime against humanity, it is unacceptable.

Isn’t it an actual abuse toward ourselves as humanity whenever we deny each other the ability to have proper quality education, just because of the hidden-mechanisms (money) that  define our access to it? We’ve made of education another product that is sold according to people’s budget wherein the result is poor people having poor quality education, while rich people/ people with enough money can have access to better education. Elitism is formed this way which is the source of general social discontent due to the obvious separation it creates, not only at an educational level, but in all aspects wherein the rest of your life will be defined/ determined according to the schools that you attended to. Such discrimination is not an option, it’s a reality according to how we’ve set up this current system based on profit where Education is also part of the game.

One of the greatest problems at the moment is teachers not being paid sufficient amount of money, which is forcing many to quit their jobs – even if they genuinely enjoy them – and getting a more profitable one – often becoming entrepreneurs – because they’re not able to keep up with their bills. This is a single sign of decay within the educational system and all because of lacking proper incentives for teachers to continue their labor.  The same point applies for students the other way around – higher tuition fees are the cause of perpetual student-loans that end up being an endless debt at the end of your career without having any possibility to pay the money back, because there are no jobs available. No more endless debts because of Education.

Today we got to know that America is now around place #23 in educational ranks around the world – is this another sign that competition and a profit driven education is no longer working in this world?

Even the so-called quality-education in ‘prestigious private schools’ is still only focused on preparing children/ people to survive in a profit driven world.

In an Equal Money System there will be no need for such incentives, rewards or demands on higher wages and lower tuition fees because the entire system will have a set standard living that will be best for all in equality. This means that all will be equally empowered to the benefit of themselves and the entire world. Right now because of us existing in separation in the form of nations, cultures and  economic blocks,  it seems like the current order is ‘unchangeable,’  but it is actually a matter of understanding that if we want to prevail as humanity on this world, we all have to consider implementing Equality as the basic principle in our educational systems. What does competition brew? Further fight for survival wherein no one learns how to collaborate with each other for a single outcome that benefits everyone involved.

‘Divide and conquer’ has been part of the current system. Hence the key for this is getting money/profit/ survival out of the equation and considering the actual opportunity we have at hand to create a system that works in equality for all, where money becomes a single accountability tool for what we will already know is our responsibility.

Education is the indispensable first step each individual takes on to understand why Equality must be lived/ understood as a living principle to create Social Equality at all levels in our reality. We begin with ourselves by understanding how we have created ourselves in consideration of all aspects that we participate in our day to day living. Each individual’s life is taken through a process of self correction to learn how to live as Equals and eventually become part of the support to assist and support others to do the same – that’s the Equality point in application until everyone is ‘on the same page’ so to speak.

For this, we all require to educate ourselves first and the current educational systems are still flawed and immersed within the capitalist system, still having money as the ‘driving force’ behind it from any angle you can see it. Therefore, a never before seen process of education at an individual level must be taken into consideration before continuing trying to implement solutions without looking at the basic principles that must be considered as a premise to the creation of an Equality System. We are already doing this at Desteni and the Desteni I Process which are the ways in which us human beings can correct ourselves to be genuinely caring for  ourselves, this world and everyone in it as Equals. Concepts like Self Responsibility, Self Honesty, Self Correction become the key points to live by as a process of re-educating ourselves to consider the current problems we are facing in our reality and see the common sensical solutions that can be implemented once money stops being a limitation for it.  We can only conduct a change from the root by beginning with ourselves.

Equality Education- Quality living in an Equal Money System

Education is a pivotal point in the Equal Money System and is already part of our political agenda being walked by several beings – including myself – that are already proof that it is possible to change the current ‘human nature’ that has created this current system of social hostility and economical disparity. Thus, the solutions placed here stem from this process of self realization in terms of understanding how Equality must be implemented in all ways within the system. It is only through implementing Equality as the living principle in this world that the entire world – not only a few nations – can thrive and become that which we have always desired our lives to be.

Choices of education will be one and equal: the best possible. It won’t matter where in the world you’re born in, you’ll be equally empowered with tools that allow you to take self responsibility in this world effectively, while learning ways in which we can contribute to enhance our living conditions in a world that will no longer be based on survival, profit and elitism. We are already learning how to cooperate and coexist with each other, working together for a single outcome that will not be for further empowerment of nations against each other or as a form of competitiveness between individuals, but will always be based on what’s best for all,

Imagine how cool it would be to not have only ‘teachers’ as the ones with the responsibility to educate children, and instead virtually anyone could support children/ others in common sense. This is actual equal-empowerment, which is what Education should be at the end of the day, not only limited/ confined to classrooms and teacher-student relationships,  but lived in any activity/ task that we participate in.

Info taken from: Partanen, A.. "What Americans keep ignoring about Finland’s school success." The N.p., 2011. Web. 5 Jan 2012.

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South African kids learning Mandarin: Not a trend, but a Future Investment

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South African Kids Learning Mandarin - Equal Money will change who learns what

South African kids are being taught the language of the most influential economic world power which is supported by Parents that see this investment upon their kids as a way to secure their future.

Certainly this is not a ‘random language’ and there are obvious interests behind this language-learning encouragement due to the growing investment that China is  pouring over Africa and specifically in South Africa, where kids can get to write and understand basic Mandarin by the time they reach junior high.  This trend is not only seen in SA but all around the world including the United States where 1600 schools are implementing Mandarin as part of their curriculum for kids at an early educational stage. This is now topping over the previously popular language to learn which was Japanese. What’s actually driving this multi-language education?

Securing the Future

In an ever growing world of competence, climbing up the ladder of success is linked to the bigger picture as the world economy and the future tendencies of investment according to the world market. How does that get to influence children’s lives into learning a seemingly unique language which wasn’t popular to learn at all some 20 years ago. It is certainly linked to money and parents looking at the best ways of supporting their children with tools that will secure them financially speaking in the future.


What’s usually overlooked is how learning a language won’t necessarily mean giving ‘proper education’ to children. IN a world where money sets the rules and the languages to learn, there is a strong requirement of understanding that actual education goes beyond training children to make money in this world, basically learning how to be the best ‘survivor’ escalating the ladder of success.


What’s often overlooked is the requirement of actual Education based on principles that will create and shape human beings that value LIFE before Money and this is being overlooked around the world when it comes to realizing how we are shaping and molding – read “educating” children – based on survival and act-skills, instead of principles such as valuing Life as themselves, Equality, Self Honesty and Self Responsibility to support a change in the world which is what’s required, not necessarily giving more ‘weapons’ and ‘tools’ of survival in a world that’s become the most savage human market in terms of jobs and professions.


The Real Requirement is to Educate Parents

Because kids are unconditionally accepting the ways of the parents as ‘how things are’ and they  basically follow what they’re being taught and what they are being impulsed to accept as ‘normal’ in terms of how the world exists, we require to educate people that are parents or to-be parents to realize that the starting point of Education must change from survival and becoming money-making wizards, to an actual emphasis on principles that will allow the child to know that the way of walking in this world is not about competing or winning a game, but about supporting themselves and supporting others as themselves.


Children are genetically copies of parents therefore, we require parents to support themselves to transfer such self-realizations as seeing that Education goes beyond training a person to survive but it actually requires to change its starting point to that of living by Principles of Self Honesty, Equality and understanding how within each individual changing its starting point within this world, the world can change.


Within this we can see that children can definitely learn Mandarin or any other language yet the starting point and understanding of what’s most important within this world will be in place which is Equality as Life – after that any point of education within the current system can be used for purposes of supporting themselves effectively without missing the end of it all, which won’t be only becoming filthy rich and having the top jobs in their countries, but becoming leaders that will care for a change in this world, people that will grow up realizing that a change in the world is required and that the transformation will take place when the world is in their hands.


After all, Children are the Future of the World  – that’s what we always hear yet! If we continue perpetuating the same ways of the current world transmitted from parents to children = not much will change and we’ll just improve the survival skills with no actual change.


At Desteni we are focusing on educating ourselves the ‘adults’ in this world that will eventually be having kids or not, educating already existing parents to teach to their descendants how it is that we as human beings require an actual Education based in Equality, in consideration of each other as Equals with actual practical application that will consider an entire reform to the Education System which Is certainly flawed and money-driven as we’re seeing in this example of kids learning a language that would seem unthinkable considering that South Africa is nowhere near China – yet money rules the world and dictates what’s the next big thing in terms of money.

So, let’s make the parents the actual teachers of this world to breed a world that’s best for all – visit the Desteni I Process website to Educate yourself and Invest on Life Skills that can be practically applied no matter where in the world you are.

Let’s make children the actual Future of the world: a World of Life in Equality for All

Investigate the Equal Money System to see how Education will no longer be directed by money-making skills but Life Skills to LIVE and not merely survive.


Source of Information:

South African kids learn Mandarin [CNN: 5-25-2011]

Social Enterprise: Business Model from Heaven?

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Clean Water for ALL Equal Money SystemAnswer: Only when based in an Equal Money Based Economy

We are committed to the eradication of poverty through the implementation of sustainable, environmentally sound technologies for clean energy, clean water and self-sustainable economies that foster health, education, and gender equality”

Manna Energy Limited  is one of the companies standing as an example of Social Enterprises that stand as a developing business model that mixes the social compromise of developing living conditions in coordination with education and the conjunction of efforts from people living in the communities where these projects are placed into action and the engineers that have been properly trained to implement their technology which is destined for the general interest of improving human beings’ living conditions as a form to improve the Equal Quality Living required in third world countries that is a matter of urgency in places like  México, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Kenya wherein this company has already established projects in.

“Over Two Billion People live in unsanitary conditions

Nearly one billion people do not have access to clean water

Many communities lack sufficient employment. “

There are certainly remarkable points to consider from this company’s course of action as an example of the Social Enterprise model to bring about solutions to countries in extreme need as well as getting directly involved within the up-lifting as encouraging self-development required in people from such communities to become Equally Empowered to those that get there to create business out of implementing  a Living-Solution aiming to Dignify their Living conditions such as providing Clean Water in places where there was non before.

This type of business model is what’s being denominated as ‘Social Enterprise’ which has its own ongoing Knowledge Network development as an ongoing model-creation that is setting the basic requirements to engage sustainability programs with humanitarian means through a stability in financing such projects which comes from nothing more and nothing less than an Equality-based shareholding. Does Equal-Money ring a bell?

Manna is a social enterprise working to develop other social enterprises. Social enterprise is a combination of business with humanitarian goals. There is a structure in business to make certain that a project is done properly, whereas in philanthropy and in charity work done in the developing world, the same level of accountability isn’t always available.

Manna Energy Limited is a for-profit, service-providing company, offering equity to stockholders, operating through investors, working with a non-profit foundation, and participation in the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Rather than operating on a project-by-project basis, they are a service provider, installing and maintaining water treatment systems operated with clean energy.

We’re looking at the current efforts being brought into action to create sustainability through the implementation of an economic-system that works within the current monetary system wherein they are ensuring that their company is creating  a new way of sustaining their ‘product’ – which is in any ways also part of what should be equally available as a human right for all – while it becomes part of the social-development required that implies a sum  money with humanitarian resources to sustain and educate people that are willing to learn how to become experts in managing the required technology to purify water in this case.

“The model of groups like this is great,” Dr. Evan Thomas, the Executive Vice President for Manna Energy Ltd in 2009 explained “you have trained engineers who are willing to give their time to work with, set up and fix water treatment systems. You have the human resources.”

Here we’re looking at a usual point that’s often discussed in an Equal Money Based Economy wherein people tend to question the disposition of people wanting to work in a job that’s seemingly not ‘interesting’ from a remunerative perspective , but becomes part of the necessary tasks to be taken on if one is looking at ways of creating basic solutions require to better the living conditions of one’s own community.

In the current money system, sustainability has had to enter the same profit-making arenas to be able to subsist, otherwise as it’s been mentioned, the sustainability of the application of such solutions was compromised which caused its eventual disuse due to lack of monetary resources.

Dr. Thomas also explained the situation that they were facing while trying to develop sustainability in a third world country where resources and the ability to ‘make a living’ were determining the Efficiency of their developing plan.

“With a for-profit company, if you don’t succeed in providing a product you’ve promised, you’re not going to get more business in the future.”

This confirms that the lack of resources placed into these types of projects is compromising the sustainability of a company that’s creating the availability of quality living through providing of one the most basic needs that any human being requires which is extensively lacked in third world countries: Clean Water that’s also eco-friendly following  the Kyoto Protocol agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

The second point to look at is, in Dr. Thomas’ words:

“training local technicians without paying them was not working. Even when they found the community technician and explained simple ways to maintain the systems, the systems would sometimes fail, as the individual(s) could not afford to volunteer time away from income-earning opportunities. The Manna team knew they needed consistent finances to maintain the systems. And from this problem, their business model was born.”


These trained engineers weren’t educated in such countries, they are taking the time and effort necessary to train people to become effective in doing a particular task required to maintain the system. Though, the moment the individuals are faced with survival as it currently exists, we face a point that can break even the greatest solution to world hunger if there is Not an overall system in place that ensures the survival of all beings as a  Sustainable-Living condition through the distribution of Equal Money for ALL as a living-right that will enable people to effectively place themselves in positions like these where they can spend the necessary amount of time to learn from those that have had the opportunity to be trained in countries with the effective infrastructure to do so.

The example here are the engineers teaching the people from such countries on how to operate the systems themselves – and thus be part of the co-creation of an Equal Empowerment through Education is made visible as the Academy will be placed in actual social-service to benefit all parts involved in it which will eventually lose its current connotation as being part of a ‘profit-making company’ – that is actually only existent as such due to the current configuration of the world system that pushes even the most humanitarian-based company to enter the realm of profit-making for the sake of their own survival – and finally establish the grounds for Practical Application of Knowledge as Education transmitted for the sake of bettering Human Living Conditions in those places that Need it the most.

The concept of social enterprise shows how business,
working on its own or partnering with government and civil service organizations, may also contribute to bettering the course of mankind

All of this based on an Equal Money System will change the current approach of profit-making into a single conjunction of efforts from people that have been educated and have had proper education to empower those that haven’t had the resources and environmental conditions that could provide them with the opportunity of educating themselves to create such effective ways of bettering human lives through the creation of sustainable and acceptable way of distributing resources for all.

These type of projects would Not be possible to create on a constant-basis if the money provided came from donors or partial temporary projects. There must exists a stable and constant foundation that will enable efforts like this to become part of the course of actions destined to Equalize the Living Conditions in this World.

Equal Water for ALL México

The Social Enterprise Knowledge Network is currently working with business schools in Latin America – which we must consider are often the most expensive careers – that can finally create a link necessary between people having the opportunity to have the best education available and place it at the service of those that currently have no ability whatsoever to  enroll in such education.

The business of businesses is, increasingly, the creation of social value together with economic value. Part of the strategy of leading companies is to address social problems and seek a better understanding of the milieu in which they operate. Conversely, large numbers of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) strive to gain new managerial skills that will enable them to improve social development performance.

This placed into the Manna Enterprise example in Thomas’ words:

“I’m an engineer and it has taken me years of education to learn how to be one. It will take even more time for me to become a really good engineer. Why should we expect any different from the local Rwandan technicians?”


Launching social enterprise teaching and research programs in Latin America will raise the business sector’s awareness of social responsibility and how to carry it out in practice. Simultaneously, providing civil society organizations with access to private-sector management tools will enable them to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in achieving their societal goals,"

"It is very important that businesses and individuals in emerging economies find ways to contribute to improving the living conditions of those who are in need, without crippling their ability to advance their own competitiveness,

Thomas told  the story of Primus, a Rwandan orphan who drank the first clean glass of water that the Mugonero orphanage had ever seen. “We are constantly talking with major investors and powerful governments,” Thomas said, “but it is through stories like that of Primus that we find our purpose.”

Within the Equal Money System, these ‘Enterprises’ will lose its current requirement to take part of the profit-making game and remain as single organizations wherein people join efforts to bring about a better life for all involved working and learning together to implement permanent solutions that will enable the actual Equalization of Life as Resources Made-Available for ALL Equally.

Sources of Information:

For those currently enrolled in Business Schools: available in spanish and english

Poor Education ensures Poverty

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Equal Money for All

Prejudices formed around fearing mostly mathematics, sciences and biology amongst young people in Mexico is ensuring a future that will make the entire country keep depending on others which only ensures the lack of proper economical development when realizing that Education is NOT being sufficient and/or lacking preparation to teach sciences and maths which creates the money-walls which marks the differences between one country being an economic influence around the world and which countries are dooming themselves to be a single transformation/production force.

México is mostly a country of manufacturing purposes for large transnational corporations, a cheap labor force provided that is Not promoting proper education upon the required careers that could place the country amongst a others with decent level of Education specifically on Technological and Scientific fields. There’s been a prospective made for Mexico saying that in 2015 there will only be 8% young people in the national system of researchers – projecting that this value would be going down to 3% in 2030.

Most people with PhD’s do not get a proper job here in Mexico which creates the need for them to go to other countries with their high-level of education due to there being no work-place available in this country.

There are no proper monetary incentives to impulse people to investigate which is directly linked to the ‘Reward System’ we’ve been used to live in and consider as the initial  and primary moving-point for us to take decisions on which career to study.

The newspaper that published this Editorial El Universal has pointed out that

“this is a symptom of a structural crisis beginning from the Education System” –

which is no real ‘news’ as we are witnessing how it is due to the lack of proper education that countries create their own living standards – which in the case of México, we are certainly rolling over as dry hay on a desert.

Now what does this cause? People fearing mathematics, opting for humanitarian sciences which create mostly low-wage jobs while being over populated with professionals in these humanitarian areas.

We are aware that Education is key within the creation of a new way of living in dignity as Equal Empowerment through Education ensures that – besides everyone being equally supported with equal Money – Education becomes the requirement for human beings to develop an effective understanding and skills that work within an Equality System as the realization of ourselves as active co-creative force within this world which then makes us 100% better human beings that are not only going by ‘surviving’, but that we do get to see how it is that we’ve diminished ourselves through these self beliefs of resisting maths and proper vocabulary development.

What this fear towards Math is causing is further abdication of Self Responsibility wherein we consider that getting to know the basics about physics, chemistry, biology and math as economics is a matter ‘out of reach’ and this is only due to the current lack of understanding and lack of research on finding/creating ways to make mathematics actually understandable by youngsters to stop such fears.

Teachers earn sometimes a bit more than the minimum wage which obviously places them in a position of resentment than of actuals self-support towards oneself and others.

According to the same newspaper, from 2006 till 2009 poverty has gone up 10 millions ending up in 54.8 millions of mexicans that live currently in poverty.

How is this linked to Education? Not giving proper education reduces the ability of any human being to develop effective ways to obtain a job that will pay more than the minimum wage as anything else than that requires people that are educated and/or qualified with the least requirements to do a proper job.

More Knowledge = More Money

This in theory would be the point that motivates people to study more – yet we got underemployment wherein highly qualified people end up earning low wages due to there not being enough economic solvency to support each being according to the amount of information – education they’ve received.

Now this information placed in the above mentioned newspaper has lead to a point of blame towards the president of México – yet it is quite clear and obvious to see that one person cannot possibly be responsible for a problem that has shaped and molded entire generations due to the intrinsic acceptance and allowance of this entire system as it currently exists without having proper education which is one of the pillars required to establish the Equality System.

Education is directly linked to the ability to consider oneself as one and equal as this world – thus with supporting everyone equal at an economical level through equal money to generate the necessary group of self-supportive and self-compromised people that are qualified to teach and walk the learning process of basic maths as a definitive call out to start realizing that we must take self responsibility for our creation.

We don’t require extensive knowledge and useless information. We require common sense applied and lived as the basic platform all beings must be educated with – Desteni material is absolutely key through my the process of understanding common sense

Equal Education for All as equal starting point of self support.


Research at:

source of info:

Childbirth in an Equal Money System

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Money is obviously the key factor that determines whether a baby is born in a family that will have sufficient to prepare the space for a proper and more-than dignified living or a baby being born into a family that has been marginalized within an economical-financial position that won’t allow them to have proper care from birth as the result of being living in a world that ostracizes wealth between only a few individuals that are the ones that get to have proper care when this should be available to ALL Equally.

Within the consideration that the Equal money System stands as What’s Best For All, I am placing here some points that I got to witness first hand and take into consideration of what it would be the ideal way to walk the process of pregnancy up to childbirth as part of the unconditional support for All that would consist of an integral approach to the entire approach of what bringing a new baby into this world actually implies.

Therefore I’ve considered the following points which are but an approach based on observation within real-time events when and due to having enough money to get to witness a golden-platter type of support within a particular childbirth. Here are the points:

  • Having the ability to have full time health-care while and during pregnancy time wherein each women that work get sufficient amount of time off from their work to take proper care of themselves – while being fully paid while being absent due to giving birth to their child. Consider also that there will be no immediate requirement for a pregnant woman to keep working as life-support will be readily given which implies there is no survival to be bound to in the form of a job.
  • Medical care will be established as periodical monitoring of the child’s development inside the mother’s womb while having access to any urgent medical intervention if and during any contingency during the pregnancy.


  • Pregnant women will be certainly also taken care of with regards to their food habits and every day life activities to make sure that the baby is born in a healthy-harmonious environment where the mother cares of herself both in the inner and outer as a process of realizing that one is giving birth to Life in this world-  hence preparing the way for the new baby to stand as a point of Self Support on an Equal basis.


  • This point includes psychological support to walk the psychological and physical support required for a woman that endures the physical and mental changes that come along with pregnancy as the entire process of giving birth to a new being into this world. This will ensure that there are no unnecessary crises during the time when and while the baby is developing which creates the first steps to bring a being into actual Living conditions that enable self expression and self enjoyment instead of having to worry and exist in conflict unnecessarily due to psychological or financial problems.  Money-wise, everything will be taken care of.


  • This implies that hospitals for newborns will be specialized in having the utmost care for each and every single being that is being born on a daily basis in hospitals. This is an overall care of the child with tenderness and care the moment it goes out of the womb and into this world. There will be no ‘extra fees’ for this type of 1st-class care as 1st-class is and represents what this world should be and Can be for Everyone Equally – if we all dare to agree that this is the way we would all like to be born in and us women would like to be supported with when it’s time to bring a new being into this World.
  • Mothers will be supported by specialized people to walk through the post-birth stages wherein people learn how to handle the responsibility of a newborn at home as well as establishing herself as a point of care and proper nourishment to develop adequate educational ways to support another one within the Principle of What’s Best for all – how many times can we hear in this world that people aren’t really ‘ready’ to become parents? this is because there’s never been an actual Life-coaching process to stand One and Equal to another being in this world. Fascinatingly enough, family as that hierarchical structure will cease to exist as Money is the current factor determining people depending on one another which in the EMS will be simply creating a platform of Self Support for newcomers to develop until they get to have enough time for Self Development in a world of Equals.

We’re looking at the best-care possible without any unnecessary over the top measures – this is what’s best for all indeed. Ensuring that people are taken care of in all ways from the moment of inception till birth on to the first years where women will have all time necessary to support the child equal and one within their first stages of development in the physical.

  • Being a mother that won’t have to worry about Money or survival implies that such mother will be mostly ‘at peace’ with herself and her world which will enable the point of being supported by others that are willing to help with the necessary cares each and every single child should have access to. This obviously entails food, clothing, proper and constant medical attention, nursery care if required, proper advisory for novice mothers as well as creating networks of self support between mothers – that can be easily placed through the internet – to support each other with practical points that can facilitate the upbringing of a child. Making information, practical care and professional support available ensures that the mother only focuses on being constantly present with the child to ensure he/she becomes aware of the unconditional support that being born into an Equal Money System will entail.

This is but a glance at how the Equal Money System will enable first-class health care for all during pregnancy as well as support available to facilitate the upbringing of a newborn in this world ensuring that each being is attended by their respective parents that can take the necessary time to be walking into this world with their child.

For further support, visit the Equal Money System website and participate in discussions and blogs to write about How would an EMS change YOUR World into a more successful living that is considering ALL as Equally capable and able of Enjoying Life and giving Birth to Actual Living Beings in this world.

If you’ve been a mother and you see points missing in this approach, share them here through comments to expand the approach on to this natural-event that is part of this world where we live in.

The 10 Most Expensive Elementary Schools in México

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Let’s look at the BASIC Numbers here  before getting on to the nitty gritty stuff:

The Mexican

Minimum Wage


There are ‘3  economic zones’ in this country which determine the amount of money workers get as the Minimum Wage which varies only 1 to 2 pesos – absurdly enough – the average is

$58.2 Mexican Pesos =  4.6 American Dollars =

3.5 Euros A DAY


Now, we get in the news today a news/ADD about the 10 Most expensive Elementary Schools here in México City.


Having placed  the previous numbers with regards to the minimum wage for a person in a day on an 8 hour job, we get in the same country, in the same city, the atrocious numbers as follows.

The Annual Fee for the Most Expensive Elementary School in México City is:


$145 000 Pesos!!!

For Americans that would be 11600 dollars and for Europeans that would be around 9000 Euros.

Considering the minimum wage above, it would take around 2500 Days for a human to be able to afford such type of school and that is simply IMPOSSIBLE to achieve in this current system, in this current reality.


This is just for the sake of realizing the type of delusion we’re living in  so that we get an Idea of how disparity is existing within this current system where we all live in.


Now the schools are mostly foreign schools originally created to educate only foreign students – mostly American and German schools – and now they are taking in Mexican people who obviously, can afford such type of ‘Excellence in Education’.


A personal reference here. I got to study in a Jesuit school and I remember very well how we were always ‘prepared’ to have people ‘underneath us’ and how we were being prepared to be ‘Leaders’ within the system. This is obviously how people get conditioned within the Education System – even BEFORE getting to the actual labor-reality – to be ‘On Top’ or ‘Below’.

I questioned myself how it is that they could ‘assume’ we were all going to be ‘leaders’ of some sort – yet is is obvious how it is due to having had the ability to pay the school’s fee in the first place which in itself is already indicating a level of elitism. Now my school was not even the 20% of the annual fee of these schools.


 Thus you can Imagine who gets to be in those types of schools and the way they are educated and trained to become the next generation of ‘Powerful people’ that eventually ends up running the country – not so much because of the school they’re in, but because of the predisposition that a kid has when being born into a wealthy family and the extreme limitation a kid has when being born into a MINIMUM WAGE FAMILY.





for ALL


Excellence in Education is required to be Available for ALL Not just the Elite people that can afford such atrocious fees which implies they make a fuckload of money to send their kids to these Elementary schools.


Education is the base foundation to establish EQUALITY within this world as a Life-System.

We cannot ALLOW Money to determine the availability of Quality Education for All.


We cannot continue accepting the current ‘Minimum Wage’ that is certainly a Joke that has become the most restraining Reality for Most of the People.

Equal Money for ALL for Dignified Living, For Quality Education available for ALL no matter where in the world we are.


One single currency to STOP the abuse through exchange rates.


Educate yourself about the Equal Money System 


Minimum wage numbers’ source:

Equal Money System Says:

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Money = Life in Equality

  1. Valued upon LIFE

No more gold and silver standards that were chosen as value for money ‘just because they were rare’ without realizing they are as equal as any other material available from Earth.

Their single extraction required extensive amount of human effort – they had certain peculiarities that made humans value them as ‘precious’ – just as the caveman would treasure fire back in time.

Because backing up Money with Gold or Silver is Unsustainable, speculation is created which is literally the human being fooled by a Self-Created Belief System as the value system based upon the gold standard. [same belief system can be applied to a belief in a God or the mere existence of it having any type of power over this Earth]


POWER — (P ) OWER – this is how

as Money
has been created
through DEBT





an EQUAL Medium of Exchange

Money should be a Widely and/or overall accepted Equally Available means of exchange that works as a single counting tool to be distributed for the sake of providing the necessary that any living being requires to LIVE

Each unit must be divisible and equal in units directly equivalent to physical-means as the established value system based on LIFE.

Thus the functionality of the new Equal Money System won’t differ in terms of the viability to use in transactions worldwide through using the same currency as one single current that is equally available for ALL

3. Available to All

Beings Equally as a

Birth Right

Money should be a single tool to support a system of LIFE in Equality wherein every human being is given an equal amount of money to start off with to live in dignity –

the basic principle within Equal Money is that it is valued upon Life which is Equally existent in All that is here in this world as ourselves

Thus we give MONEY the value of LIFE as WHO WE REALLY ARE


In the Equal Money System (EMS) We won’t require to speculate to maintain a certain value upon a single currency BECAUSE it will be based on physical-value as Life which considers the products and services as points that are  readily available HERE of this Earth as well as  Human Labor which will be the point to remunerate also in an Equal Manner as all labor will be equally necessary within the functioning and maintenance of the system.

Equal Money means: Stability, Congruency and Constancy that equates the system that is Life in this world as we know it – there is a constant flow of energy within the ecosystems which allow life to exist in all its stages as birth, development/growth and death to renew itself back on the Earth transforming itself as latent life to be born again in the next cycle.

Within this we can already see how Equal Money means that
Money will have a physical/tangible back up which will entail no speculation, no further ‘interests’ as Money won’t be based on DEBT as a future expense, but will be used in the moment that the transaction/exchange of means takes place with the entire value of the physical product/service and/or human labor entailed within it.


Equal Money simplifies the current understanding of the money system which has been deliberately encrypted so that the majority of people in this world would rather consider that the ‘market forces’ were the responsible ones for fluctuations within the value of money, instead of researching how it is that our current money is solely based on debt and made out of thin air.


Once we accept this, there is no need to become helpless – you better take that understanding to realize that a Monetary Reform can be made as the construction of an entire New Monetary System that will take Life as its value which means

Everyone will have access to MONEY as LIFE as it always should’ve been based in an Equality System

which will enable

Life to be



through the use of money as a single counting tool to ensure fair-exchange between beings and participants in the system.


Currently all money we use produces more DEBT as it’s based on a loan of a loan of another loan and so forth ad nauseam.


We STOP this entire insanity as the money system which is driving everyone to live on the streets and commit crimes just to have food to eat


Money is already a known tool for exchange – the fact that is being abused through its laws and regulations doesn’t mean that Money in itself is inherently ‘evil’ – we Flip the coin  to turn EVIL As LIVE


Equal Money System as One single currency will Stop the separation between first and third world countries which has been existent only due to a form of monetary imperialism that has dared to sustain power through constantly subduing others through the value of their currency itself – even if such ‘subjugated’ countries could have more resources and means of growth than the one ‘in power’ – the control is created through the exchange rates


Imperialism, subjugation of people through money used as ‘power’ over others, abuse of the environment in means of profit-making – all of these are but a few aspects that will be exterminated from the face of this Earth the moment an Equality System based on Equal Money and Equal Labor Systems is in place.


A transaction towards this System is perfectly plausible through Democratic means – we don’t support revolutionary anarchic uprisings with no legal course of action within the terms of how the current system works.  It’s common sense that civil disobedience can only lead to a tighter noose around the individuals.  We want what’s best for all, thus we don’t support any form of violence to give to all a dignified living.


Thus, we are here as a non-bellicose movement that simply propose an New System, a New Way of finally Living in this world restoring the Equality that’s never been existent or written about in our history as humanity.


But before all of this is in place, we require to focus on ourselves as individuals, to make sure that we understand why it is that a course of action within the steps towards the implementation of the Equal Money System requires a Process of Individual Education based on the Principle of Equality – to understand it and live it as Self first, to start taking our own lives through the eye of the needle wherein we go applying ourselves to correct the inherent patterns within each human as such ‘human nature’ we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as. This is referring to primordial desires of power, greed, competence, ruling and control over others in means of self-glorification as Self-Interest.

Those are but a few of the aspects that have turned this world into the hostile existence we’re living in.


SELF Investigation and Self Support is required to ensure you are understanding the importance of these first steps – visit the Desteni website as well as the Desteni I Process where Equality Life Coaching is available as the actual Education no one has ever received in the face of this Earth before within any education-system.


We are in the exact moment in time where an actual change can be made – we require everyone’s participation to speed up the process that can prevent the prolonging of unnecessary suffering in this world that is currently being created due to the existence of the current Money System of Debt, Abuse and Extortion.


This World, this Money System has been our creation – thus We as Humans Take Self Responsibility to bring about a Change that is Here for ALL Equally, beyond borders, beyond nations, beyond cultures, beyond languages and most importantly beyond personal interest that lead to abuse and separation.


Visit the Equal Money System website for more info.

Stand up for LIFE

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