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On Economy and other magic tricks

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An economy consists of  the labor, capital and land resources, the manufacturing, trade, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of a certain area. An economy may also be described as a spatially limited and social network where goods and services are exchanged according to demand and supply between participants by barter or a medium of exchange with a credit or debit value accepted within the network.

A given economy is the end result of a process that involves its technological evolution, history and social organization, as well as its geography, natural resource endowment, and ecology, as main factors. These factors give context, content, and set the conditions and parameters in which an economy functions. – from the current God Wikipedia.

We can see how the entire definition of economy does not correlate with the physical reality and how it actually functions. The last part is a fallacy because we all know how the conditions of a certain environment are not the factors that determine HOW economy functions in terms of how the ‘medium of exchange’ a.k.a. money and the current rules within the system function, meaning there is no physical correspondence to money and this tangible physical reality, simply because money is a make believe system.

Economy as it’s currently ‘lived’ is a make believe system that has a set of rules and ‘laws’ that have been designed to create profit and inequality through the capitalization of resources – this is placing value that can be augmented through time -  which are made exclusive only to some through private property; this is then used as a tool/ ‘weapon’ – depends on the use you give it – to obtain yet more capital while obliging others through indirect means to work to multiply such capital through unequal pay. It is ‘indirect’ because it’s done by people that must resort to survive by doing such jobs due to the unequal opportunities, conditions and lack of actual choice as this has been a prefabricated, pre-laid unequal system backed up by nice sounding rules and laws that have never been applied as human rights. This is how we’ve all lived in – may I correct “lived” as merely surviving is certainly Not what Life should be.

Having said this, if we see what economists and other financial experts have to say about the state of the world is nothing else but crisis and hitting rock bottom today – even though they’re supposed to know it all in this field, they don’t dare to explain how it is that economy is a make believe system created by a few greedy humans that can only make rules that benefit them, while making the rest of the world believe that there are such ‘invisible forces’ as the ‘market forces’ that are apparently ‘autonomous’ and no one can reform and correct them to benefit all equally. It’s all a pretty well masked nonsense sugar coated as ‘high studies’ with pretentious words that are designed to create concepts that are not understood by all equally, hence suit their needs which are those of exclusivity, greed and elitism. That is certainly unacceptable yes, yet it is what we’re currently accepting as the ‘rules of the world’.

None of the current economic analysis will lead you to see how money as it currently exists is the problem itself, neither will any of them suggest to create an entire new system based on Equality.


An ‘Economic crisis’ can be ‘predicted’ because it is self created, it’s not an unknown phenomena, it is just part of a system that never considered Equality at all in the scheme of ‘economy’ as the actual concept that should be lived  in this world. Yes, people can make lots of money out of wars and crisis due to the same joke that’s played around the tag of ‘crisis’ and other ‘financial adversities’ that are actually ways used to tantalize a society that is only seeing their ability to live in dignity diminished, while only a few continue to move around the strings that will cause such ‘crisis’ for their own benefit in the first place. ‘They’ might be evil, but we have done nothing yet to stop it either until now.


What we’re here to realize is how the accepted and allowed ‘human nature’ is what must be corrected to establish a system that supports all life equally, which is how it always should’ve been but was neglected due to such inherent desire for power, greed and control -amongst other human quirks that must be self corrected in a parallel mode.

There is no quick fix for this either, we’ve got a long road ahead in terms of education which must be focused on parents and children. I mean, no analyst or financial expert is looking at the human being as the cause of all the current problems in the world, they’re only looking at how the system has been created by human beings to suit their benefit, not yet looking at ‘human nature’ itself. So real economy should be considering all aspects that conform our reality, not only the ‘money’ aspect.

Equal money is not about ‘money’ or only giving money to all. It entails the reprogramming of human beings at an individual level to ensure we learn how to live as equals and never fuck with each other again – this means taking self responsibility for being part of this world which is the same one for any other person you can be aware of in this reality and just by that single fact, we’re all part of the same game that must be stopped within each one. To stop fighting and promoting vengeance, to stop promoting protests as a way of ‘change’ which will only bring more violence and no sustainable reforms within the system. This has been proven throughout history.

I can openly say that there is more common sense in one single blog/ vlog of a person advocating the Equal Money System than in any economist or ‘financial expert’ approach to the current situation, because the problem must be conducted and understood from the very cause of it which is: the human being.

Economy and the current monetary system are like ‘the spoon’ in the matrix movie, it is only part of the illusion that has perpetuated separation, abuse and slavery to maintain a very few on top that hold the precious and seemingly unattainable ‘knowledge’ that is only a make believe system designed to maim the ability to live in equality.

Therefore, we begin today with such paramount task.

Join us:  Equal money system for a dignified living for ALL.


Equal Money System Says:

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Money = Life in Equality

  1. Valued upon LIFE

No more gold and silver standards that were chosen as value for money ‘just because they were rare’ without realizing they are as equal as any other material available from Earth.

Their single extraction required extensive amount of human effort – they had certain peculiarities that made humans value them as ‘precious’ – just as the caveman would treasure fire back in time.

Because backing up Money with Gold or Silver is Unsustainable, speculation is created which is literally the human being fooled by a Self-Created Belief System as the value system based upon the gold standard. [same belief system can be applied to a belief in a God or the mere existence of it having any type of power over this Earth]


POWER — (P ) OWER – this is how

as Money
has been created
through DEBT





an EQUAL Medium of Exchange

Money should be a Widely and/or overall accepted Equally Available means of exchange that works as a single counting tool to be distributed for the sake of providing the necessary that any living being requires to LIVE

Each unit must be divisible and equal in units directly equivalent to physical-means as the established value system based on LIFE.

Thus the functionality of the new Equal Money System won’t differ in terms of the viability to use in transactions worldwide through using the same currency as one single current that is equally available for ALL

3. Available to All

Beings Equally as a

Birth Right

Money should be a single tool to support a system of LIFE in Equality wherein every human being is given an equal amount of money to start off with to live in dignity –

the basic principle within Equal Money is that it is valued upon Life which is Equally existent in All that is here in this world as ourselves

Thus we give MONEY the value of LIFE as WHO WE REALLY ARE


In the Equal Money System (EMS) We won’t require to speculate to maintain a certain value upon a single currency BECAUSE it will be based on physical-value as Life which considers the products and services as points that are  readily available HERE of this Earth as well as  Human Labor which will be the point to remunerate also in an Equal Manner as all labor will be equally necessary within the functioning and maintenance of the system.

Equal Money means: Stability, Congruency and Constancy that equates the system that is Life in this world as we know it – there is a constant flow of energy within the ecosystems which allow life to exist in all its stages as birth, development/growth and death to renew itself back on the Earth transforming itself as latent life to be born again in the next cycle.

Within this we can already see how Equal Money means that
Money will have a physical/tangible back up which will entail no speculation, no further ‘interests’ as Money won’t be based on DEBT as a future expense, but will be used in the moment that the transaction/exchange of means takes place with the entire value of the physical product/service and/or human labor entailed within it.


Equal Money simplifies the current understanding of the money system which has been deliberately encrypted so that the majority of people in this world would rather consider that the ‘market forces’ were the responsible ones for fluctuations within the value of money, instead of researching how it is that our current money is solely based on debt and made out of thin air.


Once we accept this, there is no need to become helpless – you better take that understanding to realize that a Monetary Reform can be made as the construction of an entire New Monetary System that will take Life as its value which means

Everyone will have access to MONEY as LIFE as it always should’ve been based in an Equality System

which will enable

Life to be



through the use of money as a single counting tool to ensure fair-exchange between beings and participants in the system.


Currently all money we use produces more DEBT as it’s based on a loan of a loan of another loan and so forth ad nauseam.


We STOP this entire insanity as the money system which is driving everyone to live on the streets and commit crimes just to have food to eat


Money is already a known tool for exchange – the fact that is being abused through its laws and regulations doesn’t mean that Money in itself is inherently ‘evil’ – we Flip the coin  to turn EVIL As LIVE


Equal Money System as One single currency will Stop the separation between first and third world countries which has been existent only due to a form of monetary imperialism that has dared to sustain power through constantly subduing others through the value of their currency itself – even if such ‘subjugated’ countries could have more resources and means of growth than the one ‘in power’ – the control is created through the exchange rates


Imperialism, subjugation of people through money used as ‘power’ over others, abuse of the environment in means of profit-making – all of these are but a few aspects that will be exterminated from the face of this Earth the moment an Equality System based on Equal Money and Equal Labor Systems is in place.


A transaction towards this System is perfectly plausible through Democratic means – we don’t support revolutionary anarchic uprisings with no legal course of action within the terms of how the current system works.  It’s common sense that civil disobedience can only lead to a tighter noose around the individuals.  We want what’s best for all, thus we don’t support any form of violence to give to all a dignified living.


Thus, we are here as a non-bellicose movement that simply propose an New System, a New Way of finally Living in this world restoring the Equality that’s never been existent or written about in our history as humanity.


But before all of this is in place, we require to focus on ourselves as individuals, to make sure that we understand why it is that a course of action within the steps towards the implementation of the Equal Money System requires a Process of Individual Education based on the Principle of Equality – to understand it and live it as Self first, to start taking our own lives through the eye of the needle wherein we go applying ourselves to correct the inherent patterns within each human as such ‘human nature’ we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as. This is referring to primordial desires of power, greed, competence, ruling and control over others in means of self-glorification as Self-Interest.

Those are but a few of the aspects that have turned this world into the hostile existence we’re living in.


SELF Investigation and Self Support is required to ensure you are understanding the importance of these first steps – visit the Desteni website as well as the Desteni I Process where Equality Life Coaching is available as the actual Education no one has ever received in the face of this Earth before within any education-system.


We are in the exact moment in time where an actual change can be made – we require everyone’s participation to speed up the process that can prevent the prolonging of unnecessary suffering in this world that is currently being created due to the existence of the current Money System of Debt, Abuse and Extortion.


This World, this Money System has been our creation – thus We as Humans Take Self Responsibility to bring about a Change that is Here for ALL Equally, beyond borders, beyond nations, beyond cultures, beyond languages and most importantly beyond personal interest that lead to abuse and separation.


Visit the Equal Money System website for more info.

Stand up for LIFE

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