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For Profit to Exist = Abuse must exist

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CEOs in America make around 325 more than the average worker.

How can this be possible in a world where each human being is essentially made out of the same stuff? Only under the rules of our current ‘law of god’ named Capitalism wherein the money-hailing crowd fills the pockets in joy with a never-ending quench for more. 

Essentially, anyone having ‘more’ than another is equally responsible for the current poverty, starvation, crimes and murders that are perpetrated on a daily basis because of money – yes, that makes us you and I equally responsible as we have definitely more money than the average majority of the world that is living under hellish conditions with no food, water, healthcare or even general consideration of being ‘fellow human beings with basic human rights’ in this world.

There is no point even in trying to mask-out the fact that profit-making tacitly implies abuse towards life, abuse towards fellow human beings that are then made slaves by single effect of someone having ‘more power’ than another which is so that those with money can keep themselves in such positions.

Isn’t that poignant enough to make us ponder how on Earth have we accepted and allowed Capitalism as the king in this world?


There is no possible way one could justify the fact that Rich people are in essence making use of any means to deceive to be in that position – there can’t be  no way around to vindicate the ‘necessary atrocities’  to keep people in their beloved thrones -  We even accept cynicism with publications such as Forbes magazines and any other publication dedicated to the life of the ‘rich and famous’ which is in essence the absolute stupidity of man willing to praise and even pay further to the abusers that keep them bound to a minimum wage job yet having their ‘dreams at hand’ to someday ‘become like the CEO, become like that star that has it all’ – without ever actually questioning why such positions are even allowed! Ludicrous! Madness! That says enough about our ability to understand this world and the monetary system already.



Who’s got the biggest bite of the apple?

Of the 100 highest-paid CEOs in America, 25 of them make more than their companies contributed in tax payments last year.


While nearly one-in-ten Americans are out of a job and the country attempts to rebound from recession, some of the richest companies in the US are compensating their CEOs famously in lieu of stimulating the economy.

Imagine, accepting a system wherein ‘Eco-no-me’ can only be running smoothly if you’ve got a society that

a) Has accepted  VALUE

as something that’s ‘REAL’ upon things/people in this world – hence tacitly implying that life is not equal in all, that there are more/less, ups/downs that are ‘real’ as a consideration that can only exist in the human being’s mind.

b)Has accepted MONEY as a single make-believe system wherein the value of that which should only serve as trading tool for goods and services, has become the one single weapon to enslave, to headhunt, to murder, to buy, to praise someone or something for the sake of power = greed.


c) Has accepted and allowed some people to have the ability to ‘create money’ such as our current lord-master-banksters, we’ve made them ‘gods’ in fact being able to decide whether some will live and some will die, deciding upon the future of entire nations, of millions of people according to how they decide to set on the rules to distribute such money and how to essentially earn more money from such created Debt and inherent deception which is only pointing out one single thing: we’ve accepted LACK as a condition, we’ve accepted the brainwashed deluded idea that we can’t have Life Support, that we must ‘struggle’ to have money, that not ‘all’ in this world can be equally supported.

This is one of the main points that people reveal whenever they comment on the Equal Money System videos and blogs – ludicrous as it is in the very mind of the human being that this entire reality is brewed – hence the importance of realizing HOW we think, what we are accepting and allowing and how that in essence translates in all possible forms of separation in this world.

d) Has accepted the fact that we can’t get any support unless we have ‘Money’ for it which is currently standing as the symbol of LACK – standing as the symbol of ‘sin that must be washed away’ hence the entire point of ‘having to earn a living’ instead of being able to accept and allow ourselves to grant ourselves with money for Life in Equality.


5)We’ve all accepted that cheating and deceiving is the only way to make big-bucks in this world – why haven’t we openly accepted to see this? because in essence we all fear realizing we’ve been ‘the bad guys’ all the way, hence the futility of pointing-fingers at CEO’s as we know that you and I having lived and had the same potential to be in their place would’ve done exactly the same things they’ve done.


6) We’ve accepted DEBT as the starting point of our ‘economy’ – we’ve accepted DEBT as the current money we’re using to live – how on Earth have we mortgaged the Earth, Life, how was this first conceived, why didn’t we ever question this to the core? Obviously going to the past makes no difference as we can only step here on our ground in presence of the world that’s rollercoasting down the drain wherein we can only come up with an entire NEW system to revamp this reality to finally consider and live by that which is best for all.


6) We’ve accepted PROFIT as the one way train wherein we’ve only ensured that our savings are ever growing without ever pondering that for some to win, losers must exist. 

What lead to profit is the inherent desire to have ‘more’ than others and within this self-righteous act, abuse and disregard of another as ourselves has been accepted and allowed.

7) We’ve accepted and allowed some to have and perpetuate their ‘power’ through generations, as if having kings and queens and any other type of royal asses was actually something any human could feel ‘good about’, slave.

This must stop – I could go on and on yet the rant is clear:

I am One Vote for Equal Money for All till it is DONE – I live every day to make sure that the lies that we’ve spread and taken as ‘truth’ are devalued until value is simply no more and all Life stands here in Equality as who I really am.

Equal Money is not for fools – Equal money will debunk the crooks that we’ve become in our desire for wealth and power , in our acceptance of value in gold and in mansions of stone.

This shall end forevermore.


Data taken from the article:

Corporations spend more on CEOs than on taxes

Published: 31 August, 2011 @




Cummings asked for lawmakers to look into why CEO compensation and corporate profits continue to skyrocket all while the pay of other workers remains stagnant and unemployment stays above 9 percent. He has also asked committee members to look into “the extent to which the problems in CEO compensation that led to the economic crisis continue to exist today."

Corruption the Primary Survival-Condition in an Unequal System

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End to Corruption - Equal Money System

The 2010 Transparency International (TI) Global Corruption Barometer showed that 80 per cent of people around the world think political parties are the most corrupt institution in their country.

*The 2010 Barometer, the seventh edition, reflects the responses of 91,781 people in 86 countries, and offers the greatest country coverage to date.

Transparency International is simply an organism that isn’t compromised  in exposing the actual corruption by individuals groups or associations – it only serves as a monitoring and/or data-base instrument that is sponsored by individuals and corporations that might’ve also been part of the corruption-rates placed by this organism. The reason why they accept is because they are also part of the current system wherein everything functions by money. Quite a paradox yet, if it wasn’t done this way, we wouldn’t be looking at the information we have here now.

29% of people report paying bribes to the police
8 out of 10 people say political parties are corrupt
6 out of 10 people say corruption has increased in the last 3 years
1 in 4 people report paying bribes in the last year

Looking at the entire pamphlet they create on an annual basis, one can see that there are no definitive solutions placed to solve the problem of corruption.  ‘Creating awareness’ of corruption is something that’s rather obvious in the very existence of this organization – yet, the rest of the proposed solutions stand no chance to eradicate corruption for once and for all, they’re only ‘attacking’ the outflows yet not looking at the core and essence of this worldwide problem which is Corruption.

Let’s look at some examples placed in this inform:

Poorer people are twice as likely to pay bribes for basic services, such as education, than wealthier people

We are living in a world where the ones with more money get all the privileges  and we’ve accepted this as ‘how things are’ – really? How come someone that is not supported by default by the system has to cheat and play the corruption game for services that should be equal guarantees for all?

“Visible, committed leadership is vital” – This translates to Self Honest beings that are willing to care for Life as themselves to ensure that everyone is equally cared for by having the necessary means to live – while understanding that any abuse of power, any abuse of resources is leaving someone outside of the equality equation.

Corruption has increased over the last three years, say six out of 10 people around the world. One in four people report paying bribes in the last year.

Corruption and the existence thereof comes from an inherent desire for power through obtaining more in illicit ways – so it’s essentially acting in ways that oppose the well being of man on Earth.

What we’re living in this world currently with such corruption rates up in the sky in most countries is an outflow of that individual disregard of Life towards other human beings.

We require integrity and dignity as living foundation of each human being to live effectively in this world as equals.

Fighting corruption is certainly not the answer, it’s only trying to put out a fire that’s burning due to the initial/starting point of this problem which is linked to money and the power we’ve endowed to money in separation of the physical reality we live in wherein we’ve made of money – just as fire – instead of a tool to support ourselves and facilitate life, we’ve used it to control and extortion and eventually harm another.

Thus the very basic point to stop corruption lies within the Money System itself along with the previously mentioned Human-Integrity that can be understood as Self Honest Human Beings taking Self Responsibility for the System in order to finally consider each other as one. And within doing that, establishing the foundation for an overall worldwide Monetary Reform based on giving Equal Money for ALL as Life as the Equal Money System proposes.

That entails an overall reform that will stop forcing people to participate in corruption in order to have a certain point be worked upon, or a certain service be given or certain attention provided.

There is a saying here in Mexico that says “Con dinero baila el perro” which translates “with money, the dog dances” implying that everything/anything can be achieved/done if money is given.

In this country México, corruption is called ‘mordida’ and it means literally ‘bite’ – so you pay the ‘bite’ to a police officer, a transit officer and they will nullify the traffic note/report upon you having passed a couple of red lights or speeding tickets or any other form of initial report filed upon you.

We had also recently seen how this reaches the law itself wherein judges and magistrates are paid some money to dictate a final verdict in favor of those who have given the most money no matter what the actual crime was.

Corruption is and has been ‘every day’s bread’ here in México and in the rest of the world is increasing day by day.

The Solution:

Equal Money System to no longer have money as a point of power over others and a way to satisfy only the individual in an over-indulgent manner, but instead create the Transparency that is also being suggested within the organization revised in this article though taking it to a point of Self-Honesty Living Standard wherein this will be the new modus vivendi that the Human being will operate and live by in the current system.

Equal Money will allow human beings to understand how important it is to act in the best interest of all to support everyone equally and thus the imperative requirement of greed and self interest to stop as it is obviously to the detriment of ALL participants whenever there is but one being looking only after himself/herself.

The End of Corruption will come with the END of the current governing elites and people in power that are being supported by those that are being abused through and by the use of money we’ve all agreed upon within the current monetary system.

Research to find out ways that you can start applying and living the Equality-Equation as Yourself, to finally say No More to the current abuse to one another and to start considering Life in Equality as a way to exist in Self Honesty to stop all corruption and the abuse that comes with it. This way we no longer submit and enslave each other to act in corruption just to get that which should’ve been given to ALL Equally as a Human Right that WE have to create and make available for ALL.

Dare yourself to be a better human being.

Source of info:

Further information and Equal Money Perspective:

Corruption Explosion 2011 South Africa

High Underemployment rates in Times of Crisis

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In México, more than 2 million 558 thousand people remain without a job up to january 2011 particularly affecting people with Higher Education.

The institution that is in charge of creating all the statistics and rates informed that the majority of jobs are linked to production-processes/manufacturing of little added value which means that they are mostly minimum wage jobs because there is no requirement of being ‘highly qualified’ to perform such tasks-

This implies that there is no desire to pay a lot of money to people that have spent at least 5 years studying in a university paying high tuition fees with the dreamed-promise of getting to be in extremely well-paid jobs which is precisely what is being avoided by companies and people hiring during these times of ‘crisis’ mostly on temporary contracts which avoids compromising workers within the company for extended periods of time – this then implies no social-security and other benefits that come when being a permanent working by law.

Let’s look at some numbers:

29% of unemployed people didn’t complete junior highschool

71% is occupied by those with higher level of instruction that remain unemployed

which is completely heart breaking as then we get to see the ever growing rates of unemployed people in their twenties that are either studying or just finished studying with no promising future to actually get to employ themselves in the area that they’ve trained themselves in Universities for. It is a complete disaster really, and this has been reproted to not only being affecting México but Latin America.

The reason of this is obviously because companies want free-lancers, free-relationships wherein there are no further commitments that would involve more money – nor do they want highly qualified people for the same reason.


All because of MONEY.


Now, this is then hell breaking lose for people that are motivated to study a career in hopes of finding highly paid jobs only to then face the reality that highly—educated people are the most unemployed ones which then forces people with PhD’s to work as business-people from door to door or  a doctor to work as taxi driver – this is then proof of how Inequality in remuneration of labor has to come to equal terms wherein people then don’t necessarily have to ‘push’ themselves to become highly qualified in something if their starting point is only to get money, more than let’s say someone that works in a factory manufacturing a product.


It is a great problem because people also get out of the University with a massive debt to pay for their tuition and then they go out only to find there are no jobs that will enable them to earn sufficient to LIVE and to PAY for their tuition-costs that they’ve borrowed to be able to educate themselves.


This is completely unacceptable, millions of young people in this continent are experiencing the same helplessness as there are no actual ‘good opportunities’ for well-paid jobs which forces everyone to simply be part of under-employment.


Before the crisis, unemployment was more prominent for non-qualified people as 32% of unemployed ones had completed elementary school and 68% had completed junior high school and superior-levels of education.

yet this has changed the other way around.

So, a crisis is forcing a lowering of the level of prepared people that are actually being a creative/productive force in our current society, where it is definitely more suitable for people to seek for malleable ‘slaves’ than hiring people that have thousands of pesos behind their back as having to pay their tuition from school.


This results in Lower Quality of Living Conditions overall – it’s only to our own detriment to allow this to happen as then products are created by under-paid people that won’t do their job  in a suitable and efficient manner, then the entire quality of products and general ‘life-style’ is diminished and affected


All because of MONEY and the current ways our System is set up

It is TOUGH out there as millions desperately seek for a stable income as that form of having a stability to LIVE. This shouldn’t be a point of Struggle, this should be an Equally given and worked-for solution that includes ALL as Equals.

In the Equal Money System there will be definitive changes as to creating a point of unconditional support wherein no one will be ‘forced’ to do something to survive and it all will be simply defined/created according to one’s pace.

There will be no competition created, there will be no need to enslave yourself for a lifetime to finish a career just so that you can ‘make a living’  while not realizing the intricacies that are required to be explored by each one of us to start creating that point of change as ourselves. in Self Honesty.

This tampers Self Expression and simply perpetuates the Survival Mode which leads to problems like depression and inner-struggle due to having given so much into an education  to not find any actual dignified job once the effort is completed.

This MUST be Re-formed into an Equal Opportunity for ALL to Live in Dignity and find a point of self expression within an activity that supports Life and not only cheap-labor as profit-making machines.


Equal Money Dot Org


Data taken from:

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