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2012 Desteni I Process & Equal Money System

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I wanted to ask how the I process helps to produce the water and food we need every day? Wouldn’t it be a quicker process to help the world, if we would all find a job, where we produce water and food for our need today and even so much, that we can give something to others?

Hi Bastian
The I Process is the course and – dare I say – process that each individual walks to first stand as a Self-Responsible being, taking responsibility for our own mind which is how we have created ourselves as individuals within/ as this world that only ‘care’ for a particular set of aspects that are mostly directly related to ‘who we are’ in terms of the place we’re born into,  family, socioeconomic status, gender, culture and everything else that defines ‘who we are’ within this system, instead of realizing that within being part of this world we all should be born within a system that’s based on what is Best for All Life as the principle of Equality.

What we have realized within this is that we can’t ‘help the world’ within the current platform we have of a system based in inequality  that is Not supporting everyone equally by default. Any attempt to ‘help’ would only create further enslavement/ dependency on providing such help without actually creating the necessary support platforms to enable those that are ‘in need’ to be able to provide for themselves and have everything they could require to live in dignity. It is common sense that what is required is equal-power given to each individual so that no one is bound to remain in an inferior position, unable to fend for themselves.

I suggest you search for the term ‘charity’ in this forum and you’ll get blogs and vlogs explaining how it is not an option because of the above mentioned reasons. Charity merely confirms that it is ‘okay’ for some people to be in need, to be disenfranchised from basic life support and requiring ‘help’ instead of setting a system that guarantees equal living support for everyone.

Have a look at how you cannot only focus on ‘water and food’ when looking at the entirety of how the system functions in this world. Yes, they are primary points that enable every being to continue ‘living’ – yet, it is futile to only focus within these aspects only which is only considering a form of primitive survival that is certainly Not what’s best for all.

Within the current system you will find the most outrageous policies wherein for example, if you wanted to extract water from a certain territory, you would have to enter a process of litigation with certain corporation that might have hogged the ‘rights’ to extract water from such area. Many beings are already seeing this as part of their reality wherein people from such cities/territories with vast amounts of water are witnessing international corporations coming in and taking the resources to sell them at exorbitant prices. Hence, people have no access to what should be given ‘equal access to’ – just like the basic needs you mention here as water/ food. This is one of the reasons why we first have to establish a political, economical and social system based on Equality so that the starting point of everything we implement as social policy is absolutely clear in terms of not being able to profit from providing the necessary means to survive for all.

If you start looking at the ‘food’ point, you’ll find the same thing. An example I just found today: The Food vs. Fuel Battle Continues. See how this is about ‘policies’ that are NOT considering what’s best for all, and only considering how to maintain their interests on the top of everything else, instead of actually considering ways to stop the unnecessary consumption of fuel, which as we know is pretty much linked to how everything in this current system functions: endlessly producing and consuming just to ‘generate enough  money’ and keeping the entire system running.

What the I Process allows you to see/ understand is how each one of us as individuals have neglected the interconnection and multiple conditions we have placed onto everything that is already here as part of the Earth, just so that we could find ways to have masters and slaves = creating a system of inequality is based on the necessary acceptance of some being being ‘lucky’ enough to be born in a golden crib, while others are born in conditions that can enslave them for life,  without having any possibility to find opportunities to progress and support themselves effectively. Any form of slavery/ inequality is the direct result of the mechanisms of the mind within an eternal desire to win, to be ‘more than,’ to obtain some form of ‘power’ to believe and perceive to be above others wherein, when translated into a monetary system, manifests as ‘the rich’ and ‘the poor’ wherein we eventually accept both polarities as part of the system, without having ever pondered why it is that such forms of abuse have been acceptable since unmemorable times.

This process is walked in both ways: in an inner/ outer perspective  -which is how we are currently walking here. Realize that it won’t be as easy as ’empowering people to extract resources and distribute them equally’ – that’s just One single aspect wherein money will be the tool to make sure mathematics aren’t able to be manipulated in order to only benefit some.

Among many others, we require substantial changes in laws, education, how industries operate, we require to stop the ability to make any form of profit, which is in essence having ‘power’ over another = abusing others in the name of money. This implies that there will be a general expropriation of resources, implementing technology and making use of logistics to distribute the necessary for all equally, regardless of any political veto, cultural barrier, language, etc. – this is  looking at how we exist in a world separated by nations, cultures and religions that are now creating the current wars based on basic needs like water, food and the current fuel of the system which is oil – All of it because of not having first looked-at/ considered HOW we have disregarded Equality as the very starting point of existence as human beings, as that prime relationship regulator that has never existed in our judicial systems.

Hence, I suggest you take your question and look at the origin point of separation wherein we have neglected our ability to give to each other what we require to live, which is in common sense, giving equal access to food, water and everything else that ensures a dignified living condition to every single being – not only humans of course.

This will take time, there are no ‘quick fixes’ and the process we are walking as the I Process is then allowing ourselves to understand How we have first created ourselves, how we are supporting the current system of separation at the very thought level, which eventually manifests at a higher scale creating the current wars, judgments and overall disenchantment that many beings are experiencing within this society wherein there doesn’t seem to be ‘a way out.’

That’s how and why we are able to take any current problem and place it into perspective to understand how the key point is educating ourselves within the principle of Equality.  It is vital to first stand as a Self-Responsible being that is able to see/ understand how we ‘work’ at a mind level, to then correlate how we have implemented such inner workings as our current socioeconomic and political systems.
That’s what we walk then as an individual process wherein we work with ourselves, with our own thoughts/ feelings/ emotions/ beliefs to eventually get to a point of standing one and equal as our mind. In essence no ‘human nature’ will be able to get in the way of providing for another or having to depend on a job to exist.

Equal Money is about giving equal access to everyone, not only ‘sharing’ but giving the birth-right to live in dignity – no one will have to become the charity-helper person, but rather become a being that promotes equal living-access to resources within the common sense point of how everything we require is already here is of the Earth. We are on Earth, hence we all should have the same ability to make use of what is here to live = common sense. This is part of the simple approach we have to promote and speak about within this world, which is currently being neglected/ not paid enough attention mostly due to the indoctrination process that is making sure no one ever considers such basic common sense points as the requirement to change/ reform the entire current system – as well as all the interests that are being safeguarded within an unequal system.

Thus within the I Process we become the individuals that are able to prove to ourselves and each other that we are in fact considering what’s best for all by our very own application through the points that we learn and apply within it, which is directly linked to seeing how an Equal Money System will become the platform to be able to live-by and apply such living-principles as a point of Self Responsibility, for all-equally. No more ‘elites’ required, no more ‘special individuals’ voted on, everyone is equally empowered to see the common sense required to direct any situation and stand within a principle that will be the actual guideline to support each other in this world.

Eventually the Desteni I Process will become part of the necessary foundation to educate everyone in this world. Hence I suggest you research on it because it is worth-while supporting oneself through reading others as well.

There can be no ‘missing point’ if all points are equally considered.

Inequality is the source of failure in the world – when this is understood, Equal Money will be embraced as the only answer that can eradicate the current severed relationships based on cultural differences and political discrimination. This is why Equal Money begins within each one of us removing all possible beliefs systems of separation and educating ourselves to be able to coexist effectively standing by one single principle: Equality as Life. Without Equality, all “solutions” will fail.

Let us know if this is clear enough or you require further perspectives on this point.

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Water and food we consume every day at the Equal Money System forum.

Bartering is STILL Capitalism

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Within our research and presentation of the Equal Money System, we’ve encountered people supporting the idea of bartering and/or ask if Equal Money can be equated to bartering.

Here I quote the simplicity of this point explained by Bernard Poolman today:

Bartering is still capitalism – I have capital value i.e. a fruit  which I exchange for your thing with capital value

If you have no capital to barter

You starve

Placing any value separate from the thing as product itself is capitalizing – whether you’re simply trying to equate an exchange between tomatoes and potatoes, you’ll still be resorting to place a certain amount of tomatoes for potatoes – same with let’s say paying for a horse with vegetables = you would still have to somehow manage to ‘equate’ both points to create a ‘fair trade’ which is the problem in itself.

Being able to barter implies an obvious point that Bernard pointed out which is: ownership – if you don’t own anything, you wouldn’t be able to barter and thus be out of the game which would then simply re-create our current scenario as Capitalism.

As we’ve explained within the Equal Money System no one will be able to ‘own’ anything as we recognize and ponder the natural order of what’s here which is: everything that is here belongs to the Earth and we as human beings can only use it for the purpose of sustaining ourselves and supporting other living beings to live effectively. That implies that we do not need to own anything if we all have equal access to what’s here on Earth.

The moment we start owning, we start creating a separation as ‘value’ is then added to ‘that which you own’ and that’s how the accumulation process begins wherein the more you own/ have, the more you’re able to gain from others eventually through the means in which you’ll eventually barter/trade goods with others. See that greed is the main factor that emerges if security is not established. Within a bartering system besides the added value or capitalizing process, there would be no guarantee that everyone would be able to have something to trade – hence there is no Equality in place at all and still, the rules would have to be placed by someone who would most like seek their own benefit to maintain the least ‘loss’ possible or generate the most ‘profit’ as ‘having more than others’ as this is in essence what’s currently existing in our current money system.


Thus, the Equal Money System establishes a single starting point of everyone being able to be  supported equally and have access to the resources that are required to live. No need to own something to be supported, no need to establish value and eventually have to ‘pay’ to another for a perceived loss or gain in such agreed-placement of fictional values upon what’s here.

Once the one and only value of what’s here is established as Life, we’ll understand that Equal Money is in essence giving to another what we want for ourselves – even beyond the ‘wanting’ but giving to each other what we require to live and is readily available as part of this world. The only point that requires to be directed is then the labor and how each human being will contribute to sustain the system for an establish mandatory period of time which will be a LOT less than the current amount of years an individual must work to ‘continue making a living’. Such amount of years will be reduced up to a 10% in some cases taking into consideration the average of years spent working in detrimental conditions in most cases.


So: we are not promoting bartering as that leads to ownership and capitalism. We are promoting a system of equal distribution as part of our living-right of being born in this world where we can in fact care for each other as ourselves.

Research more on and find out more about the FAQ’s on it clicking on the image below.

What the FAQ - Bernard

Equal Money System Says:

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Money = Life in Equality

  1. Valued upon LIFE

No more gold and silver standards that were chosen as value for money ‘just because they were rare’ without realizing they are as equal as any other material available from Earth.

Their single extraction required extensive amount of human effort – they had certain peculiarities that made humans value them as ‘precious’ – just as the caveman would treasure fire back in time.

Because backing up Money with Gold or Silver is Unsustainable, speculation is created which is literally the human being fooled by a Self-Created Belief System as the value system based upon the gold standard. [same belief system can be applied to a belief in a God or the mere existence of it having any type of power over this Earth]


POWER — (P ) OWER – this is how

as Money
has been created
through DEBT





an EQUAL Medium of Exchange

Money should be a Widely and/or overall accepted Equally Available means of exchange that works as a single counting tool to be distributed for the sake of providing the necessary that any living being requires to LIVE

Each unit must be divisible and equal in units directly equivalent to physical-means as the established value system based on LIFE.

Thus the functionality of the new Equal Money System won’t differ in terms of the viability to use in transactions worldwide through using the same currency as one single current that is equally available for ALL

3. Available to All

Beings Equally as a

Birth Right

Money should be a single tool to support a system of LIFE in Equality wherein every human being is given an equal amount of money to start off with to live in dignity –

the basic principle within Equal Money is that it is valued upon Life which is Equally existent in All that is here in this world as ourselves

Thus we give MONEY the value of LIFE as WHO WE REALLY ARE


In the Equal Money System (EMS) We won’t require to speculate to maintain a certain value upon a single currency BECAUSE it will be based on physical-value as Life which considers the products and services as points that are  readily available HERE of this Earth as well as  Human Labor which will be the point to remunerate also in an Equal Manner as all labor will be equally necessary within the functioning and maintenance of the system.

Equal Money means: Stability, Congruency and Constancy that equates the system that is Life in this world as we know it – there is a constant flow of energy within the ecosystems which allow life to exist in all its stages as birth, development/growth and death to renew itself back on the Earth transforming itself as latent life to be born again in the next cycle.

Within this we can already see how Equal Money means that
Money will have a physical/tangible back up which will entail no speculation, no further ‘interests’ as Money won’t be based on DEBT as a future expense, but will be used in the moment that the transaction/exchange of means takes place with the entire value of the physical product/service and/or human labor entailed within it.


Equal Money simplifies the current understanding of the money system which has been deliberately encrypted so that the majority of people in this world would rather consider that the ‘market forces’ were the responsible ones for fluctuations within the value of money, instead of researching how it is that our current money is solely based on debt and made out of thin air.


Once we accept this, there is no need to become helpless – you better take that understanding to realize that a Monetary Reform can be made as the construction of an entire New Monetary System that will take Life as its value which means

Everyone will have access to MONEY as LIFE as it always should’ve been based in an Equality System

which will enable

Life to be



through the use of money as a single counting tool to ensure fair-exchange between beings and participants in the system.


Currently all money we use produces more DEBT as it’s based on a loan of a loan of another loan and so forth ad nauseam.


We STOP this entire insanity as the money system which is driving everyone to live on the streets and commit crimes just to have food to eat


Money is already a known tool for exchange – the fact that is being abused through its laws and regulations doesn’t mean that Money in itself is inherently ‘evil’ – we Flip the coin  to turn EVIL As LIVE


Equal Money System as One single currency will Stop the separation between first and third world countries which has been existent only due to a form of monetary imperialism that has dared to sustain power through constantly subduing others through the value of their currency itself – even if such ‘subjugated’ countries could have more resources and means of growth than the one ‘in power’ – the control is created through the exchange rates


Imperialism, subjugation of people through money used as ‘power’ over others, abuse of the environment in means of profit-making – all of these are but a few aspects that will be exterminated from the face of this Earth the moment an Equality System based on Equal Money and Equal Labor Systems is in place.


A transaction towards this System is perfectly plausible through Democratic means – we don’t support revolutionary anarchic uprisings with no legal course of action within the terms of how the current system works.  It’s common sense that civil disobedience can only lead to a tighter noose around the individuals.  We want what’s best for all, thus we don’t support any form of violence to give to all a dignified living.


Thus, we are here as a non-bellicose movement that simply propose an New System, a New Way of finally Living in this world restoring the Equality that’s never been existent or written about in our history as humanity.


But before all of this is in place, we require to focus on ourselves as individuals, to make sure that we understand why it is that a course of action within the steps towards the implementation of the Equal Money System requires a Process of Individual Education based on the Principle of Equality – to understand it and live it as Self first, to start taking our own lives through the eye of the needle wherein we go applying ourselves to correct the inherent patterns within each human as such ‘human nature’ we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as. This is referring to primordial desires of power, greed, competence, ruling and control over others in means of self-glorification as Self-Interest.

Those are but a few of the aspects that have turned this world into the hostile existence we’re living in.


SELF Investigation and Self Support is required to ensure you are understanding the importance of these first steps – visit the Desteni website as well as the Desteni I Process where Equality Life Coaching is available as the actual Education no one has ever received in the face of this Earth before within any education-system.


We are in the exact moment in time where an actual change can be made – we require everyone’s participation to speed up the process that can prevent the prolonging of unnecessary suffering in this world that is currently being created due to the existence of the current Money System of Debt, Abuse and Extortion.


This World, this Money System has been our creation – thus We as Humans Take Self Responsibility to bring about a Change that is Here for ALL Equally, beyond borders, beyond nations, beyond cultures, beyond languages and most importantly beyond personal interest that lead to abuse and separation.


Visit the Equal Money System website for more info.

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