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From Profit to Best-for-All Production

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We’ll have a complete new starting point within production: from profit damaging/hazardous products to non-profit best-for-all production.

Within a world governed by money it is self evident how the actual satisfaction and fulfillment of a product’s quality expectancy – which should be directly proportional to the money paid for it – is seldom met within the consideration of average products that are indispensable for our basic living necessities in an average way of living. It’s also plain to see how people that can afford the most expensive products/services get royal treatment which could not possibly exist as an  equal-for-all because of such lifestyle being possible due to:

1. The ability to create profit: making enough money through deceptive means that enables such entity (person/ corporation) to be able to pay others to do the work for them. This is called enslavement, we can give it other names within the current system but this is essentially what it is considering that the current employing conditions are equally based on profit and not as an actual dignified remuneration for someone’s job of which everyone depends on to continue living. When money becomes your survival point, you can realize that no one is really free as long as such survival is dependent on money – hence having a job becomes a necessity more than any actual self-expression and development point which can be proven in this world to only be available for those that have enough money to not be in the brink of poverty and/or have their basic requirements fully met.

2.  Due to this royal treatment being impulsed as ‘the ideal lifestyle that everyone wants to live as’, the false idea of being able to ‘attain’ this place is promoted constantly as the perfect bait placed within the system to keep everyone running on the wheel never being able to get to it because this game, the world system game, has been fixed all along. So only through becoming equally corrupt and deceptive could someone ever aspire to get to such fixed-positions of abuse which curiously enough, people tend to admire and place as role models within our current popular culture fed by media and advertisement which places these human beings that hold such positions of ‘power’  – from politicians, “sellebrities”, sports people, scholars, scientists, truth-seeker, CEOs – as the actual characters to attain and be similar to. This sells extremely well and fascinatingly enough instead of empowering someone, it’s yet again getting your money just by watching it and accepting it as something equally existent in contrast to extreme poverty and starvation in this same world.

Now once that we’ve looked at the conditions that enable some to have ‘the best’, we can look at how production within an Equal Money system will exist.

We certainly can only begin to grasp to what extent this will change within the Equal Money System due to having been used to buying/ selling/ producing products having the eternal background of money/ profit-making as the decisive factor for everything we buy/ sell/ produce.

This will surely entail that such points as slavery which is taking place from our regular 9 to 5 jobs, to child labor, to exploitations of people that are the actual food-goods producers which are being paid a spit for their work  – will be no more as such and each person will have to take the necessary points of self responsibility and be supported to developing such living conditions that will ensure self-sustainability and self responsibility which won’t be based on enslavement, but actual one along one support.

For now as a practical application is cool to see/ analyze how much money we spend on ourselves when feeding and fueling a singular matrix-construct such as personality, I’ve made a blog on this topic (Personality costs Money) wherein by observing everything we eat, wear and in essence buy is also dependent on not only practical purposes but style/personality related objects that are not indispensable to actually live.

The next tier in this system is realizing how we’ve created this world not as a Living-System, but a profit-making system wherein what matters is not life or a dignified living for all beings but only money is the master of puppets – ludicrous because we all know that money is created and run by banks who are the very few creating the entire money as we know it now, based on debt, based on literal frauds at the expense of people’s actual work. So,  we’re all responsible within this because we’ve accepted and allowed the current institutions that have implanted the money-belief to such an extent that we hadn’t questioned it before as it’s being questioned now.

A quick parenthesis in relation to the current events that the world is facing with several revolutions and insurrections from your regular-citizens that are seeking a solution based on what government/ banksters/ people in power can do for them – as a way to reclaim about the damage done without looking at how it was always self-accepted and allowed. But anyways, as we know and have discussed, protesting will not create a solution – occupy wall street should be a movement that directs all efforts towards a solution, not towards a further system crash wherein all is most likely to break into a hell where the infamous ‘law and order’ is prone to end up being implemented in not so pacific terms – that’s just a pattern that can be seen/understood throughout history.

We can only go back a few months ago and see how the Arab Spring brought sparkles of joy to the people which has lasted for relatively a short period of time due to the current crisis that the remaining rebels and groups that once sought for ‘freedom’ are facing once that the ‘man in power’ is out and the country is left with a looming deficit in all aspects wherein the basics such as food and water are running out.

Is this the idea of revolution? No – yet this suffering might also point out that there must be another way besides creating havoc in cities with massive protests that have no self-created solution based on common sense, but is still demanding the renunciation of banksters to their current position – if that could in any way be possible without an overall fall of the system – and someone/something like the government ‘fixing the problem’ won’t happen as such -yet, we’ll continue watching as thousands rally up for this.

Part of knowing the actual process we’re facing on this Earth is that we cannot be easily ‘moved’ and ‘thrilled’ by these type of so-called ‘revolutions’ any more because whenever the most basic common-sensical considerations are NOT in place, we can’t expect any actual change stemming from such movements.

Now after that parenthesis on the current world-developments, let’s go back to Equal Money Production.

We as products of the system turn ourselves into consumers that later on become the very products that are then sold  in the current world system which is proof again of how this is Not a living-system but an actual market-system wherein everything and everyone is measured according to money.

We’ve made of this life a gigantic corporation, this is not only an ‘american thing’ definitely, it’s everywhere and once that system decays into nothingness, we’ll be facing ourselves with the realization of  the extent to which everything we’ve ever been has been tainted with money – hence the current outflow of events wherein we are facing a crisis that singles out the most obvious point that we’ve disregarded all this time: we’ve made of life a product, and for that we’ll sure be ‘paying the consequences’.

We can stop here and realize how Equal Money is the ultimate redemption as humanity to everything and all that we’ve harmed, abused and neglected all this time because of money/ power/ greed/ self interest.

Is this understood by your general protestor? Perhaps – is it fully wanted to be realized and looked into as a point of self-responsibility from everyone equally? No, because it’s easier to protest than taking self responsibility – simple.

So, if you see the obvious delegation of self responsibility, if you see how it is each one of us participating in such greed and power games the ones that have co-created this entire system and how we must become the solution – instead of asking for it – then, investigate and join us to create an Equal Money System which is then the process of taking self responsibility for yourself in this world and supporting a solution that can be implemented through political means which will obviously shortcut all this unnecessary movements that are currently creating the perfect conditions for any authority to go bezerk and reinstate the ‘law and order’ once again.

Think twice on what you are supporting in this world, see behind the nice displays and masks that mock the craziness that we’ve accepted and allowed as an overall disregard of Life in this world.

God won't save the queeen now


God is Money: Pray for Japan

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Praying is NOT the Solution

It’s easier to ‘Pray’ than  taking actions to create or even consider  an overall solution that can benefit All living beings Equally– not only in a catastrophe such as Japan’s current disaster – but as a point that can stand as a self-fulfilled statement of Real-Care towards another, giving to another what we want for ourselves: dignified living, mint conditions to express in this world while not having to survive.

Let’s take a look at the image above as a first example of “NON-Monetary action” that Tibetan monks are taking on as part of their agenda with praying and god as ‘good thoughts’ on people in times of distress. People are using the current catastrophe as a way to create news in means of Support.

– The ‘Non-Monetary’ is only evident as a façade as there are obvious interests in place behind almost everything that is presented through media – read in between lines the latest development of Dalai Lama abdicating his role of super hero within the worldwide scenario of ‘peace-fighting characters’ – yes, the paradox in such term is definitely on purpose

It is pertinent to clarify the fact that we live in a world where images are directly linked to the value we give on to things – that applies for example to images of God that are venerated and offered sumptuous rites when being represented in a picture, an image or a concept.

Money in itself, is a concept.

Our Own Creation.

Money is a concept that doesn’t stand as that which enables What’s Best for All, but we’ve instead created it as the representation of Inequality, of Abuse and Extortion that ensures some people have, some people don’t have. Furthermore, due to its current existence, we’ve generated an impossible-case-scenario wherein there is apparently no immediate solution for situations of extreme poverty and hunger, extreme abuse or permanent extreme poverty conditions when living in a world wherein this Ability to Live is certainly Not being distributed Equally.

Money wasn’t Self-Created. God wasn’t self-created.

Humans have created the current Money as the abdication of Self Responsibility and the depiction of the entire value system that has never considered Life as primary value available in everything and everyone Equally.

If God had ever existed as the ‘benevolent avatar’ people often ‘pray to’ for well-being and benefits, I’m certain God would’ve prevented and foreseen starvation, abuse and devastation of life due to creating an Unequal Money System . Therefore  I infer that  God doesn’t exist due to realizing that everything that’s currently manifested in this world is our own creation . Hereby I  suggest to those that desire to know ‘God’ to answer their own question by looking at the bills, coins and plastic cards in their pockets. Voilá! There’s God that decides Life and Death in this world.

Having outlined the basics to understand the non-existence of God with basic common sense facts, we can then see that we’ve created Money as a God that decides

whether someone lives or dies

whether someone’s rich or someone starves

whether people scream or people laugh

whether someone creates and someone steals.

And the list could go on ad nauseam.


Needless to say that ‘praying to God for the well-being of people in Japan’ is as useless as Yoko Ono urging people to donate /Don’t act to the Red-Cross /Christ’s bloody cross of suffering of ‘paying for your sins’  while being a multi-millionaire talking on TV through Piers Morgan’s CNN show.

Now, here we’re getting to the second category of the events that propose a relief to the current topic in vogue which is the Japanese critical condition in the aftermath of multiple Earthquakes, Tsunamis and in the verge of a nuclear disaster – this is the Monetary Actions which are the most common way of ‘supporting’ people in times of discomfort and suffering.

As a side note I want to point out how it is only through such dramatic events that human beings are able to turn their heads to see the world and this reality for just one moment. It is not ‘by chance’ that I’ve spoken to several people that were almost unaware of the situation happening at Japan which gives us an idea of how it is that people actually truly don’t give a fuck about what goes on in this world as long as it doesn’t ‘reach them’ as in ‘affecting’ them directly.

When this is then taken by a pop-culture icon such as Lady Gaga, we can expect fund-raising speeding at the rate of sales on iTunes of her first single. That’s right, sources have informed that after 48 hours of the launch of this ‘Pray for Japan’ wristband, Lady Gaga has accumulated already a quarter million dollar through selling these 5 dollar rubber bands to generate sufficient money for the catastrophe.

Lady Gaga Equal Money for ALL

This is the marvelous piece of charity work that’s being done in this world.

Now, we’ve explained before how it is that charity won’t ever create a definitive, constant and self-sustained solution as support for people that are in temporary or permanent need.

Therefore, Money-Actions used as temporary relief are only that, a Band-Aid Solution that will wash away the moment such money is spent and thus gone after a while only benefitting those that will provide any type of temporary relief work.

Having place this here,

Do you see how it is Not possible to create an overall solution from ‘praying to God’ or collecting money through the Red Cross?

Do you see how it is impossible to think of creating an actual change as long as the current money system is in place? Otherwise money cannot solve a money problem – it is like trying to fix a flood with buckets of water.

We could see other aspects/dimensions of these type of “Actions” created to support and don’t-act /donate to people in need.

Money as GOD in this current money system is clearly NOT the Solution. And is actually the worst enemy of Life.

We must realize that we are the ones that have create this world as it is thus, we can create a permanent change so that we can actually become the point that makes sure people get sufficient money right away to support people in need, starving and literally being neglected by all due to not being part of the current money system that only ‘pays attention’ to those that work to merely survive.

Will a quarter million dollars solve the problem? No

Will having monks praying to god for Japan work? Obviously Not.


Equal Money System must be the first and foremost important point to consider as an actual living solution that’s readily available here as this reality only placing money as a point that ensures Equal Distribution of Wealth for all – in times of natural catastrophes and general distress.

Investigate & Educate yourself on How to become a Self Responsible being within considering Equality as the base foundation to any actual real solution in this world.

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