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Deputy Uses Public Treasury to Sponsor His own family’s Art Exhibition.

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Equal Money and Art:

The main exhibitors are: wife, mother, son and mother in law of Francisco Salazar Sáenz. The show will take place in the parliament’s hall to tie the knot with further cynicism.

Mr. Salazar is the vice-president of the chamber of deputies which “enables” him to utilize the money destined for cultural promotion in this country, México.

This is only possible due to people in ‘power’ being ‘untouchable’ with laws that they make themselves to protect them from any potential attack or threat to accomplish their plans to grow their own wealth.

Now, he’s even named the exhibition as ‘Three Generations of Mexican Classical Painting’. The show will open tomorrow tuesday for which he also dared to use the official papers destined for governmental matters to create the invitations for the event, leaving his phone number in the parliament as well as email for further contact – read: potential buyers can get in touch with him.


Now following on the same trend of talking about Money and ‘Art’ point, last week we got to know of Mr. Slim spending 800 million dollars to redesign his own museum Soumaya which holds currently only 10% of his entire stock of 64 thousand pieces of art which began with an initial investment of 4 thousand million dollars which represents the cherry on top of this man’s fortune.

How on Earth can people invest such exorbitant amount of MILLIONS to buy works of art while people living in the same world, in the same country and probably only few kilometers away from this man and museum can be living in extreme poverty?


This is utterly INSANE – I Am One vote for ART that Stands and Represents Life in Equality – Equal Money System will STOP the Insanity going on only around Art as an equivalent of MONEY as that is what eventually makes the artists go up in flames as their egos inflate with some fame = lots of money that gives them power which is transferred to anyone buying their work as symbol of ‘prestige’ and basically giving out a message of ‘I am wealthy enough to squander my millions in works of art to spice up my life’




Equal Money for ALL will be the foundation required to  Stop the entire sybarite business as the ego tripping millionaire scandals happening in Art-Auctions while the world starves to Death.



Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God depicts MONEY as the GOD that everyone ends up dying for – holds 8,601 diamonds three times more than the crown ‘the Queen’ wears for spiffy occasions. The price tag read £50m.

Due to these type of atrocities existent within the current ‘Art World’ that disregard the actual reality of what’s going on in this world we declare:

Everyone will have Equal Access to Art as Self Expression within an Equal Money System as Art won’t be based upon a point of ‘status’ and generating profit through the unreasonably ways that pieces of matter are currently valued in this world, but will simply be part of the activities that each human being will have the ability to explore without having any restriction to do so due to lack of Money or motivated only to create more ‘hype’ around money to inflate one’s ego to become ‘famous’.

Currently, there is no ‘Freedom of Expression’ as Freedom of Expression is determined by the amount of Money we own to ‘express ourselves through art’ which can only depict the times we’re living in where our entire lives depend on MONEY to survive.


Further perspective on:

FREEDOM of Expression is NOT Existent
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